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Comment ID sent out via RF? (Score 1) 93

Probably not so good at identifying a specific drone.
There would always be a defense of "yes I was flying in the area, no that's not my drone the complainant saw"

Before anyone says "but commercial aircraft have RF transponders" - Commercial aircraft also have big numbers printed on them too, so a picture can positively identify them. They're scanned by radar and their transponders send out GPS coordinates too. Their signals are constantly monitored and their flight paths recorded.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 342

I haven't seen a Windows upgrade (note: UPGRADE) destroy data in a meaningful way in.....I don't even know how long.

The Windows 7 -> Windows 10 upgrade made one of my customer's computers unable to do anything but an infinite reboot cycle.

So in other words, no data was destroyed? Any other Windows 7 or later OS (possibly earlier as well) would still be able to read and write data to the drive and any Linux distribution would be able to at least read it.

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