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Comment ironic given the first iPhone (Score 2) 96

the first iPhone relied on the web it didnt have "apps"

it was only after the terrible web pages did they resort to containerised web pages... That game developers abused and we have the situation today...

now with the need to support android + iPhone + iPad + windows + Mac are people finally understanding that Marked up Text is much healthier and CHEAPER

its called a website and there are standards (shocking)

if your spending the peoples money (government depts) create a website that is useable
(if you must create a branded app I understand there are tools for that, they will allow you to package a website)


John Jones

Comment funny thing that GPS / GCHQ / SatComms (Score 2) 81

people wonder if anyone would notice any violations of the marine park... YES, yes they would

however not the reason you might thing the island is crawling with monitoring equipment both for environmental (its quite important to know the weather above and below the water if your a navy) and machines (satellites/networking/radio/sonar) basically its a rather nice outpost on which the British get to say what goes...

so putting a nature reserve there is rather befitting


John Jones

Comment free cache ! (Score 1) 95

so basically its a set of specs that allow google to cache your webpage and allow you to track it

WHY OH WHY not simply use the standards outlined here :

and then produce a validator so that sites can be cached by oh I dont know the network operator or anyone including google after all are they not closer to the endpoint ?

seems very pointless and a reaction to facebook allowing publishers to push articles in their network...


John Jones

Comment how to deal with the rupert problem... (Score 2) 57

there is this old man that controls a lot of media in australia

eventually all politicians end up having to go see and deal with this bloke rupert and/or his company

one way is to give in to what they want hence the "internet filter" which blocks "copyright" which they are concerned about...

what I find sad is they have no interest in actual copyright or paying artists but in shareholder returns (which they should be as its a company).


John Jones

Comment Re:Wrong authority (Score 1) 122

the cell towers that you connect to depending on the connection type can be "named" differently and in a rural setting you may well see many attempts to connect to geographically far away towers by several providers

you would need to understand the carrier and software sorry I have no clue to what Llama software is and google is not much help, either way invest in a software defined radio to easily and cheaply scan your environment


John Jones

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