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Comment Re:social experiments (Score 1) 322

I have seen the "baby effect" in action. When a women shows other women a new baby, it can cause the other women to have a stronger desire to have that experience (of holding a newborn) again.

There's even a name for it, baby rabies. "Oh my, it's so wonderful having a baby, you should have one too, you'll feel so fulfilled, it's a fantastic feeling, why don't you have a baby too, you'll be so happy, blah blah blah blah ad nauseum".

Comment Re:Emergency service call costs (Score 1) 213

Actually a bunch of switches. For example, in my house, I have one for turning on the furnace blower, one for turning on the AC, and one for turning on the heat. There's a 24V common (or multiple 24V lines), which comes in, and is routed to the blower, AC or heat to turn them on.

Sounds horribly complicated. I just have a cord pull to summon the boy to deal with the fire, and another to summon the girl to top up the drinks. They connect to a bell that rings in their quarters or something. Not really sure how it all works, they just come when we need them.

Comment Re:Comes and goes (Score 2) 376

I had a friend who was captured by ISIS. They used pliers to pull out his fingernails, put rats in a bowl against his stomach and dropped hot coals on the back of it to agitate them and encourage them to eat their way out, had his legs crushed under a tank, had some hard, pipe-hitting niggas go to work on him with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch, and was forced to listen to the Spice Girls on loop play.

After his release, when presented with a laptop running Windows 10, he asked if he could go back to ISIS instead.

Comment Re:99% of those (Score 5, Funny) 272

In the meantime, the Russian Business Network has announced that CryptoLocker now runs on 29% of all desktops, eclipsing Windows 10's market share by several percentage points. Ivan Granatomyot, RBN spokesman, said that they had taken a leaf from Microsoft's Windows 10 deployment tactics to increase their market share to the current level, and hoped for further growth in the future.

Comment Re:Peekabo? (Score 1) 156

Security Chief Michael Garibaldi on Babylon 5 has passed away in Las Vegas at only 60 years of age. His B5 character was often paired-up with G'Kar (played by Andreas Katsulas who died in 2006 at age 59) and with Jeffrey Sinclair (played by Michael O'Hare who died in 2012, also at age 60)

Holy fsck, am I glad I never had a role in B5, I'd be dead by now since I'm 62.

Well, Boxleitner obviously is still alive at 66, and Mira Furlan and Peter Jurasic seem to be fine at 60 (Mira has a little over a month to break the spell). Bill Mumy is 62, and Stephen Furst 61. So not every Babylon 5 actors dies at 60 (or younger)

Are we sure it's really them, or just a bunch of Minbari in changeling nets?

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