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Comment Re:Not surprised (Score 1) 297

In the Netherlands we have VSM that'll sell you (among a lot of other things) any homeopathic thing in any standard dilution (including those where you have a chance in hell of getting at least the molecules) for a standard price of about 13 euros a shot. For values of shot that is, these bottles look about the size of a shot to me, but this stuff is supposed to be taken in drops. Works out to several $100 bucks if you want a real whiskey bottle full of it. Can't call these guys scammers though , they provide a competitive product for whoever falls for the crap.

Comment Re:Bizarre and nonsensical summary as usual. (Score 1) 83

1.0 isn't lost. Just that the number of people actually caring and running it (in emulation) is about 10. The source and binaries in the original distribution should be freely distributable, the full ISO probably isn't. Hence the reluctance to host it publicly. If you know the right people you can get it through a coughing man in a raincoat together with the wiped first distribution of NetBSD,

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