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Comment Re:Security 102, chapter 1 - Risk Analysis (Score 1) 127

If you are storing sensitive personal information on a laptop or phone, you should already know that the question is not if, but when, it is going to leak out.

So have a plan for cases such as bank account info, and for the rest, it's not important enough to give a sh*t about anyway. There was an article about the risks of families, friends, and others snooping around your Facebook account. If you're posting stuff on Facebook, even using their privacy settings, that you don't want to get out there, you're a moron. The default should be public, so you don't get sucked into a false sense of security.

"But my private pictures!!!" If they're private, why are they on a portable electronic device or on a server run by someone else? Besides, unless you're so ugly that you'll replace the next goat guy or tubgirl, so what? The best you can hope for is your 15 minutes of notoriety.

Comment Re:Security expert? (Score 1) 127

Regardless, he left it in plain view in his unlocked car.

"Regardless, she was dressed in a short skirt and top" - and should have expected what happened next.

"Regardless, they left their dog in the back yard alone with a gate that didn't have a padlock" - and should have expected someone to steal their dog.

"Regardless, they were unarmed when they asked a total stranger for directions" - and deserved to be mugged.

Screw your "regardless." Honest people wouldn't have taken it. Same as I should be able to leave my doors unlocked and not have strangers walk into my home and take stuff.

Comment Re:Security expert? (Score 1) 127

And if he had put an OS login password on it, the thief would have just given it to someone to wipe down. He would still haven't gotten his laptop back, and he would never have known who stole it.

At least mobile phone passwords, the phone can still receive calls, so you can call whoever "found" it and offer a small reward for it's return.

Comment Re:New projects are even more misguided than the o (Score 1) 57

Well, you know it's just going to get worse as the SJWs take over everything. When BlackLivesMatter can get PRIDE parades to ban gays and lesbians, you know that both movements are now quickly accelerating to peak stupidity, bypassing any fake news you'd ever read ...

On balance, the internet is now causing more harm than good. Time to shut it down.

Comment Re:smh (Score 1) 57

What do you expect from ideologues? Common sense? Here's one example of their "me-too" stupidity

replace Siri, Google Now, Alexa, and Cortana with a free-software personal assistant, which they view as "crucial to preserving users' control over their technology and data

People don't need "personal software assistants" to "help preserve users' control over their technology and data." What they need is to learn that anything you share with anyone is ultimately shared with the world, so if you want control of your data, keep it to yourself.

We already have the ultimate secure social network - just send all your posts to /dev/null. Anything else, you're fooling yourself. Same with ALL your other data. Al software can be compromised, and that includes any personal assistant anyone can design.

Comment Re:Definition Request (Score 1) 2

It's pretty simple. Sexual orientation wrt gender is the same - if you identify as a male , whether you were born one or not, and you like women, you're straight. If you transition to female and all of a sudden you find you like men, you're still straight. Of course, the LGBTWHATEVERTHEFUCK reject the possibility, because they feel threatened by the possibility - they're afraid that some would attempt to apply the idea that transsexuals can actually legitimately change orientation (as opposed to "no longer being repressed") would be applied to them - even though it happens in the straight world, and in other animals.

It's just not politically correct that someone like me can exist (and others are afraid to speak up for being labeled homophobes or whatever). Me, I don't give a shit about political correctness being used to suppress my legitimacy - and I find it hypocritical that they are using the same tactics that were used against them without feeling the least shame.

Just like they won't admit that the LGBT "community" is fucked up when it comes to having more violence than the rest of the world, or the gay villages being more dangerous for transsexuals than living with the "normals". Or the higher levels of lifestyle diseases from smoking because it's part and parcel of the gay lifestyle. Or the highest level of HIV/AIDS among transwomen and gay crossdressers of any group in the world, because letting some guy hump your ass like a cheap horse in a claims race at Pimlico somehow makes both groups "feel like a woman." Or that the level of violence against transsexuals, that they mourn with their "transsexual day of remembrance", is total bullshit as well - up to 95% of victims are people of color - it's a race problem but they profit from it to have a huge pity party every year. Complete denial of reality and a diversion of resources from solving the real problem. Self-absorbed assholes.

And you should see how much people STILL deny it when confronted with the actual stats, broken down by race, etc. In doing so, they're being racist themselves.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 9

Democracy has nothing to do with it. The United States hasn't been a representational democracy in quite some time, and you know it. It probably never will be again, not unless and until it splits up. Once democracies get too big, they simply no longer work. Great Britain no longer is, and India? Give me a break. Corruption and influence peddling, once they go to far, destroy democracies from within.

There's really no other solution to going from a republic to either separate nations or a federation.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 9

So you want the whole country to do the equivalent of cutting off your nose to spite your face?

I figured if I were elected president, I would have removed all sanctions against Russia and given them most favored nation status - we do it with worse governments, such as Saudi Arabia, and it's in everyone's best interests that Russia succeed as a country. With domestic success, there's less need to divert the people from economic hardship with foreign wars, where even the winners lose.

We need a counter-weight to Chinese expansionism. The USSR was a solid ally for decades. They can be again.

User Journal

Journal Journal: And the gay community fucks over straight transsexuals yet again. 2

For the longest time, the gay community has encouraged confusion between cross-dressers and transsexuals - even many of them say that transsexual women are just gay men in dresses.

That's bad enough - but so many in the "transgender community", including LGB transsexuals, have bought into a similar line - that straight transsexual women were all just repressed gay men.

Comment Re:Short-term numbers versus long-term (Score 2) 133

I'm not up on state of the art on computer image/object recognition but the experience I have from about 10 years ago leads me to believe that...

Others have already responded to your other points, I just want to point out that experience from 10 years ago tells you basically nothing about the state of the art today. Deep learning methods have enabled dramatic progress on exactly the class of pattern matching problems that includes computer vision.

Personally, I still think that LIDAR is inherently superior to video cameras for this task, but Tesla's numbers are impressive, and prove that while their system may not be all that it should be, it's already better than a typical human driver -- at least than the typical Tesla buyer (note that I have no reason to believe that Tesla buyers would be worse than average drivers, but the possibility shouldn't be ignored).

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