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Comment Re:A perfect Christmas gift... (Score 2) 179

I have a Pivetta Opera driving Genesis Dragon's, fed from a Goldmund Reference 2 through an Audio Note M10. I'm not sure I like the sound though, if I listen carefully to a 1942 recording of the Fortissimo Crescendo from Bombopoff's "Eruption of Vesuvius" it's as if the third oboe from the left has turned slightly in his seat, the soundstage just isn't right somehow. If anyone has an advice on how to deal with this I'd be interested in hearing it.

Comment Re:Not just a bad idea it's a sinister one (Score 1) 64

It's less funny when you realize that they are developing a car that can project a "makeshift zebra crossing" onto the road directly in front of it. Why exactly would you want to entice pedestrians to walk out into the road directly in front of a car? Hmmm.

So your pedestrian-killing algorithm has targets to aim for? Quick, turn on the zebra-crossing projector, that's ten points each up ahead!

Comment Re:I just want some fucking choices (Score 1) 98

Sailfish's local certification in Russia also follows an announcement earlier this year that a new Russian company, Open Mobile Platform (OMP), had licensed the OS with the intention of developing a custom version of the platform for use in the domestic market.

Translation: In Putin Russia, OMP-modified OS watch you!

Comment Re: That's nice (Score 1) 142

What are they supposed to do, buy all the parts manufacturers including Samsung and Intel?

Which is exactly what vendors who provide long-term support do. That is, they stockpile spare parts, they don't buy the manufacturers.

Some people just refuse to think before hitting submit, I guess...

Thinking before posting certainly hasn't stopped you, I see.

Comment Re:EditorDavid (Score 1) 101

It's still propaganda:

the RISC-V architecture is well positioned to take the crown as the 'go to' design for anybody needing a 32-bit in their silicon

In whose reality is that going to happen? You've got entire industry branches that exist around building and supporting long-established 32-bit architectures, anything you want from any vendor, and we're supposed to believe that a proof-of-concept run of a handful of CPUs with little to no widespread acceptance and support is now the way to go? I mean, good on them for doing it, it's a cool project, but lets be realistic about how its going to play out.

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