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Comment Many reasons (Score 1) 140

Bloatware, privacy, support, all send you to something other than stock.

T-Mobile stopped supporting my Relay at JB. At least with CM I've got KK, and there are words indicating that CM's successor is going to bring out Nougat for it. (Didn't know that could happen, thought the graphics was too primitive, but I'll take it.)

Comment Don't look at it that way... (Score 5, Insightful) 124

Consider this a real-world lesson for our youth in the ways that design choices can have unanticipated effects on implementation, manageability and viability of software in the long haul. For extra credit, the kids that are affected should be encouraged to explore what they could have done to mitigate the risk caused by some grown-up's oversight.

Comment Sadly, there should be no lack of talent. (Score 0, Troll) 37

Not that a Trump presidency is itself attractive to anybody of average or higher intelligence, but I'm sure there are a great many highly intelligent individuals ready to cynically take advantage of an administration which has already clearly established is reliance on the"Big Lie" as a tool for governance.

Of course, the is a simpler solution available to the US Army - take back the bounty money and declare publicly that military cyber-security is perfect and no successful expires were found.

Comment Re: I thought state and religion were separate in (Score 1) 1500

But swearing oaths on the Christian Bible, printing "In God We Trust" on our money, declaring Christian holidays such as Christmas to be national holidays . . . these aren't personal religious observances, these are state-sponsored endorsements of Christianity.

There are other examples. I assure you, it can be difficult to be a non-Christian in the US.

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