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Submission + - The FCC just passed sweeping new rules to protect your online privacy ( 1

jriding writes: Federal regulators have approved unprecedented new rules to ensure broadband providers do not abuse their customers' app usage and browsing history, mobile location data and other sensitive personal information generated while using the Internet.

The rules, passed Thursday in a 3-to-2 vote by the Federal Communications Commission, require Internet providers, such as Comcast and Verizon, to obtain their customers' explicit consent before using or sharing that behavioral data with third parties, such as marketing firms.

Submission + - FCC chairman, Justice Department sign off on Charter's takeover of Time Warner C (

jriding writes: "If the conditions are approved by my colleagues, an additional 2 million customer locations will have access to a high-speed connection," Wheeler said in his statement. "At least 1 million of those connections will be in competition with another high-speed broadband provider in the market served, bringing innovation and new choices for consumers, and demonstrate the viability of one broadband provider overbuilding another."


Comment Re:"Destroy ing innovation" (Score 1) 390

The same was said for slave labor.
Funny thing is when a company or mega corp actually does look out for its employees they get more in return then just profits.
More pay and better benefits show that the employees work harder, produce more, and the quality of the work improves. They also have more money to spend so that money goes right back to the company producing more profits.

imagine if the companies treated us well and we returned the favor. In stead you would rather us to beg the rich for our small crust of bread, and hope that if we treat them well they will return the favor.

Submission + - Texas narrowly rejects allowing academics to fact-check public school textbooks (

jriding writes: AUSTIN, Texas â" Top Texas education officials rejected Wednesday letting university experts fact-check textbooks approved for use in public-school classrooms statewide, instead reaffirming a vetting system that has helped spark years of ideological battles over how potentially thorny lessons in history and science are taught.

Comment Re:Is there a list of IP ranges for this anywhere? (Score 1) 125

When speaking of China why does everyone go down this rabbit hole? Does anyone remember the Great firewall of china? Do you really think they block blogs etc but let all potential hacking attempts right on through?

If they do let all attempts through then they are approving it. That would make it at least state acknowledged if not state sponsored.

Comment Re:Anti-science is a PR plague (Score 4, Interesting) 330

It has less to do with the Science of GMO and potential issue that my come with the new combo of genes. It has more to do with the Patent on a core food and even more to do with pesticides.
GMOs are designed to resist the negative effects from pesticides so more pesticides can be applied. That is great that more bugs are dying and more plants are living. But you can't tell me that spraying our food with not just a little bit of poison but a TON of poison is not absorbed by the food. Then we eat the food that now has absorbed the poison. That must be real healthy.

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