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Comment Failure isn't failure... if you learn from it. (Score 2) 117

And that's different from NASA/Energia how?

Space ex has a failure rate 10 times worse. The FAA needs to step in and force them to take safety seriously.

Failing, as it turns out, is an effective way of trying new things and finding out what works. Painful, but very very effective.

The best thing about SpaceX is that they aren't afraid of failure.

The worst thing that could happen would be if the FAA steps in and no longer allows companies to fail. If you aren't allowed to fail, you're not allowed to innovate. The only way to take the chance of doing new things is by taking the risk of failure.

Or, to use a quote: “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

Comment Re:Wat (Score 2) 84

Look, we know Juno wasn't designed for this sort of mission and is not well equipped or positioned for it. But if researchers determine that its observations could help pinpoint more details of the plumes...

But they can't. Juno isn't a mission to look at Jupiter's moons, it's not in the right orbit to look at Jupiter's moons, it doesn't have instruments to look at Jupiter's moons. It's designed for looking at Jupiter and Jupiter's plasma and field environment.

There's already a mission planned to investigate Europa: Europa clipper.

Comment ice particles AND water vapour (Score 3, Informative) 84

Isn't vacuum always cold? I fail to see how it could have a temperature above 0K.

Vacuum in itself has no temperature at all. "No temperature" is not the same as 0 Kelvin.

The temperature of something IN a vacuum is determined by the sources heating it and the infrared radiation outward from it. Initially, water exposed to vacuum will start to boil; the boiling will reduce the temperature (losing the heat of vaporization), and the lower temperature will freeze the water. So, in fact, it will boil and freeze at the same time, resulting in ice particles AND an expanding cloud of water vapor.

I got cooled to absolute zero, but I'm 0K now.


Comment How to solve the problem (Score 2) 159

...then massive, costly, and punitive CO2 mitigation schemes become pointless and wasteful.

It is a political talking point that doing anything to address the production of CO2 will be "massive, costly, and punitive". Since the response of the fossil fuel industry has been "do everything possible to cast doubt on the fact that a problem even exists, and divert all attention away from realistic thinking about possible ways to address the problem", though, this has never been thought through.

The problem being that a non-existent 'climate crisis' allows governments, politicians, and their bureaucracies unprecedented powers and control that they will never willingly give up.

It is a right wing talking point that if climate change is real, then the only possible way to address it is to give "governments, politicians, and their bureaucracies unprecedented powers and control."

I find it amusing that the right wing's only approach to the problem is to say that if the problem is real we need to give governments more power. It's as if their political philosophies don't have any tools to solve problems other than "give the government more power."

Comment Million year time scale (Score 2) 159

I think you have that backwards. Snyder is saying that the historical record shows that the sensitivity of temperature to carbon dioxide is much HIGHER than the GISS estimates. Gavin Schmidt's comment is, basically, that her data shows correlation, not causation.

I took away from her study that, as far as she could extrapolate from the available data on climate/temperature cycles going back 2 million years, that we were pretty much smack at the point of the two curves one would expect during this point in time, so to speak, on both CO2 and temperature and from that lack of deviation from expected norms then suggesting that humans have had little if any significant effect on global temperature averages

In that case, you are misled by a misinterpretation of her results.

She looked at temperature and carbon dioxide with five thousand year averaging. Five thousand year averaging says absolutely nothing about the effects of industrialization-- we don't even show up in her data. With averaging on five-thousand year bins, you only see effects on time scales that are long compared to five thousand years.

, and that the warming that is occurring and will continue for a long time at pretty much the same average rate is pretty well inevitable given past history with or without human industrialization.

A more accurate statement of that : "The activities of humans over the last 100 years have not had an effect that is yet visible on a graph plotted over million-year time scales."

To which one could accurately add: "yet".

Seeing as how industrialization in it's entirety has failed to have been shown to appreciably affect global temperature changes

..enough to be evident over million-year time scales.

Comment Shall Make No Law (Score 2) 295

This law says, you may not publish true information because some one else might do something discriminatory with it.

But, we already have laws forbidding the discriminatory thing that might happen. So, this law abridging freedom of speech and of the press is necessary why, exactly?

Answer: It isn't necessary at all. This is exactly the "won't someone think of the children" thinking that suckers us into whittling our rights away into nothing, one sliver at a time.

Comment Exotic Locales (Score 1) 83

What's interesting is the seemingly unlikely locations where projects are actually in place or being planned. So much for the argument that profitable wind locations would be rare or hard to reach.

Amazon@ Fowler Ridge Indiana
Amazon@ Paulding County Ohio
Amazon@ Perquimans and Pasquotank Counties, North Carolina
Amazon@ Scurry County, Texas

Comment Re:Kindergarten ? (Score 1) 228

They also neglect soft education like Music and Art

Are we still surprised by this? Anything that does not contribute directly to the bottom line gets cut. Recess. Music. Art. Sports. Here, the bottom line is that one-dimensional letter grade that legislators use to fund schools.

So, if you value these things, push to have them be part of the standards by which your state judges schools.

Comment Re:Who knew? (Score 1) 294

terrorist (n): a person who, in order to get you to do what he wants, hurts others

Attacks fully or partially caused:
Inability to route prescriptions electronically to pharmacies
Email downtime for departments where email supports critical processes
Inability to access remotely hosted electronic health records

Wherever we see this dynamic, regardless of sympathetic motives, we can recognize a bad guy. Heroes don't do it that way.

Comment Re:Don't rush to conclusion (Score 1) 84

So long as it is disclosed during the debate before the vote that Plan B is the AT&T/Comcast plan. So long as the vote is not manipulated. So long as discussing Plan B is not, itself, just a stalling tactic. Then there is nothing wrong with Plan B being heard.

Next step: the council votes.

Comment Not indicted (Score 3, Informative) 389

This is completely bizarre. Assange is not currently wanted in the US. There is no indictment against him, there isn't a warrant for his arrest, and there is no request for extradition. I'm not sure how he can "agree to go to prison" when he hasn't been charged with a crime. The U.S. doesn't actually let people go to prison just because they want to; they have to be found guilty of a crime.

Assange is wanted in Sweden (although so far he's only wanted for questioning.)

Assange is wanted in Britain-- for jumping bail.

But he's not wanted for a crime in the U.S. He could agree to go to prison in Sweden or Britain-- why doesn't he volunteer to do that?

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