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Submission + - Colour-blind monkeys blind no more (

lessthan writes: Two naturally color-blind squirrel monkeys, Dalton and Sam, can now see their food—and the world—in full color, after a decade of study by a husband and wife research team who treated them with gene therapy.

The researchers injected the gene-carrying virus into the monkeys' eyes. In about 20 weeks they attained full color vision and have shown no harmful side effects. Although their vision didn't quite reach that of monkeys born with normal genes, Neitz notes that the weakness might be attributable to the need for improvement on the human end in perfecting the treatment.

The Military

Submission + - Army of OneZero? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I have decided to join the military for a brief (3-4 year) stint in order to better myself and gain other kinds of experience (among other reasons, such as debt). Like many on /., I have a heavy background in computers, as well as a degree in Computer Science. However, as I continued through university and took part in some internships, my earlier interest in programming has basically evaporated. What jobs in the army would be good for your average geek, or perhaps just for broadening my horizons and skills? Any general tips before signing the final papers and shipping out?
The Internet

Submission + - SPAM: Comcast Startles Customers with Cyberteam Help

narramissic writes: "Comcast isn't a company known for customer service so imagine one customer's surprise when he received a call from the cyberteam, a group of Comcast employees charged with scouring the Web looking for complaints and trying to resolve them. Jordan Goddard was sure the company was calling to sue him for writing 'Dear Comcast, you suck' on his blog after experiencing problems with his Internet access and cable TV; instead they called to apologize and offer help. 'That's honestly the first company that contacted me like that without me going to them first,' Goddard said."
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Submission + - Chinese Physicists Design Quantum Robot (

KentuckyFC writes: "Quantum robots are machines that sense, manipulate and interpret their environment on the quantum scale. They were first discussed by the American physicist Paul Benioff in the late 1990s but nobody took up the baton (perhaps because Benioff's discussion was somewhat abstract). Now a team of Chinese physicists have taken up the challenge (abstract) and made the first attempt to spell out what components a quantum robot might need and how they would be plumbed together. They're not so clear about applications which raises an interesting task for roboticists: to determine what a quantum robot can do that cannot be done by a classical robot controlling a quantum sensor, or a classical robot controlled by a quantum computer."

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