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Submission + - Rumblefish claims it owns "America the Beautiful" by United States Navy Band (adafruit.com)

ptorrone writes: Adafruit is now shipping the USA made open-source Arduinos, in celebration Ladyada the engineer posted a Arduino rotating in front of an American flag with the public domain “America the Beautiful” by United States Navy Band as the music. Adafruit immediately received notice from from YouTube stating that the song is owned by Rumblefish. Rumblefish previously claimed to own copyright to ambient birdsongs too.

Submission + - Open source hardware pioneer Ladyada interviews the new MakerBot CEO (adafruit.com)

ptorrone writes: Open source hardware pioneer and founder of Adafruit, Limor "Ladyada" Fried sat down and interviewed the new CEO of MakerBot, Jonathan Jaglom. She asked some really tough questions had some suggestions for them too if they're going to turn things around. Discussed: Is there a desire for MakerBot to patch things up with the open source community? Assuring the 3D community there was not any plans to DRM filament and specifically hearing "patents are not the way to win" from the new CEO. Lastly, she suggest the open-sourcing of some specific elements of the MakerBot to get back to its open-source hardware roots — Full overview here.

Submission + - Arduino announces NYC, USA based Adafruit will manufacture Arduino

ptorrone writes: At Maker Faire Bay Area on Saturday it was announced that Limor Fried "Ladyada" and Adafruit, who have appeared on /. many times over the last 10 years are now going to be the USA manufacturer of the open-source Arduino. Adafruit has grown from a 1 person company out Ladyada's apartment to over 50+ employees and a 50,000 sq. foot factory in Manhattan. Adafruit is currently shipping the Arduino GEMMA, a wearable open-source micro-controller platform.

Comment Re:Are you backing away from Open Source HW? (Score 4, Informative) 139

hi there, i'm one of the folks who work with limor at adafruit and i'm familiar with this product. this is one of the few products that we had to sign many NDA's in order to develop, so we are not able to open source it as per the agreement(s). for that reason we do not put the OSHW logo on it. we will be doing more with BTLE and for those we will have fully open source designs.

Submission + - Hardware is now open (sourced) for business

ptorrone writes: CNBC has an interesting article about the growing trend of hardware companies going open-source "The open-source hardware movement is migrating from the garage to the marketplace. Companies that follow an open-source philosophy make their physical designs and software code available to the public. By doing so, these companies engage a wave of makers, hobbyists and designers who don't just want to buy products, but have a hand in developing them". Also in the article, New York City based, open-source hardware company, Adafruit, hit $20 million in revenue this year, tripling year over year.
Open Source

Submission + - Hardware Hacker Ladyada Proposes Patent and Education Reform to President of USA (eff.org)

ptorrone writes: "In a welcome turn of events, President Barack Obama spoke directly to the patent troll problem and the need for more comprehensive patent reform yesterday in a "Fireside Hangout" — a live question and answer session hosted in a Google+ hangout. The President was responding to a question by the prominent electrical engineer and entrepreneur Limor "Ladyada" Fried of Adafruit Industries, who in 2009 won an EFF Pioneer Award for her work with free software and open-source hardware."

Comment Re:Company, good, as a person, I'm not sure (Score 1) 56

hi "anonymous" - there isn't anyone that's worked with us at adafruit and limor that hasn't continued to work with us in some way that i am aware of. i've been part of just about every meeting or interaction on any of our products and limor has never said anything about "money" ever. if you've actually worked with her (or us) you'd know how bizarre your comment is. anyone is welcome to contact mitch altman, or jay silver or anyone we work with (we're very proud of all the makers we work with) - everyone at adafruit loves working here, it's a real family and you're free to contact any of us and me directly and i'll gladly have you chat with anyone here if you're actually someone we've worked with. no full time employee has left the company and we've never fired anyone :)

Open Source

Submission + - Open-source hardware hacker Ladyada awarded Entrepreneur of the Year (entrepreneur.com)

ptorrone writes: "Limor "Ladyada" Fried of open-source hardware company Adafruit Industries was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Entrepreneur Magazine. From the article — "Recognizable by her signature vivid-pink locks, Fried (or Ladyada, as she is known on the internet) is one of the dominant forces behind the maker movement--a legion of do-it-yourself-minded folks who create cool things by tweaking everyday technology. Last year New York City-based Adafruit did a booming $10 million trade in sales of DIY open-source electronic hardware kits"."
Open Source

Submission + - Open-source Raspberry Pi WebIDE alpha released (adafruit.com)

ptorrone writes: "Adafruit, the NYC based open-source hardware company led by Ladyada released their Open-source Raspberry Pi WebIDE alpha today. It's goal is to be "The easiest way to develop code on your Raspberry Pi". To get up and running head on over to learn.adafruit.com/webideand follow the installation and setup instructions. It uses Bitbucket, and any code changes you make will be synced to your Bitbucket account. Adafruit chose Bitbucket over Github because they offer free secure accounts, which is very important for a Web-based IDE."

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