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Comment Re:The sexism is the straw the broke the camel's b (Score 1) 179

Uber executive casually threatens journalist with smear campaign
Uber driver tells MPs: I work 90 hours but still need to claim benefits
Uber is ignoring California rules on self-driving cars, and the government is pissed

I assume, given the 'rampant agendizing(sic)' accusation, you have evidence to refute the above? It would be interesting, as Uber themselves did not refute any of it, nor did they take legal action against anyone printing it.

Comment Re:Another insult to the community (Score 2) 642

As far as I'm aware, she's never claimed to be trans and there's no evidence that she is, either. The top three links regarding it on Google are all conspiracy theorists and assholes, the fourth is her saying that she refuses to confirm or deny it because the question itself is transphobic.

Comment Re:Hahaha I sure do hate stupid people! (Score 1) 115

Even if this benefits those dang stupid people and their dang phones most of all, I think I'd be happy with it if it means potentially preventing me from doing something we are ALL prone to doing: occasionally screwing up.

Jesus fuck, THANK YOU. I walk to work every day, and I cross a busy dual carriageway, and at least 10-15 roads. I pay attention, but there will be the odd time when a song comes on my phone or a text comes through and I'll be momentarily distracted enough that I miss a crossing that this would stop me doing.

If occasionally losing 100% focus on what you're doing is "stupid", there's not a clever person on this earth.

Comment Re:Sexist Shite (Score 1) 126

Wow, that's a lot of words.

Could have shortened that to "I don't understand how this 'feminism' works in practice but in this scenario I literally invented, liberals and feminists are all awful, I'm always right, and I'm willing to gloss over the entire history of sexual assault, the existing power imbalance between genders and classes, and pretty much the rest of reality of being a woman in America to keep that fiction going in my head. SEE HOW RATIONAL I AM"

Comment Re:Sexist Shite (Score 2, Insightful) 126

Are the feminazis still pushing sexist nonsense like this ? After what the electorate told them at the last election ?

I think what the election told feminists was that you can be on tape as admitting to abusing women and still get voted in as president?

That fact doesn't really shut feminists up so much as prove them right.

Comment It's not about unjustly discrediting journalists. (Score 1) 724

It's about calling out scam artists like Anita Sarkeesian and her bogus kickstarter. It's about calling out scumbags like Zoe Quinn and the gaming journalists with the undisclosed conflicts of interests that reported on her games. It's about calling out those who defend those other people by ignoring facts and manufacturing controversy, trying to discredit legitimate criticism as misogyny. People just like you, Timothy. This trash piece is unsurprising, though, since Slashdot has completely sold out to the SJW lie.

I find it interesting that this said it's not about journalism, it's about Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian. Then I look up the page and there's half a dozen people saying it's about journalistic integrity and Zoe Quinn is just pretending it's about her because she's an attention whore.

It's almost like, if you have a decentralised movement with no obvious leadership, that you don't have the ability to say what your movement is (or isn't) about any more. So when people say that Intel are caving to the kind of idiot who thinks the above isn't misogyny, you can't say that's not what's happening, because you don't own the movement and you can't point to anyone who does.

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