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Comment How much land is used? (Score 1) 331

"About 99 percent of animals raised for slaughter in the U.S. come from factory farms, and about a third of the land mass of the Earth is used in raising livestock."

Surprised this isn't being discussed more.

Also surprised I'm not seeing a prevalence of 'well, I eat free-range/organic' remarks. Considering that free-range/organic requires MUCH MORE space, where are we going to keep these animals? Let's assume the space for free-range/organic is just a factor of 10 more...we're already using 1/3rd of the land in the US for the existing, efficiently-raised factory-farmed animals. If they need 10x more space, where will that be? The moon isn't even big enough for all the land that'd be required.

Comment Re:Inaccurate /. summaries persist (Score 1) 331

haha.. "Only." Much less worrisome given the 100 million or so cattle in the US. Luckily there's no areas of the US filled with cattle that's drought-prone.

It depends on where you raise the cattle. 2,500 gallons is a pretty common number, I believe it comes from averaging out a bunch of areas in the US.

Comment Re:Texture of the meat (Score 1) 331

Exactly... I don't think this counts as 'meat', it is more of a collection of certain cells at this point, and I think it's over-hyped and we're still quite a ways from having a lab-grown 'meat'. Sort of like giving someone a pile of lentils and saying 'here's your veggie burger'. Sure, lentils can be part of a veggie burger, but it's just one part of the whole..

Comment Maybe I'm oooooolllllld... (Score 4, Interesting) 51

I might be an old fuddy-duddy, but is it odd that I'm still irked when people email more than 1-2mb? Especially given how many file-share options exist? Until a few years ago I'd be fine with uploading a larger file to my own FTP site and sending a link to a URL, and it's so much easier now with GoogleDocs, Dropbox, etc...maybe I'm just old.

Comment Re:Holy obvious problem Batman (Score 2) 68

This. And no, I don't really care if someone snoops and sees that we've ordered x vegan food product, or are short on y vegan food product and need to order more, or checks out the business card design draft I've posted. Slack is easy for our staff to use, which is why we go to it, but we're under no delusion that it's particularly 'secure'. Mundane conversations abound!

Comment Re: eeeeeee (Score 1) 952

It's being debunked and torn apart left, right and center. The Obama plan it 'copies' only affected Iraqi refugees (not green card holders, etc) for example. This is just a really, really weak attempt to shift blame away from Trump and at others (like Obama), and you got suckered in. I'm sure there's a "You've been manipulated!" gold star button in the mail for you though. Those who can't actually substantiate their 'fake news everywhere else' pleas are very likely fake news themselves.

Comment Improper linking (Score 2) 171

Has no one else tried to click on the second link in the summary? It directs to "" - shouldn't Slashdot editors know how to set up a URL (in addition to preview/edit)? : \

Comment Re:Wondering how it will compare to the real thing (Score 1) 94

Was going to post something, the planet is trying to kill you. They don't have to worry about their suits or habitats failing.

We're never going to be able to test the actual psychological toll of these factors, and they're pretty significant ones, and who knows how they'd affect behaviour over time -- even in the 'right' people. Funnily, the submarine comments above are probably more relevant than people give them credit for. It would add a bit more weight and realism to what they're doing. Or sniper robots set up around the perimeter that might go off at any time. ;)

This is not to discount the simulation, there's still a lot more to prep and plan for, but there's an extreme psychological pressure that we won't know the effect of.

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