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Comment Re:Work for yourself, not others. (Score 2) 332

Ad revenues? .. Ha!

A few years ago I had a site that was generating about 4k unique users per month for my Linux/FOSS software program. I thought I'd throw on the Google AdSence. After three months the AdSense control panel said I accumulated $2.53! It wasn't long after that when I got a nasty email from Google saying that due to "unauthentic" click activity, my site account was disabled and I was permanently placed on the AdSense shit list.

I later found out why. Some enterprising user on some forum thought he would support my work by clicking the Google provided ads repeatedly. Following Google's appeal process, I tried explaining this by submitting my story through their online form. This was 2008. To date no response, and I'm still on the shit list.

I later found out that the best way to make money with online Linux/FOSS software is to use PayPal's donate button allow users to contribute to my "beer fund". While PayPal's fees were atrocious, I was able to buy a case of Guinness. YESss


Submission + - Drunken RIM executives let go for disrupting fligh (

cide writes: Two rowdy Research In Motion executives whose antics caused an Air Canada flight to be diverted to Vancouver have been let go for unprofessional behaviour, the BlackBerry maker said Monday. "RIM expects that its employees conduct themselves in a manner reflective of our strong principles and standards of business behaviour," the company said in a statement from Waterloo, Ont.

Submission + - Scientists spot two gargantuan black holes (

coondoggie writes: "Astronomers today said they have spotted the two most "supermassive" black holes — 10 billion times the mass of our Sun — known to exist in any galaxy. One of the newly discovered black holes is 9.7 billion solar masses and is located in the elliptical galaxy known as NGC 3842, which is the brightest galaxy in the Leo cluster 320 million light-years away. The second is as large or larger and sits in the elliptical galaxy known as NGC 4889, which is the brightest galaxy in the Coma cluster about 336 million light-years from Earth, according to the astronomers."

Comment Re:Funny, but a flamebait (Score 1) 113

Perhaps its the artist's comment that Ubuntu, like the USSR, is doomed to failure?

Soviet propaganda from the 1960s and 1970s actually had artistic merit, yet the state still imploded under its own weight. Seems just like Unity. Hmm.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this and the artist was just randomly throwing political titles in front of proper distro names, concentrating only on getting the spelling right.

Comment Re:wifi drivers, atheros and ralink (Score 1) 466

You're not the first person to mention LEAP or PEAP support. These are actually an authentication protocols, that happen use WEP and WPA encryption, respectively.

Your problem is that NetworkManager itself does not support LEAP or PEAP authentication when negotiating a connection with your access point.

You may want to try as an alternative to NetworkManager (it too has some shortcomings) or there are some howtos online for making LEAP/PEAP work (Google "ubuntu LEAP")

Good luck :)

Comment Re:wifi drivers, atheros and ralink (Score 2, Interesting) 466

I think this is the reason why the eeepc and other netbooks have been so cheap.

They tend to use newer hardware components that do not have a track record for rock-solid support in linux and windows. Manufacturers (Asus isn't the only one) select bids from the vendors with the lowest price.

Its not a coincidence that other non-Asus products end up with similar wifi/ethernet cards as Asus (Acer Aspire One, MSI Wind specifically), and thus have the exact same problems in support on linux.

What makes this rt2860 driver particularly unusual is that there are existing internal (community supplied) Linux kernel drivers for other ralink hardware available, but this rt2860 deviates from them so much, existing drivers useless for this hardware.

Coupled with the fact that Ralink has done such a poor job with version control, IMHO, (See reasons #2 and #3 above) it only causes endless greif for someone who automatically assumes that the latest version is always the greatest.

"Huh?.. rt2860 v1.8.0.0 doesn't contain anything fixed from v1.7.1.1?? But its got a higher number! WTF?"

Comment Re:wifi drivers, atheros and ralink (Score 1) 466

I beg to differ.

1. As I mentioned before, the latest version on their site is rt2860 v1.8.0.0. While it will work for some wireless, it will not work with WPA/WPA2 encryption. v1.7.0.0 had the same problem

2. Ralink fixed WPA/WPA2 encryption in v1.7.1.1, but these changes were never ported to v1.8.0.0, and only that version is available from their site. Zero mention of these problems, or previous working versions.

3. I cannot even find the original location where I downloaded v1.7.1.1 anymore. I think I got it over email as an "EEEPC Special Version".

4. Open the source code the overall code is very sloppy. Goto statements, few comments, bad spacing and wording, poor naming conventions, i'm surprised it compiles. (FYI, Compile with EEEPC_SPECIAL_SETTING enabled on v1.7.1.1 to fix WPA/WPA2 encryption, I kid you not!)

5. Ralink has no indention of supporting their Linux drivers. Greg KH has included their v1.8.0.0 under the kernel as a staging driver with a TODO":

        Please send any patches or complaints about this driver to Greg
        Kroah-Hartman and don't bother the upstream wireless
        kernel developers about it, they want nothing to do with it.

Comment Re:Just install Jaunty (Score 1) 466

There is an issue I've seen with the wifi driver included in 2.6.28 and jaunty on the EeePC 901 and higher.

The module rt2860sta v1.8.0.0 has very poor WPA/WPA2 support. Your wifi is working probably because you connect to a WEP network.

I have a patch for this available for 2.6.29, but it will also soon be available on the kernel.

(I'm working on a jaunty netbook kernel which will address this WPA/WPA2 issue, too)

Comment Re:wifi drivers, atheros and ralink (Score 4, Informative) 466

Here's the rule of thumb I've followed... however I've only tested this with the Linux version. (I wasn't aware that Windows EeePC 901s use Atheros)

EeePC ==701SD: Realtek Wifi
EeePC <900A: Atheros Wifi
EeePC >=901: RaLink Wifi

As a result, the modules, depending on the version of Linux you're using varies.

Atheros Wifi on <=2.6.24: ath_pci (madwifi) external driver
Atheros Wifi on >=2.6.26: ath5k internal driver
RaLink Wifi on < 2.6.28: rt2860sta external driver
RaLink Wifi on > 2.6.28: rt2860sta internal driver*
Realtek Wifi on < 2.6.28: rtl8187se external driver
Realtek Wifi on > 2.6.29: rtl8187se internal driver

* Heres the crux, as of 2.6.28, the rt2860sta internal driver uses version, but this version has broken WPA/WPA2 support. If you somehow ended up with, it too has broken WPA/WPA2 support.

However, rt2860sta v1.7.1.1 appears to be good.

I've been working on porting the changes introduced in v1.7.1.1 into v1.8.x.x for 2.6.29. So far it works for me, but I still need to submit this as a patch into the kernel:;a=commit;h=ee8834f5551943b7bd2db49bbad9ba3c24ce6f67

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