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Comment Re:Prior art (Score 1) 64

The reason to name Ray Tomlinson is because the set of header fields that we consider the core of an Arpanet/Internet email message originated with him. He, unlike Ayyadurai, was a humble man who freely admitted that there had been many people working on these concepts, and that his contribution by and large was to publish an RFC that laid out those developments at that point in time (1973-75) of what Arpanet email should be or was capable of. In reality, of course, messaging systems predate even the Internet by many years.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 64

Nothing so violent. A judge should hurt his feelings by declaring him a vexatious litigant. That's the appropriate route for those who use (and abuse) the court system for idiotic and abusive lawsuits.

But I think Ayyadurai is in the "there's no such thing as bad publicity" department. Doubtless he's thrilled that his claims are being talked about again.

Comment Re:Just like Steyn-Mann lawsuits (Score 1) 64

Except Mann isn't a fraud, and no one in the scientific community actually thinks he is, and why Steyn is being sued is for comparing Mann to Jerry Sandusky. Steyn is a polemicist whose stock and trade is making outrageous statements for the hoards of like-minded who want to believe science is a lie and Muslims are all evil.

Comment Re:Shiva Ayyadurai is a fraud. (Score 3, Insightful) 64

His all argument is basically based on semantics. Basically, when he was a teenager, he wrote a program called "EMAIL", and that was the first messaging system called "EMAIL", except that it wasn't, previous systems had been referred to as "e-mail". At any rate, he then asserts that because his system was called "email" and he can't find anyone who called previous systems "email", that not only is he the first to develop a messaging system with that name, but apparently the first to develop a messaging system with those features. It's a semantic wordplay feeding into a conflation fallacy, because the features of his program already existed by 1975-76.

He's a kind of IP troll save that he's bereft of any actual IP. At this point he really is a kook in the classic vein, trying to salvage a reputation he never really had.

Comment Re:Prior art (Score 4, Informative) 64

Ray Tomlinson invented email if you're going to pick any single person who developed the email system we know today. Ayyadurai developed some dead end email system years after the header formats were developed for Arpanet email. Ayyadurai can try to sue people all he wants but a series of RFCs beginning with RFC 561 in 1973 laid out the Arpanet email system that we still use today (though the transmission protocols have evolved since the mid-70s). That's the most frustrating part of this fruitcake's claims, since one can delve into the RFCs from the early 70s onward and see how the Internet email system evolved as new features and logic were added.

Comment Re:Simple answer. Dont use SAP. (Score 1) 111

SAP cant scale worth shit, we recently added 4000 people in the call center and it took SAP 8 months to "scale" the stupid garbage pile they call software to handle it.

Then when we wanted to put in a system in the RMA database to track repair RMA data, the SAP experts said it was impossible, so one of the IT guys wrote the system we needed in PHP with a Open source SQL backend. he has a MITM box that will grab info from SAP and then spit it to the RMA server. when you do a query on the RMA page you get the full history of the device from manufacture date, to ship date, to who, to all repairs and even Tech support calls on the device.

SAP was unable to deliver this. Because SAP is really shitty.

Comment Re:Basic Physics (Score 1) 47

I think you are giving the 9/11 conspiracy "theorists" too much credit, "theories" come from people and they do not spring forth from a vacuum. The general idea seems to be that one can generate a new "theory" by denying what the scientists and engineers say. There's not much thought that goes into it, it isn't as though they are confusing science and/or engineering. It is that thought at that level is beyond their interests. They are merely using the interwebs to create a personae for themselves that they are unable to obtain through honest hard intellectual work. The interwebs shows them a way get notoriety, they've seen others do it, and, having no other claim to fame, they decide to invent one just for themselves.

Comment It's a dead end for a career (Score 1) 126

because you'll never have much in the way of networking opportunities. Sooner or later a bean counter will lay you off and you won't be able to shuffle onto another department because nobody knows you.

I guess if you're OK with moving from job to job, but as you get older and can't work the 10-12 hour days most companies get out of a programmer these days you'll hit a wall in your mid 40s and end up screwed.

Comment It's the other way around doofus (Score 1) 462

we're upset because after nearly a decade of the right chanting Lock Her Up that resulted in the worst presidency in history (and we're 30 days in) we're damn well going to point out that the right are a bunch of hypocrites. Nobody ever cared about the emails. They hated Hilary. What bothers me most about the Hilary hate is it was mostly manufactured. A bunch of wealthy and powerful men decided the country was going to hate Hilary Clinton and it did. We all did exactly as planned. My God, we're a bunch of shleps...

Comment What the devil are you on about? (Score 3, Insightful) 369

I think in your own rambling way you're trying to say that without the struggle for survival folks will fall to Ennui. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. There's plenty of things folks can do to amuse themselves. And 99% of us are just fine wearing the same cloths and watching the same things as everyone else. Have you checked what the top websites are lately? There's not that many of them.

You yell out loud that the Utopia can't exist but you haven't given a lick of evidence. Meanwhile I can point out that folks who are independently wealthy do just fine at finding stuff to do. People don't need to worry about where their next meal is coming from to be content. If they did the Netherlands would be a wasteland.

Comment You're not thinking it through either (Score 1) 369

the point is the phase "Robot Tax". It's simple, easy to understand and feels good. We're not taxing Job Creators we're taxing those job stealing robots.

If you're interested in the welfare of the average citizens one of the most important things you need to figure out is how to get them to accept the help they so desperately need. To put it another way: Ayn Rand would have died homeless if a friend hadn't convinced her to accept Social Security.

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