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Submission + - Google Selects City for Fiber Network (

Turbine2k5 writes: After much deliberation, Google has chosen Kansas City to receive a fiber optic upgrade by 2012. Development is planned to start by the end of the year, although they have not released any specifics on their plan. Google says that this is "not the end of the project" and that they'll "be looking closely at ways to bring ultra high-speed Internet to other cities across the country."

Submission + - How should Slashdot grow and mature? 8

tloh writes: With the recent resignation of Rob "CmdrTaco" Malta from Slashdot, this community has reached a milestone of sorts. For those who've been paying attention, changes are indeed creeping through. For example, many more story submissions that make it to the front page are billed as by "first time submitters". Is what's to come and where we are headed going to be more cosmetic or more fundamental? Where do *you*, fellow Slashdoters want to go? This is your chance to tell those receiving the baton how to evolve this community to meet the needs of the future.

Submission + - Linux 3D games run faster on PC-BSD (

koinu writes: Phoronix has published benchmarks comparing 3D games on Ubuntu Linux 11.04 and the FreeBSD Linux ABI emulation on the 8.2 release of PC-BSD, which is a desktop variant of FreeBSD. Most results show that the emulated Linux layer on FreeBSD performs better than Linux natively. It is pretty interesting, because most people would expect that an additional abstraction layer would generally slow down the execution of binaries.
Lord of the Rings

Submission + - The Hobbit - First loot at Balin and Dwalin (

whiteboy86 writes: Peter Jackson's upcoming film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, has been hotly anticipated by everyone from Tolkien obsessives to film buffs. Now the crew and Jackson himself started releasing first pictures of the dwarf characters and other details from the ongoing production.

Submission + - Ex-Apple CEO on how Steve Jobs created the Mac (

An anonymous reader writes: Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley talks about Steve Job's obsessive focus on design when creating the first Mac, on inventing the predecessor to the iPad 20 years ago and how the company's growth into a superbrand started with the iconic ad 1984.

Submission + - Google To Discontinue Blogger & Picasa Brands ( 1

dkd903 writes: Google plans to discontinue it’s Photo sharing platform Picasa and the blogging platform Blogger and will re-introduce them as Google Photos and Google Blogs. All this forms a part of the massive feature addition to Google’s new social network – Google+

Submission + - Chocolate 3D Printer (

BoxRec writes: "Scientists in England have developed a 3D chocolate printer. "Now we have an opportunity to combine chocolate with digital technology, including the design, digital manufacturing and social networking. Chocolate has a lot of social purpose, so our intention is to develop a community and share the designs, ideas and experience about it.""

Submission + - Silly Users, Google+ Not for Kids or Non-Humans

theodp writes: Think twice before you accept that Google+ invite, kids. Unlike that charming 'Dear Sophie' Google Chrome ad, Google may delete — not save — your childhood e-mail memories. Ten-year-old Alex had a Gmail account since 2009, but the Netherlands resident made the mistake of entering his real date of birth in the required Google profile, tipping off Google to a Terms Of Service age violation, which rendered his account inaccessible (it will be deleted in 29 days). 'This USA-centric age 13 bullshit is a blight on the internet,' wrote Alex's Dad. Actually, some kids have reported 17-year-olds aren't welcome, either. Guess Alex should have gone with the less-hip Yahoo! for his email. The Google+ age limit also proved to be a problem for real grown-up Danny Sullivan, who made the mistake of making up a required birth date for his Search Engine Land account. In this case, Google+ Chief Bradley Horowitz personally told SEO Danny he's SOL, which he would have known had he read between the lines: 'Let me be clear — and I'm sorry if this wasn't obvious — we are not currently supporting brands, organizations, and non-human entities in the Google+ field trial. While we should have been clearer about this, there are some fields in the registration form (asking for a first name, a last name, an age and a gender) that indicate that.' Another Google+ Project Lead piled on, informing Sullivan that 'Building great consumer products is a necessary prerequisite for compelling business products.' That'll teach him to speak Google+ evil!

Submission + - Indie Film Premieres on BitTorrent Before Cinema (

An anonymous reader writes: The first part of A Lonely Place For Dying is available on VODO while the filmmakers are getting ready for a theatrical run in early 2012. Viewers are asked to donate if they like what they see and if enough cash is raised theywill be able to watch the film again on the big screen. In return for their contributions donors are receiving digital downloads or credits in the upcoming release, you can even become an Executive Producer and get your name listed on imdb. This is a brave move challenging Hollywood and their traditional "release windows", download now and check it out!

Submission + - Hackers Claim Attack on Apple (

An anonymous reader writes: Hacker group anonymous has claimed a sucessful attach on Apple. They have posted the results of a password dumb to a pastebin website and the server that they have apparently hacked has been taken offline by Apple.

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