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Comment Toxins != carbon (Score 1) 555

This is talking about particulate matter and toxic substances released into the air during operation. Modern ICEs are really incredibly clean when it comes to these emissions.

It is NOT talking about carbon emissions. ICE vehicles emit carbon as they burn fuel, and electric vehicles do not. Electric vehicles can be 100% carbon-neutral in operation if they are charged by appropriate technologies (solar, wind, etc).

Comment Some things to try (Score 1) 3

Have you tried the following:

First you need to press windows key and R at the same time. Type gpedit.msc and press enter. Once in the group policies editor you need to go down the structure as follows:

Computer Configuration --> Windows Settings --> Security Settings --> Local Policies --> Security Options.

In here you need to find 1 setting and change it. That would be Accounts: Guest account status and make sure to enable this account.

You of course still need to shut off password protected sharing as well.

After you apply those you will be able to file share with ease.

If you are simply trying to access a directory on the Windows 10 host without passing any authentication details this should simply be a case of:
1) right click the DIR on Windows 10.
2) select PROPERTIES.
3) select sharing then SHARE.
4) add EVERYONE.
5) select SHARE.

At this stage any host on your network should have access to the share.

You can MAP as drive using:
net use x: \\host\share

Does that help ?

Comment The Entitled generation (Score 1) 1080

Milennials don't support Socialism. They support being given everything they want without having to work for it and expecting someone else to pay for it.

If you ask a Milennial "How will we pay for giving everyone free homes, cars, food, education, power, water, heat, lights, gasoline/electricity charging, massages or whatever else they decide they want today" the answer will either be "increase taxes on "the rich" (let someone else pay for it)" or "I don't know/that's a good question.".

I support the concept that every high school graduate should serve 2 years in the military. Make them understand what it means to work and give them a true sense of pride in the Country they are blessed to live in.

After this THEN they should be given a College Education. Then make them work for a small business owner for the exact same salary they earned in the military.
THEN they will see what the Military really deserves and what a small business owner has to deal with both the trials and the successes.
They will also learn that the only way to become a big business owner is to start as a small business owner and to work hard and earn your success.

Comment Heat (Score 2) 138

You'd better build the power plant next door. Imagine the energy that thing would consume.

The Empire State Building uses about 9-10 megawatts peak, and that's filled mostly with people and offices, not high-density servers.

Comment Re:Wha? (Score 4, Interesting) 218

The customers don't benefit when the entire industry is harmed. Imagine Comcast and Time Warner metering Netflix to 1 GB/month while letting you use their own video services without metering. Netflix would basically cease to exist, and take their programming along with them.

This is why net neutrality as a concept exists - so that the delivery companies don't get to decide which content providers are allowed to exist.

Comment Re:So, the credit card company needs to sue? (Score 1) 138

They might be able to sue, but maybe not. The credit card company is going to have a pretty thorough contract with the retailer that accepts payments via that credit network. It probably covers this type of situation with specified recourse, whether it's a fine, arbitration, liability, etc.

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