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Comment Re:Yea (Score 1) 496

Though in fairness, don't you think they'd have left some kind of probe or satellite; or that they're still watching us from afar? I mean, if they are smart enough to zoom around the universe, they ought to be smart enough to figure out we'd eventually evolve into something significant.

It's a scary door to open, though. Because as easily as the Nazca Lines and a lot of our other mythology could be attributed to aliens, our own existence could as well. Maybe we stepped ahead of the other species on this planet because we had a little help. Who really knows? It's just all really wild speculation. Interesting speculation, though.

Comment Re:The entire concept is mistaken (Score 1) 790

You can be told not to drop trash in your house... Lets say you OWN your own home right... you make it a nasty place, full of trash. You can be asked to clean it up. If it continues, you can get booted out of your property!

This is especially true if you live in: apartments, 'town house,' gated community, or those who live in home association areas.

The placed I used to work at had a no smoking policy on the premises right... so people took to smoking just off of building property. So they put up no smoking signs but that didn't stop them. Fortunately for everyone you had to walk by them and the cloud to get into the parking structure!
The Internet

Submission + - World's Largest web Defacement Archive may Close (

SkiifGeek writes: "It appears that the operators of the largest web defacement archive, Zone-H, may soon be closing the archive down. The natural successor to the now-defunct Alldas archive of defaced websites, Zone-H's archive maintains records of over 2.6 million defaced sites but may be shut down due to the continuous accusations of impropriety levelled against them any time they disclose and mirror a reported defacement.

With such a large repository of archived data, Zone-H have shown some interesting statistics about the changing nature of website attacks, such as more Linux servers were compromised in 2007 than all Windows servers combined. Apache suffered the same ignominious problem when compared to the combined reported IIS compromises (historical data here)."


Submission + - Six degrees of messaging (

Nicola Jones - online news editor for Nature writes: "Nature News reports on a cool paper in the arXiv: yet more evidence showing that we are only six steps removed from almost anyone else on the planet. Workers at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington crunched through a month's worth of global 'instant messaging' conversations using Microsoft Messenger (that was a whopping 255 billion messages sent in the course of 30 billion conversations among 240 million people) and found that the average shortest number of jumps to get from one random user to another was 6.6; spookily close to the infamous six degrees of separation. (Disclaimer: this post has been submitted by the somewhat-biased source of the news editor at Nature News — but I really think this is well up Slashdot's alley...)"

Submission + - Physics journal bans its authors from Wikipedia

I don't believe in imaginary property writes: "The flagship physics journal Physical Review Letters, has banned their authors from submitting any material to Wikipedia and related forums that is derived from their published work. Recently, the journal withdrew their acceptance of two articles by Jonathan Oppenheim and co-authors because the authors had asked for a rights agreement compatible with Wikipedia and the Quantum Wikipedia. Currently, many scientists "routinely do things which violate the transfer of copyright agreement of the journal". Physicist Bill Unruh, has weighed in, saying "It is unreasonable and completely at odds with the practice in the field. Scientists want as broad an audience for their papers as possible." It looks like Physical Review Letters is having second thoughts about their decision. "Gene Sprouse, editor-in-chief of the APS journals, says the society plans to review its copyright policy at a meeting in May. 'A group of excellent scientists has asked us to consider revising our copyright, and we take them seriously,' he says." New Scientist has the scoop."

Submission + - Jack Thompson: "School Shooting Expert" (

Steeltalon writes: According to Kotaku, Jack Thompson is repeating his fast, unsupported, diatribe from the Virginia Tech Massacre. Appearing once again on Fox News as a "School Shooting Expert", he has declared that the shooter at Northern Illinois University was inspired by games like Counter Strike, despite a lack of any public evidence to back up this claim.

So when is his disbarment going to go through?

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