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Comment Re: I do (Score 1) 167

> Then again I really can't see how dumps could screw this up

Some dumpers added logos and other crap, others added trainers. Some just plain got a bad dump and screwed up some graphics which may or may not have any major impact on the game. Really, there are lots of stupid things that can go wrong. In the post I linked earlier, byuu describes some of the bad dumps he found.

Comment Except for those arrests for conspiracy... (Score 1) 497

> It'd start by realizing that you don't have proof of a conspiracy or anything.

Except for those arrest records from the DC Metropolitan Police Department for Conspiracy to Commit an Assault -

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Metropolitan Police Department announced an arrest has been made in a Conspiracy to Commit an Assault offense that occurred in the 500 block of 14th Street, Northwest. After a thorough investigation, it was determined that several individuals made plans to disrupt inauguration activities in an unlawful way.


Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 1) 497

> So you can point them out? How about you do that then instead of going on and on and eroding our trust in you with each post?

I did that in the very first post just up thread. Since you somehow missed that, here you go (again) -

Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 0) 497

> So what? Even if the evidence is right all it means is someone who is passionate about politics to work for a PAC is also passionate enough to engage in underhanded tactics.

Let me get this straight. It appears that you admit that they perform underhanded tactics. And that they're on video discussing the underhanded tactics. And that they were actually caught, on independent videos already linked. But you think the video is "out of context" despite it showing them doing the underhanded things they said they'd do?

> As I said, even if your evidence is true, it's irrelevant.

So what of the butyric acid thing, for which I can point you to actual, criminal arrests records that were the result of the DC police's investigation. How can that be "irrelevant"? We have them on video plotting that. And we have an arrest as a result of an independent police investigation.

What more do you want, exactly? A signed confession? You can only stick your head in the sand so far, man.

Comment Re:So many word puppets (Score 1) 905

Relax, I'm not eager to do the things I hate.

I don't really think the gamergate thing was a "joke" either, but whatever, there certainly were a lot of lies in the media. And it's true that people don't respond to the 5 minute hates like they used to. The people using them as a means of social control are losing power and that terrifies them.

Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 1) 497

> Your original source is a video by a guy who is famous for dishonestly editing videos... and yet you keep going back to him as a primary source.

There's a bunch of evidence that corroborates it, unless you don't believe the FEC pay stubs or the independent YouTube videos of her lying to the cops?

You don't believe the DC police arrest records?

The evidence speaks for itself. I don't need to consider them credible.

Comment Re:So many word puppets (Score 1) 905

> Pewdiepie as social commentary. This is why nobody takes you seriously.

Social commentary is something people do, it's not something people are. The fact that you think he can't or didn't do that just proves that you didn't watch the video. I asked you that, and you failed to answer.

> You are welcome to pull your sponsorship of my posts.

If you want this to be apples to apples, we need to send your employer a packet of everything you've said taken out of context and pressure them to fire you. You try to ignore that part every time. Then again, you'd have to still be employed for that, no? Relax, I'm not as sleazy as those three WSJ employees.

Around here, though, it seems you've managed to convince more than a few people that you're a racist based on the comments I saw. Might want to stop saying so many bigoted things?

Comment Re:So many word puppets (Score 1) 905

> Who knew that Pewdiepie required so much context?

He literally made a video about how the media would frame someone as a racist and those were examples shown. Apparently we can't even talk about Nazis now? Is the History Channel racist now, too? They showed Hitler videos! Who cares about *context* or what their message was? Images matter! Threaten all their sponsors! The History Channel must not be normalized! That promotes racism!

If we're going to stipulate for this argument that context doesn't matter, then it's really easy to cast you as a closet racist via your own Slashdot history. Have you forgotten your own sarcastic posts? We don't care about context now, so we have to take all your statements at face value. And even if you tried, wouldn't we just ask why you thought it was funny to joke about being racist? You don't seem to get just how high you can be hoisted on your own petard here. We remember your own damn words, which you can't delete, on this very site.

So tell us, why do you hate Asians, again? Maybe you picked that up from your father after his WWII service? You seem to have a particular hatred for white people who like Japanese culture, too. What other types of racial mixing are you against?

Remember those "jokes" you posted that got tagged as Flamebait? You told us not to care about context, that the images matter. So nobody's going if you claim you were joking or being sarcastic. You just told us that's how it works. So even if you think that context is a defense for you alone, we'll just ask why you thought being racist was funny.

