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Comment Re: BETRAYAL (Score 2) 369

Well pretty much the whole thing. The deficit was actually doubled under obama, more than all other presidents before him combined. So there was no massive deficit reduction but an actual increase.

The number of unemployment did go down but the number not in the labor force actually went up by 13.5%. As for the number of actual jobs created, obama numbers are actually lower than Reagan.

I think the health care has been covered but lets by all means drag it out again. The number on health care did go up. But since you had no choice any more it had to go up. While the numbers on health care insurance did go up, the high delectable made the insurance useless.

As for the economy as a whole obama saw the greatest increase of 2.9%. Which is lower than Jimmy Carters 5.6% and Bush Primes of 3.8%

So yeah, I believe we can say that under obama the economy was a disaster and his policies where a failure. Jimmy Carter even beat him for gods sake. I fact the way the numbers are looking now that all of obama's pigeons are coming home to roost, he might just go down as the worse president in the last 100 years.

Comment Re:BETRAYAL (Score 2) 369

The way I read this is you are saying, "Democrats Bad, Republicans Bad." Sounds like to me you are saying we need a third party. If that is what you are saying then I couldn't agree more.

I honestly can't remember the last time I voted for a republican or a democrat, willingly. I've always voted for a third party. Although a lot people seem to think I'm a die hard Trump supporter because I don't want to see him fail or impeached. I don't want to see him fail because if he does we are really fucked. I don't want to see him impeached because I see what is waiting in the wings if he is, and its far worse than Trump is.

What I am is disappointed in the third parties. What we have is a relatively unpopular president with a unpopular agenda. A republican president. Then we have the chaos that the democratic party is in. With more unpopular leadership and no set path in 2020. Plus the fact that you have loons like Maxine Waters speaking for them.

So many young voters are democrats because they don't know any better. They are so opposed to the Trump agenda that they resist at any cost, TDS. So many older republicans see the young democrats losing their minds and think the whole democratic party is crazy, so they don't see that pulling away from the GOP is an option.

There has never been a more perfect time for third parties out there to be campaigning their asses off. More people voted against Hillary than they did for Trump. Third parties should be out there courting these voters.

Go on to college's and start showing these young voters that there is other options. Hand out fliers at anti trump rallies. Get the word out to the next generation that the status quo doesn't have to be maintained.

If the third parties started now they could possible get enough voters registered that they might actually make a dent in 2020.

Comment Re:BETRAYAL (Score 3) 369

While you are wrong about the part with Trump being not very bright. He has clearly shown that he is very intelligent, just a amateur when it comes to his new position.

I am kind of surprised at this development. I thought leaks being posted to wikileaks where a key component in his election. He was practically beating Hillary over the head with print outs from wikileaks during the campaign. It seems to me instead of trying to hang his buddy Assange, he would be better off trying to plug the leaks to start with.

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