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Comment Re:Some thoughts (Score 4, Interesting) 298

It's hard to extradite someone from somewhere what they have done it not a crime

That's probably why the DOJ is slapping on "conspiracy to commit money laundering" because a lot of countries have treaties to combat money laundering.
They won't have to argue Artem has committed a crime that Poland recognises in relation to copyright infringement.

Comment What autonomous cars? (Score 2) 56

The Tesla cars aren't autonomous. They're a regular car with lane-keep-assist and radar cruise control.

They can't read street signs or traffic lights, manage intersections, give way, react appropriately to anything that suddenly blocks it's path (like a truck cross the road)

All they do is keep you in the lane at a safe following distance from the car in front of you and change lanes when you use the indicator.

If your lane suddenly ends because there are road-works, you crash through the road cones and into the safety barrier they put up.

There have been zero autonomous vehicle fatalities.

Comment Re:The irony.. (Score 1) 221

Or they just don't put SD card slots on so they can rake in extra margin on high capacity versions.
16GB iPhone is $100 cheaper than 64GB version. That's $100 for 48GB of flash space. If the iPhone had a SD slot, you could by a 16GB version and a 64GB SD card for $80 less than the 64GB version, and you'll have 80GB of space.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 118

Do they save your credit card information?
That depends on their payment gateway provider. They may just save an authorisation token that would only let Walmart receive the funds.

If someone steals your wallet with your credit card in it, they instantly have your credit card number.
If they steal your phone with a payment app, they need to unlock the phone first to use it, which can be remotely wiped or have its authorisation revoked.

My bank lets me use my phone for contactless payments. My credit card details aren't stored on my phone. The app won't respond to NFC unless the phone is unlocked.

Comment Re:What Math? (Score 1) 265

There has already been research on this.
To prove with 95% confidence that auto pilot is as safe as humans (not safer) you need to run 275 million miles without accident.
They failed at 130 million. If they want to find out how safe it is now, they need a lot more miles under their belt.

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