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Comment Weird company... (Score 5, Insightful) 76

I work at a small company (~30 employees) total that's been around for around 35 years. We don't have anyone dedicated to HR, it's just part of the jobs duties for one of the founders. About two years ago I heard bout Zenefits and went through a sales call with them.

The sales guy sounded like he was about 21 years old, didn't know anything, and was a total Bro.

Everything in the call was like "Ohh man, you're still doing it that way, bummer! That sucks man, check this out..."

"Yeah, what we're doing is rethinking HR from the ground up, and we're like Amazon disrupting all those legacy companies out there! We're so innovative you won't believe!!" (no, actually you're just fancy insurance brokers....)

"Yeah man, I hear you, , right man??"

It was an incredible turnoff.

I do think that HR, benefits management, payroll, etc., is totally ready for disruption and a good product, but Zenefits definitely is not it.

Comment Re:Watch my arse (Score 1) 406

I'll consider that POS a "watch" when it can go months between battery charges, costs less than $50, can be used when I'm in whitewater, and has tactile buttons I can find in the dark. (In other words, when it can replace a simple Timex Ironman.)

It goes 2 full days on a charge, works in water, and has tactile buttons. So I guess it just needs a bigger battery :-)

I have an Apple Watch. I like it a lot. Is it worth the money--fuck no. I use it for exactly 3 things:

(1) Telling the time (and checking weather, etc.);
(2) "Hey Siri" integration for controlling HomeKit (outlets, thermostat, locks, lights, etc.); and
(3) Texting / receiving phone notifications.

It's awesome for those 3 things. Can't remember the last time I used an app. The exercise mode is useless as a general activity tacker or heart rate monitor (heart rate monitor is AWFUL). All the gimmick shit is...gimmick shit. As a small extension to my smartphone--awesome.

Comment Summary text was all over the place... (Score 1) 834

I have a friend that was told to seek another job inside his company, but when he applied, the job req was filled by a lesser qualified individual with a lower wage coming from an H1-B. He sued and eventually won (but it was painful). Bigger companies especially, where innovation is lacking, do this all the time since they believe they can train a monkey to perform "a high tech job".

IMHO, one should avoid those companies, unless you're allergic to "good work", but still... stuff like this is happening all the time.

For $1000, the answer is: Cheap Foreign Labor
"What is our standard hiring practice?"
Correct, choose again...

Comment Re:Labor shortage in engineering? (Score 1) 477

As an EE making custom silicon, I can say that the job market is very ... mixed.

The biggest problem with the industry, as I see it, is that the jobs are geographically limited. I currently have a job in a state that I love. However, should something happen to this job, I have very limited prospects for a new job in this town. In general, chip design jobs are largely in places that I don't want to live (and generally near huge cities). California, Illinois, and New York? Nope. I wold rather panhandle. Washington/Oregon? Maybe, depends on the area, traffic, cost of living, etc. Texas? Yeah, maybe, but it is pretty hot and humid there. Florida? Yeah, I left there because of the heat, humidity, and hurricanes.

Comment Subject line smells (Score 3, Interesting) 157

DVD sales are "ok", because the media and platform doesn't suck like Blu-ray. Sony needs to pay big time for the death sentence they gave Blu-ray. Very very bad business decision. The paid their way in, and then locked it down to make it unusable.

Subject line should read: "Sony Warns It Will Take $1 Billion Writedown as their Vision of the Future Sucked"

Comment Too many choices are a barrier to adoption (Score 5, Insightful) 353

About a year ago, they changed their offering and split it into so many different plans no one knows exactly what you get.

MSFT needs to immediately limit themselves to four plans:

1. Student

2. Entry-level

3. Power

4. Everything

And they need to make it very clear what these mean, in a single page document which is the same regardless of where you find it on Microsoft's site.

Comment Number is much higher, more like 80% (Score 1) 257

Just based on my own informal surveys when I do speaking engagements (about free software and copyrights), about 80% (possibly more) people use illegally obtained copyrighted content and about 90% of those have no problems sharing such content with others. This includes wealthy people, lawmakers, judges, etc.

Torrent users are such a small percentage of those ignoring copyright and usage permissions.

Comment Re:Jumped the shark a long while ago (Score 1) 164

Q was a mistake.
Wesley was a mistake.
The Borg children were a mistake (Voyager).
Captain(less) Picard was a mistake. "We need to make a decision... quick, everyone to my ready room for a vote. Counselor tell us if our feelings are true on the matter!"

TOS, always the best Star Trek.

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