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Comment Re:Prepare to be (Score 1) 406

That isn't how it works. The Laws of Conservation of Energy do not change on a daily basis, no matter how much you don't "believe" them. Space Nutters and people who follow crackpots have a few things in common: they are narcissists and they are intellectually lazy. They just want to "believe" so they can be self-satisfied but don't ever put in the hard work to learn. Pathetic.

Comment Re:Not so SWIFT afterall (Score 2) 24

It is nice that you feel a cool and confidant as wherever you work hasn't been hacked yet.

Security problem is across all sectors Government, Non-Profit, corporate...
Why? Well IT Security is a relatively new problem. As we are hooking many systems together. However organizations are still not thinking in terms of IT Security. And also the Buzzword friendly "Agile/Nimble..." organization has no time for such security problems as Good IT people are Expensive, and this Security Work isn't directly affecting the bottom line.

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