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Comment Re:For all those calling for Snowden's pardon (Score 1) 562

What Snowden leaked is not known, especially since the reputable news organizations were asked to be careful about what was reported.

You're assuming that the government doesn't also have access to what he's given to news organizations, which is a very bad assumption. You might not know, but the government knows, and they have actually stated that no one has died because of his leaks. Everything he has leaked to the public was already known by our enemies, only our own citizens didn't know. Now, everyone knows.

Comment Re:Four years without updates? Does Apple hate us? (Score 1) 88

If Apple says the first iPhone was obsolete in 2013, why did they stop updating it four years before that?

Apple pushes updates to old phones for precisely one reason, to make them slower. They don't actually give a shit about those users, they only care about users who buy new devices. That's why they always try to weasel out of fixing their hardware problems. Buy a new ATA card to get around data corruption on your B&W G3. You're holding it wrong. The cube is cracking because you're abusing it. The list goes on and on and on forever.

When the majority of users have moved off the platform, they can stop pushing updates to it to slow it down, because most people have already moved on and it's not economically beneficial.

Comment Re:Washing & reusing Ziploc baggies (Score 1) 88

Where are you shopping for flip phones? Dollar General sells them and even Android phones for like $40.

But they also tell a bunch of toxic plastic shit and burns my nose, and probably has lead paint on it to boot. I won't even go in that shithole, it literally gives me a headache.

Comment Re:Leaf off the air too (Score 1) 88

If I need navigation, that is what a suction cup holder, smartphone, and Siri can be used for.

It's illegal to use a device suction-cupped to the windshield in California, although amusingly not radar detectors because you don't have to touch them, and they are permitted here. A decent bolt-in cellphone mount is upwards of a hundred bucks.

Comment Re:Some places are impossible. (Score 1) 37

we don't expect free cars, but for some reason many (most?) people feel entitled to free parking.

It's not free parking. Parking is part of the road, and roads are paid for with tax money. We already paid for that parking. Now that we've bought it, we have to lease it by the hour, too? I suppose you think all roads should be toll roads and your bank account is auto-charged for each one you drive on?

Comment Re:Best fucking part (Score 1) 562

So just to be clear, Britain and Sweden are organizing a very public extradition process so that the two nations can cooperate with a secret request by the US to (illegally, in both countries) kidnap Assange, transfer him to Saudi Arabia, and torture him there?

Why bother? Why not just let the US do the kidnapping on British soil?

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 562

You cant pardon Snowden. He hasn't been convicted guilty of any crimes.
He ran away to a different country vs. taking responsibility for his actions. So in American you are innocent until found guilty. So he can't be Pardoned. If he comes to America. Goes there the justice system and still found guilty then you will need to hope Trump pardons him.

Comment Re: Bigoted transophobes. (Score 1) 562

Usually I hate the line of reasoning that "look at all the people disagreeing with me, it just proves me right", but in this case it applies. Sometimes people are simply born feeling like they are a gender that doesn't match the parts they were born with, in the same way that some guys are born liking other guys, and some girls are born liking other girls. All of the respondents so far are ignorant of that fact - some willfully.

Comment Re:1 point for Obama (Score 1) 562

Maybe a car analogy is necessary here.

How about a Snowden analogy: say you are him and you are sitting on this alleged second stash of materials. Even nations friendly to the United States, such as Israel, would be more than happy to kidnap you & pull your fingernails out with a pair of pliers to get access to whatever it is you are holding onto.

So, why hold onto it?

Comment Re:The earth is (Score 1) 436

What has your reply to do with the text I wrote?

Everything. It has everything to do with the absolutist line you took to organized labor - some organized labor did something bad a some point (true or not) so right-wingers form negative stereotypes to be used until the end of time. Lets try the same absolutist reasoning to capitalist businesses, shall we?

BP blew up the Gulf, so all oil companies are bad.
MCI Worldcom defrauded investors, so all telecom companies are bad.
All the major banks ripped off their investors and shareholdes, so all banks are bad.
Remington sold a defective trigger for decades, so all firearm manufacturers are bad.
GM killed dozens of people with faulty ignitions, so all car companies are bad.
Vioxx killed some people, so all pharmaceuticals are bad.

And so on.

Comment Re:Looks like GM got off easy (Score 1) 126

Then by your reasoning there is
1) No reason to have air quality laws at all

Uh, no, but thanks for beating the false equivalency horse, which is still dead BTW. There some part of the word direct that you're having a hard time with? GM ignitions directly lead to 100+ deaths. Let us know how many VW diesels were used in suicides-by-carbon monoxide. Which would have been no different under gas engines.

Comment Re:It must really suck... (Score 1) 532

I've known about 100 H1-B workers in my career - all but two of them were married, had kids, bought homes, made plenty of consumer purchases

No, they didn't, not in the U.S. I knew there was an anecdote coming but I'd buy shares in the Brooklyn Bridge before believing that yarn.

Are you in "IT" and not software development?

You say that as if it would make a difference. If my coworkers and I have to compete with a shop in India, that's one thing - but having my own government import, as a matter of deliberate policy, foreign workers to come into our shop (and lower wages in the process) is an entirely different kettle of corporatist fish.

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