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Comment Just enough (Score 2) 196

I sit in a chair just enough to keep organized, but not enough to hate it.

When I'm not sitting in a chair I'm getting the (company) truck stuck in the snow, troubleshooting a radio, or stopping for wildlife that is trying to become wilddead by standing in the middle of the road eating salt. On Thursday we had to snowmobile to the top of a mountain to clean off the solar panels on a radio tower.

Therefore, when I AM stuck in the office (shop) at my desk, I tend to enjoy it.

Comment Re:You almost had me for a moment there. (Score 1) 82

Yeah, maybe first program the transmission not to SUCK, eh Ford?

We had a 2011 F350 work truck that was almost comical (comical because in no way would we be financially responsible when it broke!)

Sometimes when accelerating hard (pulling onto the highway from a stop) it would stick between gears and kill the throttle for 2 seconds, then shift into gear.

Twice it revved up real high, then slammed itself into gear (pretty sure the wheels left the ground)

If you held the gas pedal just right it would stay in second gear right up to 110km/h. Well into red-line on the tacometer.

We took it into Ford for a weekend. They returned it and said that they cleared the setpoints and that we should drive it gently for the next few hundred Kms until the transmission has a chance to "learn" new shiftpoints.

All that work on a "smart" transmission and it still wouldn't get better than 21 liters per 100km.

Yeah... I won't be buying a new Ford, thanks.

Comment Re:Watch your words... (Score 3, Funny) 105

New hobby... trolling the FBI / corporate security with innocent usage of suspicious phrases.

My new years resolution is now to use a minimum of one of these phrases in every email I send using the company email system for the year 2013. My employer is large enough that they most certainly use this sort of filtering.

Heck... they're probably tracking my Slashdot account... Hey guys... just kidding!

Comment Re:So That's Opt In, Right? And That Goes to Chari (Score 2) 325

I had a former co-worker a few years back that was looking for a new job. I found the perfect job for him and sent it to him via facebook.

      Facebook gave me the ability to find his contact information via the town he was living in, his name, his profile picture, and some mutual friends. I was then able to start a conversation with him and have a few messages back and forth. Neither of us wanted the relationship to move beyond a few polite messages, and I probably would not have gone to the inconvenience of paying a dollar through facebook just to give him a job link that he may not have been interested in.

      Facebook provides a convenient way for me to communicate with friends, family, and strangers spread across North America. As soon as this service becomes less convenient due to fees or advertising, I imagine that we will all migrate over to the next big thing. I had hoped that G+ was it, but apparently isn't.

Comment The power maths... (Score 1) 328

To make the maths easier, lets assume you can improve your efficiency by 25% (that's huge) and assume you're loading it to 400 watts, (also huge) and assume you run it 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with 2 weeks off a year (running at full capacity).

That's 100 watts of savings, 2000 hours a year... 0.1kw X 2000 = 200kWh per year.

I pay about $0.10/kWh

You could save up to $20/year.

Reality? You'd probably see a lot less savings then that.

Comment Re:Is a 7 Inch Swivel Blade Really Worth $30? (Score 4, Informative) 135

Myself, I'm a newb radio technician, so I know where you're coming from.

What you want is a "Yagi" antenna. Very directional and therefore, longer range.

Search for "Cantenna"

Also try:

I had previously found a website that had a good modeling program to show you the lobe of radiated power, but don't have time this morning to find it again.

I'm also not sure what frequency you want to build it for. Some sites say 700mhz, some 1800mhz.

Hopefully someone with more radio know-how can add to the discussion. If you're near south-east BC, bring it by and we'll test the antenna on my (absurdly expensive) service monitor. I'm wanting to build a long range wifi net connecting to several buddies in town, so I'll be watching and hoping for some insightful help on this thread.

Comment Re:Get rid of the unions (Score 2) 430

Poor union workers are a sign of a manager without the balls to do his job properly!

My union contract (IBEW) has a lot of room to get yourself fired. Right now the big item is personal cell phone use. If I am caught using my personal cell phone at work, I can be fired. Simple as that. The union has even told us flat out that it cannot defend us if we break the corporate policy.

Useless middle managers who won't do their job are the problem. If a manager won't make the workers under him do their job, how is it the fault of the union?

Comment Re:Some good, but adds restrictive digital lock ru (Score 1) 103

Right. This is not the case. Every single concession given to consumers are provided the absence of digital locks. In other words as soon as a digital lock is applied, every single consumer right goes out the window..

Yeah so... I'm never going to buy anything that has a digital lock as now I can pirate for my personal use and not be worried about a ridiculous fine.

Worst case Ontario they come after me for (up to) $5000, I go to court and represent myself wasting as much of their time as I can asking dumb questions and I have sell my truck to pay for the fine.

It's worth the risk... but I'm not a lawyer so this should be a good laugh...

Comment Re:Oh I just love (Score 3, Interesting) 475

Don't get me started on trains and time zones!

I'm employed by a railway, and have to accommodate 2 time zones every day. The town is located in the mountain time zone and so uses MT. The trains however come from the west in Pacific Time, head north to the main line, then go back west to the coast. In order to keep it simple, they just run Pacific Time.

I leave for work using the clock on the stove. I leave at about 6:50 AM and arrive for work at 6:00 AM. At the end of the day, I leave work at 3:00 PM and get home at about 4:10 PM.

Just today we had a safety meeting that was scheduled in a conference room at a local hotel. Invites were sent out using "Town Time", but this wasn't stated in the email. Everyone in my department showed up an hour late. One of the old guys was vocal... that was awesome.

Since I have had this job, I have become a time change HATER. I like the DST right now because the sun is just coming up when I am starting my day of work, but I hate the change. It just makes my life more complicated than it needs to be.

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