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Comment Re:...Gag me... (Score 1) 309

Ever since iOS has gotten all the love MacOS just doesn't seem to be as nice as it was before. If I am going to get a MacBook Pro. I want a portable workstation, with a portable Workstation OS not a half Desktop OS and Half mobile OS.

I haven't found a good OS for real work station work. Linux comes the closest. However it is still very Desktopy because it is trying to appease the grandma. Where it needs to appease people who wants to get real work done.

Comment Re:Touch screen (Score 1) 309

Well mostly it would mean just slightly redesigning the hinge. So it would flip back like a Yoga, or Swivel and turn around. or perhaps something more innovative.
The fact their laptops don't have touch screens seems rather ridiculous being that they were the first company to introduce multi-touch technology to the consumer.

Comment Re:Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 1) 232

Well also the more you have the more you can lose.

This really isn't new. Back in the great depression much of this discussion of this as well.

"I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'" - composed in 1934 by George Gershwin
"Folks with plenty of plenty.They've got a lock on the door. Afraid somebody's going to rob 'em.While there out (a) making more - what for"

Comment Re:except it wasn't people renting out their rooms (Score 4, Insightful) 262

However the law shouldn't had been such a blanket ban, but more targeted towards people who abuse the service. Stipulations such as a minimum living time, in the building by the owners say 200 days a year. Rules to insure that safety and equality measures are taken place as AirBnB does have a problem with people excluding minorities. In essence to make sure people who are using the service are not playing by a different set of rules.

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