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Comment Re:They're out there, lurking, waiting... (Score 1) 222

It's not the use of programming languages, it's use of completely inappropriate, daily-WTF-worthy, algorithms and mechanisms. We do development that involves interfacing with various libraries and components provided by third parties, and holy fsck, it's a wonder some of this stuff works at all, let alone inefficiently. You look at some of the duct-taped-together crap that we have to deal with and in some cases literally can't see why what they're doing works, it's pure coincidence that the way they're using the APIs happen to produce an actual result rather than an error code or a hang.

Comment Re:Autonomous Ships? (Score 4, Insightful) 136

Why not use autonomous ships on the dangerous passage instead? Autonomous ships are expected in the next few years, even before autonomous cars.

Only by people who are living in technology la-la land like the authors of the cited article. They're proposing transoceanic cargo vessels with no crew, because as everyone knows the only thing the crew needs to do is click OK for a mid-Atlantic course correction and the rest of the time they're sitting around doing nothing, since a ship runs itself and deals with every eventuality automatically.

Comment Re:Conversion typo (Score 4, Funny) 136

For those who don't speak Norwegian, I've had the story translated into approximate Swedish as follows:

Nurvey's must hezerduous sheepping ruoute-a pesses iruound zee-a cuountry's Sted peninsuola und hersh lucel veezeer meuons deleys und duongeruous cundeetiuns fur sheep cruos ire-a a reguoler ouccuorrence-a. Un imbeetiuous pluon ieems tu sulfe-a zees by buoildeeng zee-a vurld's furst sheep tuonnel ouff uny signiffeecuont size-a durectly thruough zee-a peninsuola, inebleeng sheeps tu trefel in seffety. Ve-a recently interfiuoed Sted Sheep Tuonnel Pruject Muoneger Terje-a Undreessee-a ibuout zee-a pruject. Bork Bork Bork!

Not sure where all the sheep references came from, my translator is from Alingsås.

Comment Re:This is extortion (Score 1) 225

Uhh, did you actually read as far as the second paragraph of the article you're commenting on?

"most of these lagging companies have conflicts of interest due to their classified work for U.S. government agencies... such associations limit industry staff with U.S. security clearances from fixing security holes based on leaked information from the CIA."

The information that Wikileaks has made available is still classified, even if it's public. If you work for an organisation that handles government contracts, and some of your employees have security clearances, then you can't receive classified information to help you fix an 0day, even if the classified information is now public. It was the same with the Snowden stuff, if someone had wanted to DoS everyone in the US with a security clearance all they'd have had to do is get one of the TS docs published with security markings intact on the front page of the NYT, LA Times, and so on.

The reason why Wikileaks has to be so careful is so they don't get the companies receiving the information into trouble. In many cases, when the rules you have to play by are obviously insane, the only winning move will be not to play.

Comment Re:expose them to man-in-the-middle attacks (Score 1) 99

The fact that you can transparently MITM a TLS connection, as the interception proxies do, shows how broken the entire HTTPS ecosystem is. If any random proxy can MITM you without the TLS layer raising alarms, then so can the NSA, CIA, FSB, MSS, and anyone else who cares to exploit HTTPS' broken ecosystem. The only difference will be that the various TLAs will hopefully do it in a less broken manner than the commercial vendors do, so you can't tell you're being intercepted while your browser happily displays its padlock icon to tell you everything seems legit.

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