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Comment Not surprising (Score 0) 42

I just upgraded from the S4 to the S7 and it's by far the best phone I've had. Samsung pay is accepted 95% of the places I use it. The battery life is much better and the sound quality is good. The camera is almost perfect for a point and shoot. Its the first phone camera that is concisider good enough for photography use.

Comment Re: Better idea (Score 0) 103

No, you should always fear constant surveillance because at some point everyone does something wrong. Even if they don't mean too.

Some point you might be in a chat room and some crazy fuck shoots up a night club full of innocent people with a AR-15. You casually remark 'god damn '. Well now your guilty of a hate crime. Then you say we should line all those fuckers up against the wall and shoot them. Now you're guilty of plotting terrorism or some such BS.

Point is if you are being constantly watched all the time, you will eventually do something wrong.

Comment Re:Inverse Square Law (Score 0) 159

This stuff doesn't work like geostationary satellites, you can just point it in one direction and expect in a million years when you get the reply that they will be in the same spot. Honestly the radio search for ET life is pointless, you would think a bunch of scientists and mathematicians would avoid spending their careers playing the lottery

Why? Sounds like a pretty career choice to me. They get paid lots of money to look for something that may or may not exist. And nobody really holds it against them if they don't produce anything. They just say they have to keep looking longer or we are just not looking in the right place to me.

Seems like a pretty cushy job to me.

Comment Re:Sure. (Score 3, Insightful) 343

We spend that money looking for survivors. Believe it or not people do survive plane crashes. I find it hard to believe the original poster didn't think of this. I have to question his thinking on this.

"Oh another plane went down. There might be survivors but fuck'em. We don't need to be wasting fuel looking for them."

Anther reason is we want to know why the plane crashed. Was it pilot error, terrorism, or some thing wrong with the design of the plane. If there is a flaw in the plane, we need to know if this affects the whole fleet. Not just that one.

Comment Re: Ew, no (Score 0) 492

I pay my own power bill and my computers are on 24/7. One of them is a server though but the other is my workstation. Like most true geeks just about everything I do involves a computer in some way and even with a high speed SSD it still take way to long to boot. I like the option of just walking by, taping the keyboard and seeing what I need to see.

The only computer in my house that goes off when not in use is the htpc. Even then it just goes to sleep.

Comment Re:Besides the blantant bloodshed... (Score 1) 490

I guess you missed my UID.

If you want to play the UID game, have a look at mine. I've pretty much been here since day 1. Starting with the Columbine killings and 9/11 terrorist acts that have impacts on society have always been on /.

This is news that matters because if they backwards nutjobs have their way we will all be back herding goats and the only education we will have will come from a really old book of superstition. Yeah, that goes for both Muslim and Christians.

Comment NASA's time has gone (Score 1) 206

What I'm going to say will probably not be very popular but I believe that NASA is an organization that has out lived its usefulness. Back in the 50' and 60' when NASA was first formed it had a goal, to get us to the moon. An it did that goal very well.

But since then it hasn't really had a goal. It has had projects of which most of them it has pulled off spectacularly. The hunt for extra solar planets, probes to the outer planets, and rovers on Mars. But it hasn't had an organized goal for the whole organization. With out a clear and visible goal nobody cares. People lose interest, and without the people having interest congress starts looking for other places to send money.

I believe its time for NASA to be repuposed from a active research and exploration to a regulatory agency. Much like the FAA They set the regulations for safety in manned space craft like the FAA does. Nasa should also be in charge of tracking satellites and setting orbits for them.

Most of its former duties for space exploration could be handed over to private industry now. NASA could keep a small hand in exploration I believe but most of that could be handed over to private universities.

Comment Re:Hrmm... (Score 0) 381

Israel is not our friend. They are only nice to us because we give them money and keep other nations from stomping them flat. If they where truly our friends then why have they spied on us and stolen military secrets, executed US citizens in cold blood, sold military plans and equipment to nations hostel to the US. Israel as committed acts of piracy on the high seas against US and ships of other nations. In 1967 Israel committed an act of war against the United States when it attacked the USS Liberty in international water.

No, Israel is not our friend.

Comment Re:As well they should (Score 1) 347

An you are quite incorrect in this reguard. The Supreme Court has already handed a ruling that freedom of press out weighs any form of government classifiation. So while the person who turned over those documents to the press is guilty of a crime, the person that published them, in this case Wikileaks, is not.

Comment Re:the geek response to 9/11 (Score 0) 457

This is why the TSA is a farce that needs to be completely rebuilt from zero (and the policy makers transferred to GitMo)

This has been something that I've been saying for some time now. Any policy maker that makes a policy, be it a congress critter, a president, or department head, that is later declaired to be illegal or unconsititutional needs to be held accountable.

If you start fineing these damn congress critters for proposing crap like the patriot act or this TSA bullshit then you would have alot less of it. Hell, send some of them to prison. While your, at it you needs ot send some of these TSA goons to prison for it too.

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