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Journal Journal: Agorophobia 1

“Say, Ed! How was your trip? Lager?”
“Hi, John. Yeah, I’ll have a lager. The whole trip was lousy, a journey through hell all the way.”
“Didn't you fly Green-Osbourne?”
“Well, yeah.”
The bartender swore; he was a wealthy man who owned the bar he was tending and quite a bit of Green-Osbourne Transportation

Comment Power Plant Booze. (Score 1) 227

Make too much power by burning something and store the extra turning it into ethanol with 60% yields and then burn it later? They got an F in thermodynamics didn't they?

As a way to make ethanol it sounds very interesting. Lot's of places with too much CO2/power and not enough Rum (nuclear submarines, power plants, Mars). As a way to increase "efficiency" in the power grid not so much.

Comment Re:Trump supporters? (Score 1) 40

That flag was the battle flag of an army who fought Unites States soldiers. As such, it belongs in the ranks of the Isis flag and the Nazi swastika.

And "overbearing federal government?" Hoo, boy... Here's a hint: Neighborhood associations are NOT part of the federal government.

Comment People have no couth. (Score 1) 5

The damned smart phones were invented fifty years too late, right when the GenXers were too busy to teach their kids manners. It's just plain RUDE to talk on the phone or text when you're having a conversation with someone else. Pulling out the phone when it hasn't rung is the height of rudeness.

Telephone etiquette was worked out a century ago. If you have compeny and the phone rings, you say "excuse me", answer the phone and say "I have company, can I call you back?" and the polite answer to that is "sure" unless it's an emergency.

My eighty eight year old mother rages about that behavior, and believes it's the smartphones themselves that causes it!

It isn't internet dysphoria, it's "I'm sick of assholes" dysphoria.

Comment Re:Natural selection (Score 1) 99

I thought I told you to stop being an ass. ;)

Come on, only the left tries to claim Hitler was far right, as they do with many things from their collective past that make them look bad. If you look at their policies, outside the race superiority non-sense, they look just like a liberal/socialist policy check list: Heavy government regulation of all things, strict economic controls, cradle to grave social programs, public schools, etc.

From a hard liberal view I can see how a Neo-Nazi looks "far right". This a relative thing only because they are so far left. From where I am sitting a Neo-Nazi is just an aggressive bigoted liberal, vs the modern more tolerant passive-aggressive PC (polite society bigotry) progressive liberal. If political position were houses on a street, they would be just a few houses over from one another, while classical liberals (libertarians), aka "the far right", would be 5 miles down the road out in the country.

"Only the strong survive" comes from social Darwinism." Bernard was a eugenicist not a Darwinist. He wanted to actively deal with thing he saw as problematic not just let nature take it's course. That meant getting rid of the trash taking up valuable space and breeding programs to improve the future. He would be more like a gardener or a rancher.

Designer babies may use some of the same tools as eugenics, but the philosophy is worlds apart. I have no problem with them as long as it is completely voluntary. What people do to themselves is up to them, just don't force me to participate or pay for it. Comparing people wanting to have healthy children or specific traits is vastly different than marching people off to gas chambers because they have a big nose, a low IQ, or lazy.

Bernard as with nearly all socialists believe they (ruling elite/government) should have the power to force their views and policies on public. In that case Hitler was very much the socialist.

Comment Re:Natural selection (Score 1) 99

There is a world of difference between social Darwinism, "Only the strong survive" also known as "we aren't going to kill you but we aren't going to try to save you either" and the policies of eugenics where the elites actively trimmed out the undesirable in society. See George Bernard Shaw for a famous socialist who pushed that agenda. The other big socialist/communist eugenics programs can be easily found under Hitler and Stalin and Mao. (Yes Hitler was a socialist, look it up already and stop being an ass.)

Comment Re:Coral Bleaching (Score 2) 99

Cirby speaks the truth. Even that last bit. Go to any popular dive site and it will be half dead and picked clean of shells and other souvenirs. I have a favorite beach dive I do in......(not going to tell you). On the right side of the pier is where all the tourists go and it has nothing left but fish. Go on the left side of the pier where there is no beach access parking (damn those rich people and their condos) and it's a pain in the ass to haul your gear to and you can dive a Florida reef that they've claim doesn't exist anymore. It looks like a 1960's reef photo. Very pretty.

