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Comment Ekronomics says "Hell, yes" (Score 1) 175

Per the software that increases productivity is investment and extremely poor societies can't afford those investments because essential production is already absorbing all the available resources. Or in other words, there's no sense in trying to squeeze blood from a turnip when he doesn't even have a turnip.

Entertainment category software is different and there is no rationale I can see for discounting it. Right now I'm having trouble thinking of any software that would qualify as essential, at least in the context of an extremely poor society.

Comment Memories of happiness? (Score 1) 99

The time I can recall being happiest with my Internet access situation was when I had a one-device (smartphone) solution. I had unlimited data, though at moderate speed. I tethered all of my computers through the phone and had enough data for watching videos. Ran through 50 GB in most months, but I was only paying about $50/month, if I remember correctly. Before that I had almost the same deal with that company, but I had to use two devices, a dumb phone and a USB dongle.

Unfortunately, the company got bought by another company and they destroyed the old plans. What I have now is basically inferior, involves three devices, and costs more. Actually, it costs much more if I add in my wife's separate expenses, though at least she was able to get rid of her second device recently. I think the funny part is that one of my devices is mostly used as a PDA, and back in the old PDA days was another relatively high point of satisfaction. The more things change the more they stay the same?

Comment Re:Let them eat Tweets! (Score 1) 1492

Just extending my earlier response on the basis of having had the opportunity to discuss this with some actual Chinese people yesterday. Unfortunately, none of them were from Taiwan and I'm not sure how to weigh in the "political reliability" of mainland Chinese who have been given permission to study abroad. Having said that...

They "sort of seemed" to think that a two-front approach might be feasible, especially if #PresidentTweety had actually sanctioned the invasion of North Korea. I didn't mention that part here, but I may have thought it was too obvious that the not-quite-a-feint in North Korea would keep America focused on that threat simply because of the American troops that would already be in harm's way when the balloon went up. I don't know enough about the current capabilities of the Red Army to fight two wars at once, even if they can keep them small.

Comment Re:Why isn't this on the front page? (Score 1) 5

Aha! I recognize that handle, but I can't recall whether or not you're a troll, a sock puppet, or just an annoying person of some sort. From the writing style, I'd guess a transpostite.

On the assumption that your question was sincere and not rhetorical or sardonic or whatever, then the answer is that I just put some stuff here for convenient reference. It was part of a dying and typically transient discussion. I rarely submit actual articles to Slashdot's so-called attention these years. It's possible that I'll refer to it later, or I might extend it and use it somewhere else. Perhaps YouTube is too much on my mind due to its prominence in a book on the google that I just finished? As of the time of publication of that book, YouTube was something of a sour grape for the google's rosy profits.

In terms of constructive suggestions for possible improvements, (1) my fuzzy negative memories of the handle suggest you aren't worth the effort, and (2) there are no signs that Slashdot is moving in any positive direction. However, I regard (2) as merely symptomatic of a more general social malaise in America.

Comment Re:Thanks to (Score -1) 99

Well, I am saying that YOUR [561790's] post "is a complete waste of everyone's time". Not even a nod to substance or relevance. Can't even say there is a discussion to regard as pointless and closed.

If you had nothing to say, why didn't you just say nothing?

Comment Re:Let them eat Tweets! (Score 1) 1492

I think I largely agree with you, but I can't tell if HornWumpus is making his point badly or just trolling. I would say that the communists certainly could invade and conquer Taiwan if they wanted to, but there would be a real cost and they would have to evaluate the benefits, including the effects on "domestic politics" in their peculiarly anti-partisan one-party system.

They could even imagine making a profit out of the invasion, but that obviously depends on not destroying too much infrastructure and a belief that the majority of the people on Taiwan would accept the new situation. An expensive insurgency could absorb all of the potential profits for as long as it lasts. On that aspect, they are obviously much more capable than we are of assessing the popular sentiment of their fellow Chinese.

Having said that, they might be able to invade relatively inexpensively by merely filling the next batch of cargo ships with soldiers rather than cargo. If they land and successfully seize the ports in a surprise attack, then they could quickly ferry a few million soldiers over and have quite substantial beachheads. I'm not even sure if the relative air forces would matter if the communists pulled a surprise with clouds of cheap drones...

There is a really important time-related factor, too. There was a known date for Hong Kong and they just had to wait. Taiwan has no schedule and they do NOT want to wait forever. They may well see #PresidentTweety's apprenticeship as the golden opportunity they've been waiting for.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1492

I think you are feeding a troll. I used to wonder if they were sincerely stupid, proudly ignorant, or paid to fake it, in which case they should be congratulated for cashing in on their lack of social skills. These days I just wish Slashdot were making some progress towards making them less visible. ANY other use of my time and attention is better.

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 1492

Good comment and I'd give you the 5th insightful point if I ever got a mod.

You didn't mention the detail that he doesn't even have the guts to put his name on his dump. The abuse of anonymity has become part of the sickness of our Internet-centric society. Personal reputation matters, but not to ACs or #PresidentTweety.

There's an interesting philosophic debate about why bad things happen to good people, but no one has to ask why good things happen to bad people. They are using their badness to get the good things.

Comment Re:As a fellow European (Score 1) 1492

The moderation is hopelessly broken and I suspect that a lot of the points are coming from sock puppets. It could be fixed by linking earned reputation to the system, but there is no sign of progress.

Oh, and I think it should be logarithmic. If so, then +5 funny would mean e^5 mod points... (Yeah, I favor the natural log, too.)

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1492

Well reasoned and deserving its insightful moderation. Let me predict your comment will not be taken as an invitation to reasoned dialog. Actually, I'm cheating because I could see the first of the responses before clicking to add mine.

Just add my story of having a few drinks with a couple of Hillary haters. Short form is they each believed a fake news story. Different ones, but one of the advantages of fake news is that you get to believe whatever you want to believe. Another major advantage of fake news is that the production costs are much lower.

America has been had. I'm pretty sure the main result of #PresidentTweety will be to make China great again.

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