We're perfectly aware of how bad optics work, Ratzo, you're not enlightening anyone there. How else could we apply your own standards to your own posts?

Comment I do (Score 4, Informative) 167

He's doing more than just dumping the ROMs, he's been photographing the carts and scanning the manuals as well as part of his preservation project. He has a custom rig for dumping that knows more about some obscure hardware quirks of how it does addressing to properly map out the ROMs.

But maybe I should let byuu explain:

Yes and no.

First, there are many revisions of games that are undiscovered. Upon dumping my USA collection, I found two new game revisions. One for "The Death and Return of Superman", and one for "Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League Baseball."

What is a revision? Sometimes a game publisher will release a game, and then discover a serious bug in the game and will fix it. They then release new cartridges, but these are not labeled. You often can't tell which revision you have unless you take the game apart and read the serial numbers off of the ROM chips.

Second, there are bad dumps out there. There are many reasons for these. One is that games were often patched to remove anti-copier protections. These often do serious things like slow games down by up to 25% of their original speed (though usually it's not that drastic), because the oldest copiers did not have RAM with fast access speeds inside of them. Another is that due to the use of floppy disks, bits would get flipped occasionally. The third would be from older piracy groups adding "trainers" (advertisements upon booting the game, often with the ability to apply cheats to the game from an onscreen menu), and sometimes people would remove these trainers rather than redumping the games. The fourth would be header changes to make games run in emulators with poor heuristics. And the fifth and least likely would be malicious changes: people putting their names into the game images for bragging rights. Most notably here would be Diskdude and Vimm's Lair.

In the first batch of 100 PAL games I dumped, I found two games with bit corruption. The first was Spider-Man & Venom, where the main Spider-Man sprite was partially corrupted. The second was Fatal Fury 2, where one of the fighter sprite frames was partially corrupted. What's so damning about this is that both of these games were marked as "verified" in GoodSNES, which for many was considered a gold standard that the games were 100% bit-perfect copies.

A friend, KingMike, has found a half-dozen bad dumps of Japanese games from his own collection so far.

It's important to note that the USA set is easily the most dumped set there is. The PAL and Japan sets are not dumped nearly as often. Dumping the PAL set is thus of great importance.

Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 0, Troll) 497

> Why would I believe

Because when the PV videos on staging violence came out, we found evidence that Zulema Rodriguez was employed by MoveOn to be in Arizona, we have a video of her blocking the road and lying to cops, and that corroborates the video? It's something I've covered in great detail previously if you want full links & citations for every item that was corroborated in their "bird-dogging" campaign.

Because when he warned us that people planned to attack the Deploraball with butyric acid (essentially a stink bomb that can cause people to choke, potentially causing an uncontrolled evacuation into a mass of protesters), we found arrest records on the DC police site saying one of the conspirators was arrested for conspiracy to commit assault? I've also seen reports that, since that older report, they caught the other individuals involved in the conspiracy.

As for this phone thing, I'll wait to see proof, rather than just rumors. Couldn't they even find so much as a photo of Trump with this phone? Yes, Trump should know better than to use an unsecured phone after what happened to Hillary, but I am going to withhold judgement until there's some kind of proof and not just rumors.

Comment Re:So many word puppets (Score 1) 905

> That's a joke? Are you into bumfighting videos too? Do you find conflict diamonds hilarious?

It's a fair criticism of a commercial service (Fiverr) if they offer that service, is it not?

It would also be fair to criticize anyone selling conflict diamonds (*cough*DeBeers*cough*) or bumfighting videos (want to take a bet on whether YouTube has ever had one uploaded or played ads on one?). Funny, I'm pretty sure I've complained about both of those companies in the past on Slashdot... Instead we have the WSJ taking clips out of context from his video on how the media takes things out of context (!!!) and sending them to his sponsor to get him terminated, along with a coordinated media campaign.

But you don't want to talk about that part, right? You'll just say that they're free not to serve people they dislike....

Comment Re:Informative? Really? (Score 1) 905

It's funny that you make accusations of racism while, without evidence, assuming that these people must not know things because of their skin color and where they live.

Even if we suppose, without evidence, they didn't know what a Jew was, could they not figure out 'death'? Could they not look things up? Or maybe just run Google translate on the request if they don't know that much English?

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