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Comment Cg42 wins maths (Score 5, Funny) 245

Cg42 expects each customer to be an average loss of $1,248 annually, and losses to approach $1 billion over the year. Cg42 also found that the average cord-cutter saves $104 per month by canceling.

And after further investigation, Cg42 has discovered there are 12 months in a year.

Comment Re:Pollution stops at US border (Score 3, Insightful) 115

The data is dodgy.

Data from different countries are of limited comparability because of
a) Different location of measurement stations;
b) Different measurement methods;
c) Different temporal coverage of certain measurements; if only part of the year was covered,
the measurement may significantly deviate from the annual mean due to seasonal
d) Possible inclusion of data which were not eligible for this database due to insufficient
information to ensure compliance;
e) Differences in sizes of urban areas covered: for certain countries, only measurements for
larger cities were found, whereas for others also cities with just a few thousand inhabitants
were available. Heterogeneous quality of measurements;
f) Omission of data which are known to exist, but which could not yet be accessed due to
language issues or limited accessibility.

If you untick the "Modeled annual mean" you'll get a better picture of where the data points are measured. The middle of Africa where it's entirely red has no data points.
It just happens to be hot and dry with some wind, so you get dust in the air. I guess that's "natural pollution"

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