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Comment Re:2 TB Hard drive? (Score 1) 176

So you have to have a huge write cache on the RAID controller to support the slow hard drive? Or do you slow the SSD writes down to the hard drive speed?

If the whole point is to keep your data safe, you'll need a non-volatile cache. You could use flash I suppose... Wait you've just created a hybrid drive.

Comment Re:"Bodily noises"? (Score 3, Funny) 233

When I started my first "real" job there was a guy on my intake who after a couple of months got transferred to some esoteric team. When I asked how it was going he said it was OK, apart from the guy who constantly quacked.

I thought he was taking the piss. I went round there a few days later (you couldn't just walk in; it was semi-secure but I found an excuse) and it was totally true.

I caught up with him ten years later. He was still there. I didn't ask whether he got used to it or just strangled the loonbag.

Desktops (Apple)

It Looks Like Apple is Killing the Physical Esc and Power Keys On New MacBook Pro 505

Curious minds on the internet have uncovered an image file on their Mac, which was added by Apple in the latest macOS update. The image reveals a new laptop that fully fits the description of rumored MacBook Pro, which Apple is expected to launch on October 27. The laptop in the picture has what seems like a "contextual" OLED display (some are calling it Magic Toolbar display) on the top. What's interesting from that picture is that there's no physical Escape key or Power key to be found anywhere.

Editor's note: We usually tend to avoid covering leaks and rumors, but several readers pitched the story to us, and media outlets are also covering it now, which adds some credibility to the matter.

Comment A good deal? Did they steal Apple's RDF? (Score 0) 85

Users in its home country who opt for the upgrade program will only need to pay half the price of a Galaxy S7 in order to exchange to an S8 or Note 8 next year -- so they're being offered next year's flagship Samsung phablet at around half price

Is this in addition to a refund, or instead?

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