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Comment Re: Oh dear (Score 1) 742

Americans already make cars. Even "Japanese" (Honda, Toyota) cars sold in the US are usually made in the US.

iPhones and other smartphones being made here will probably up the prices slightly, but most of the estimates I've heard are absurd.

iPhones could be made completely in the US and Apple could charge the exact same price for them as they do now and the only difference is Apple's profits would go from ridiculously obscene to only slightly obscene.

But where (in the USA) would you make them? Industry is "dirty"... we only do clean businesses.... like McDonalds.

Comment Re: Oh dear (Score 1) 742

Actually it's better to say "Japanese...etc" cars sold in the US. are usually made in North America (really saying USA is just wrong).

These companies like to brag to US citizens about how their cars are made in North America because people in the USA don't understand there's more to North America than just the USA.

Comment Re:Editor much? (Score 1) 17

"A technical issue at with a computer..."

Slashdot has been getting harder to read because of what I assume to be the army of paid political shills chiming into every conversation about politics - which in my opinion doesn't belong on slashdot - but when the GOD DAMNED EDITORS CAN'T EVEN FORMULATE A SENTENCE?!?

"I'm sorry, we could not translate your post."

You can be a formulate sentence.

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