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Comment Re: Never (Score 1) 393

You still haven't answered the original question - what is so hard about referring to Chelsea Manning by her legal name?

And as far as India is concerned, transgenders who aren't transsexuals are legally recognized as a "3rd gender." They're safer in India than transsexuals in many parts of the US. And Iran, transsexuals, unlike gays, are accepted because Khomenei made it clear that transsexuals are their new sex, and must be treated as such. You don't go against a fatwa without consequences.

You don't know much about this, just stuff that's been debunked and your own prejudices. Cut the hand-waving and answer the question that started this - why can't you refer to transsexuals by their legal name? Did someone touch you where they shouldn't have when you were a child?

Comment Re:nice video, but the launch seems backwards (Score 1) 179

so far, statistically the 1st re-use (2nd launch) have a 0% probability of surviving into orbit

There is absolutely no data about the probability of a reused SpaceX rocket making it to orbit, because it's never been tried. The one that blew up wasn't a reused rocket, it was new.

Comment Clinton and Trump fall off a bridge. Who is saved? (Score 2, Funny) 82

Q: Clinton and Trump fall off a bridge. Who is saved?
A: America.

Q: Clinton and Trump jump off the Empire State building without a parachute. Who hits the ground first?
A: Who cares?

Q: Clinton and Trump fall into the ocean. Who drowns?
A: Neither. Shit floats.

Those two are proof that politics is like a septic tank - the really big chunks float to the top.

Try the fish.

Comment Re:MS Hates Linux (Score 1) 475

The excuse is BS. Microsoft is the cause, by allowing crapware to be bundled in the first place. Also, other OSes manage to get better hardware compatibility out of the box without Microsoft's massive labour force or playing around with drivers suddenly not working.

Any manufacturer can offer an OS, including Windows, without crapware and sell it at a premium price. They could also offer an out-of-the-box option to remove the crapware as part of the first startup process, or at a later date.

Comment Re:You Mispelled "Bradley Manning" (Score 1) 393

Ever see the Adam's apple on Anne Coulter? The man hands?

Ann Coulter has publicly stated that “for all intents and purposes, I am a woman, too.” This statement, a direct quote from Jenner’s “20/20” interview announcing his embrace of his life as a female, was met with little immediate fanfare.

The rest of the story is made up, buy why would anyone have to say that unless ...

Comment People vote with their guts. (Score 1) 6

All these debates will do is give people more stuff for their gut instincts to act on. In all other respects, they're useless. Reasoned debate has never changed an election. Just look at Kennedy-Nixon. People made their decision based on who sweated more. It's the one thing everyone comments on about that first debate.

Comment Re:Bigger problem (Score 1) 112

Many of them are in isolated reserves with no drinking water. 20 reserves have been under boil water advisories for more than a year. There's no nearby place for them to move to, so in effect they're stuck on the reserves.

Then there are those near larger communities. Landlords often refuse to rent to them. Employers often refuse to hire them. So, what else can they do? Discrimination against Canada's native peoples runs deep. My best friend in my late teens was a native, but I don't know any other white person who can say that.

As for bad choices, look around - bad choices are made by people of all colors and heritages. White people who have never worked a day in their lives, from cradle to social security, just sitting around smoking and drinking and f*cking, or, in one case I know, paying a guy $100 and a case of beer to screw her so she can have another kid and collect more money.

Bad choices are pretty much universal. We all make them, just that some of us get lucky and avoid the consequences or have a better safety net of family and friends.

Comment Re:ROFLCOPTER (Score 1) 126

Who knows? Never been sequenced, probably never will be. Of course, if I were really desperate, I'd just get a bone marrow transplant from a woman and blood tests would then show female, but it doesn't matter, because in the eyes of the law (including the bathroom bill laws) it's what's on your birth certificate that counts, and mine now says female.

Also, the law is unenforceable. They can't just demand to see people's birth certificates because they are suspicious - the US Supreme Court has said that profiling is illegal when trying to enforce a law. So unless you're ready to check everyone's birth cert (and who the hell carries one around with them anyway), you're open to a federal law suit, doesn't matter what the state law says. So saith the Supreme Court :-)

Must suck to be on the wrong side of the law.

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