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Comment Re: It was the will of Allah. (Score 1) 33

Oh of those of so little math skills.
Muslim or not. In space you can find Mecca with knowing the current time. Your current speed and direction related to earth.

These spacecrafts need this type of calculation to send messages back to earth. While not targeting Mecca they may be targeting Hustan Texas. Which is the same thing.

Comment Re:Commodore engineers (Score 1) 288

The Amiga's design? One of the most beautiful, non-kludges, ever designed. Frankly, the only thing C= could have done that would have kludged it (a little) would have been to add a chunky pixel mode - which I believe is what they were trying to do with the 32 bit chipset they started working on before moving over to AGA.

AGA was exactly what you'd expect a 32 bit, faster, version of OCS/ECS to look like, and the best part was that it delivered an amazing advance over ECS without either being a kludge or sacrificing reverse compatibility. In part that was because the Amiga chipset's design was, from the start, inherently scalable.

I'm not saying they could have continued indefinitely - while it scaled up well, it was never going to be as efficient at processing 32 bit pixels as an architecture designed with 32 bit pixels from day one. That meant as memory costs reduced and bus speeds soared eventually the Amiga design became obsolete. But that wasn't the case in 1990-1993.

Comment Re:First thing which comes to mind (Score 1) 111

All this nonsence about DRM.
1. The analog hack is always the last ditch effort. The problem with analogue is it can't be copied exactly. Those who copy the data from an analog stream will have a lower quality copy.

2. If there is a device meant for human consumption there is a point where the data is decrypted so can be sent to the human interface output. Right before you get to the DA converter normally. Or the video output to the display. Heck in most systems the data will de decrypted in the memory buffer.

Switching from an analog jack to digital isn't going to help drm much. It will provide a common multi-use port. Which in general is a good thing.

I know for the hacker in me I preferred the 25pin parallel interface. Where you can write simple programs to it and just wire up some electronics and you can do some cool stuff.

Comment Re:One of the points of having a survival bunker. (Score 1) 303

How much ammunition do you have, and in relation to the number of stray cats, chickens, poor fuckers who I've taken as slaves or even just thrown rocks which I can get hold of.

The slaves will work. Avoiding shooting at all that other stuff is easy with existing image processing algorithms.

Comment SBU is exactly what they think it is (Score 1) 111

Doesn't sound like headphone power-level or analog to me.

Well, son, maybe you should try the specification.

A DFP [Downstream Facing Port] that supports analog audio adapters shall detect the presence of an analog audio adapter by detecting a resistance to GND of less than Ra on both A5 (CC) and B5 (VCONN).

That summary lied to you. HTH, HAND!

Comment Re:Passwords exist (Score 1) 195

He's talking about an authentication token, not SSO. A real cryptographic token with take a challenge from the website and sign it with your key (possibly after entering a PIN) to prove that you are in possession of the token (and know the PIN). There's no way that this is tied to any one provider, because it's not SSO. (See PIV, OpenPGP card or any number of similar approaches.)

The tokens in use now are all TOTP or HOTP-type tokens where you generate a hash that proves that you and the authentication server both know the same secret. Microsoft, Google, and Facebook's systems are incompatible because there's no secret that you know that they don't. Making them work together would mean sharing the means to log into your account with all of them (and every shady website that you want to use the token with).

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