Comment Coral reefs (Score 3, Informative) 99

Couple items for those of you who don't spend much time underwater.

1. The mineral structure, the big rocky stuff that sinks pirate ships that run afoul the reef, IS...NOT...ALIVE... Never has been, never will be. It is merely the mineral deposits that corals deposit on things to use as a base on which to grow. So when they go on an on about it being thousands of years old and being the largest organism on the planet, they are either woefully ignorant or blatantly lying. It's like saying the human race is the biggest organism on the planet because we build cities and have people everywhere. Scratch off the top inch of a reef and you have hit the dead stuff.

2. Corals do not take thousands of years to grow. They take days, weeks, and sometimes months to grow. Many spawn free swimming and drifting larva every lunar cycle or so (full moon).

3. That's right boys and like the 2 girls here, corals are not plants, they are animals that cultivate algae inside themselves to use as a food source. That is the dreaded "bleaching" they are always worried about. Bleaching does not always equal death to a coral, nor is it always cause by a change in temperature. Disease, stress, salinity, water chemistry, water clarity, sand settling, and people (touching, nets, poisons, boats etc.) all cause that. Sometimes the corals dump the algae in order to get a more productive local algae to grow. Corals also catch and eat various things, hence why the bleaching is not a death sentence.

4. Coral reefs are not static. They move over time. When they spawn they dump millions of larvae into the currents which spread everywhere. If they find a spot that is favorable they will start a new reef. Storms break up the reefs and the chunks can go on to form new reefs or end up in dead spots on the old reef and patch the holes. So when they go on about parts of a reef dying, yep it probably is. Is that normal? Depends on why. A reef being smothered by runoff silt, probably not. Water temps changing, yep happens all the time. Currents and regional temps have never been static, they move and change with time. The reef will die off during the change. Temperature tolerant organism will take over, and when the temperature shifts back they too will move on or die and the corals will take over again....growing right back on top of the "dead" reef" like nothing ever happened..

5. Coral reefs can be replaced at an time in locations they find favorable by the average person. They'd like you to think that only dedicated government certified highly trained scientists are the ones capable of dealing with the problem. Not even remotely true. There is an entire cottage industry in the aquarium trade of people who grow corals in their homes. Those same techniques are used often to repopulate areas that have been damaged much in the same way you would replant trees after a hurricane. I personally have been kicking the idea around for years of building my own patch reef offshore for fun and profit down here in Florida away from the well known dive spots loved to death by tourists.

I love the ocean and spend is much time in it as I can, but I grow weary of the shrill land lubbers claiming to know what is best, if only we would just put them in charge. Fuck that. If the government was in charge of the ocean there would be a shortage of sand within 10 years.

Comment Re:All I saw was: (Score 1) 4

"Blah" originated with Lucille Ball in the "I Love Lucy" TV show, often seeming to say "Blah, blah, blah." But her husband IRL and on the show was a Cuban immigrant. What Lucy was really saying was in Spanish, "Habla, habla, habla," which translates to "Talk, talk, talk."

Comment FFS (Score 1) 1

He never bragged about grabbing mens' crotches, nor called Rosie a redneck, honkey, or cracker or insinuated that her ancestors made her unfit to be a judge, or said that Europe was sending rapists and murderers here, not their GOOD people.

Comment Re:Simple. (Score 1) 7

A trick I learned from my dad (which would no longer work, as incandescents are obsolete) was hang a trouble light next to the battery. Another was to warm the battery up slightly by turning the headlights on for thirty seconds. Where your starter will run that cold battery don completely and quickly, the small amount the lights need pulls anough electricity from the battery to warm it.

Comment Re:Simple. (Score 1) 7

My eighty seven year old mother calls it "having a senior moment". At 64 I have a lot of them. "What the hell did I want from the bedroom?" Only 50 and fearing a heart attack? Does heart disease run in the family?

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