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Comment Likely retaliatory (Score 1) 109

Comment Compared to 2001... (Score 3, Interesting) 77

when I first flew regularly to Beijing, the pollution seems to be of a different nature, but worse. Back then most were heating their homes with bricks of coal. After a day out in town, I would come back to my hotel and blow my nose. The tissue was filled with coal soot! Now the particulates are finer (more hazardous?) and no soot in snot. I feel the effects more sharply now though, but maybe that's just my age...

Comment Re:Correlation between Antibiotics and Obesity? (Score 1) 256

Turns out an alarming amount of antibiotics are introduced via the food chain:

Certainly shows the need to do more research on their use and impact on human gut microbiome.

Comment Giving up? Because its imperfect? Not me... (Score 1) 13

Why did it fail? Because it sucked.

Why did it suck? Because the stakeholders (the ones with everything to lose if single payer came to fruition like insurers, drug makers, for profit hospitals and clinics, etc) and their lobbyists crafted ACA. There was no appetite in congress to move away from the paradigm of "health insurance" as opposed to "state sponsored healthcare" particularly among republicans. I sincerely appreciate the efforts made to make healthcare better and available to more. The only aspects of ACA that were designed to make it affordable were those that spread the risk amongst a larger pool of insured and Republicans hate the mandate. Preserving ACA means modifying that aspect by increasing the pool or sincere efforts to control costs. Is that possible? I don't know honestly. but

don't address the issue - it's a waste of time

is giving up on the idea that everyone deserves healthcare. I do not wish to accept defeat. But Republicans are now in a position to tell Americans who cannot afford healthcare to fuck off and die or go make more money as it trickles down from the wealthy. Hopefully that will come back to bite them as they are doomed to failure if they think they can make things better without providing healthcare to all: Unfortunately, their supporters aren't likely to blame them as quickly as they blame Obama- its evident they'll believe the incoming administration's hyperbole over the truth.

Comment Re:And yet (Score 4, Informative) 412

She will sleep comfortably while you are begging for help to save your life

You're likely just echoing conservative dogma about "Benghazigate". Do you get you get your news from any sources other that Fox? Not to diminish the tragedy, but the Obama administration's errors here (in actuality, lower level security personnel in the State Dept. rather than Clinton directly though she accepted responsibility as Sec.) was in its flawed strategic decisions regarding the size of the ambassadorial mission there and what actions to take in light of the decreasing stability. To portray Clinton as slumbering comfortably while her charges were begging for help is patently false. Further, conservative efforts to discredit Clinton through endless Benghazi hearings are disingenuous, unceasing and utterly wasteful, but shows them as the true exploiters of the tragedy. Ronald Reagan's Benghazi was not politicized at all and it happened six months after the embassy there was bombed.

If there is a rule or a law, she will break it without a moments hesitation if she perceives the benefit in added power, money or prestige outweighs the risks.

Opinion stated as fact. Please support with evidence... BTW, factually speaking, Trump has boasted of sexual assault and is busy right now planting the seeds of insurrection by absurdly claiming the election is"rigged"- sounds like treason (the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government) to me. Tell me who's lawless again.

ask yourself what would it be like if she had the powers of Presidential Pardon and Executive Privilege?

Sorry, too busy pondering what would happen if Trump were CIC. Didn't he say he would carpet bomb ISIS and steal the oil? He knows more about ISIS than "tha generals". K then, Like I said,: too busy pondering Armageddon under Trump....

Comment Re: Whoopty Doo (Score 1) 843

Something he might be familiar with having an education in economics from one of the worlds best schools for that stuff.

Like he says: "...because I have a very good brain and I've said a lot of things..." and: "Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure, it's not your fault" (from a midnight Tweet?)

I'm a YUGE fan, very bigly convinced, in total admiration of his smartableness.

Comment Re:Whoopty Doo (Score 3, Insightful) 843

Obama had a Democrat controlled congress and he used it to ram a shitty health care bill down everyone's throat.

You didn't elaborate on what made it so shitty, so I'll suggest why (don't blame Obama): The only way this (health care for the masses) was ever going to come to reality was if those who stood the most to lose (insurers and providers of healthcare and medicine) had a say in its conceptual design. IOW, those who had the most to lose from changing the status quo limited the degree to which the status quo changed- naturally by lobbying the democrats as not a single republican voted for passage- they continue to this day to undermine the basic right of healthcare. As it turns out, this lead to insurance policies that are still too expensive for the intended recipients and insurers who resent having to cover those who most need it because it makes it hard for them to profit. The right thing to do was create a single payer system and congress (not Obama) totally half-assed the entire thing. Half a solution in this case was not a solution IMHO. OTOH, a few good things did come of it: coverage of preventive medicine, age increase of dependents, medicare improvements, pre-existing coverage, and more.

He got what he wanted but pissed off enough people to destroy the Democrats majority in both houses.

By that I take it you mean he drove state district gerrymandering to a new level of absurd. The resulting ideological makeup of congress is in no way reflective of the populations they purport to represent, nor the country as a whole.

Comment Re:complicated (Score 1) 84

Luck doesn't land planes with degraded flight controls.

Luck allows a crew that followed one error and multiple omissions with another even more grievous error in an attempt to correct the first (when they certainly should have known better) to have a suitable divert, VMC on top, and capable air traffic controllers sufficient to effect a successful landing.

With the benefit of hindsight all solutions are simple.

Hindsight for this crew would show they executed the wrong checklist and did it incorrectly to boot. To wit: rather than turn off ADRs as called for, the F/O turned off the ADIRS. Hindsight would not show they handled it the best they could.

Comment Re:Our robotic overlords (Score 1) 84

What it actually said was "The aircraft's systems would not allow the plane to be flown in instrument conditions".

From the report: "The FO stated that, in the absence of any ECAM or STATUS messages his initial reaction was to reference the UNRELIABLE AIRSPEED INDICATION checklist in the quick reference handbook (QRH).

Turns out they did to themselves. The aircraft was fine, just positionally lost. There was no failure of aircraft systems, rather a series of procedural errors that led to the loss of aircraft capabilities.

Comment Re:Complicated systems need user-friendly confirma (Score 1) 84

You plug in all the numbers for your flight path. It should then display a world map with your flight path overlaid

This in fact was accomplished but the process only displays the route in map mode that does not include a aircraft symbol. The route wasn't the problem, the initial position was. One crosscheck they missed was route distance which would have been off considerably.

This is one of the reasons I still advocate doing navigation in nautical miles instead of km.

In aviation, nautical miles are the only standard. Kilometers are never used. Unfortunately, meters are still used in some parts of the world for altitude assignments.

Comment Re:"Initial Position" Error (Score 1) 84

In this case, the crew erroneously turned off ADIRS 1 and 3 while trying to troubleshoot which rendered the aircraft VMC only and in alternate law. They made it much worse for themselves. Had they not done that they could have used standby nav to manually tune and fly ground based navaids.

From the report: "Once ADIRUs 1 and 3 were selected OFF, the captain's primary flight display (PFD) lost all information except accurate airspeed and vertical speed, and the captains ND displayed the GPS PRIMARY LOST, HDG and MAP NOT AVAILABLE warning flags. In addition to the information remaining on the captain's PFD, the FO's PFD continued to display accurate airspeed, vertical speed and attitude information, but the displayed heading information was incorrect. The FO's ND also displayed incorrect heading information and there was no usable map, waypoint or tracking information. The autopilot and autothrust systems were also unavailable, and the aircraft had reverted from normal law to alternate law."

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