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Open Source

Submission + - Why isn't there an Open Source EMR project? 2

tripleevenfall writes: We've seen FOSS projects take on operating systems and other key desktop applications — so where is the major project effort to develop an open source Electronic Medical Record suite? With only a few major corporations like Cerner and Epic controlling the market and delivering spotty quality at times, is it time for a major effort to show what Open Source can do to reduce cost in the health care industry?

Submission + - Research Says Which Is Best Change Lanes or Stick In Heavy Traffic ( 1

mikejuk writes: We all know the problem — stick with a slow moving lane or change to the other lane, which usually then slows down even more than the original lane. Now we have a definitive solution via a Monte Carlo Simulation.
And you might not like the answer:
It all depends on what everyone else is doing. If more than 50% are changing lanes then you don't win if you change lanes but you do if you're in the minority. This mirrors many of the results in game theory where a selfish strategy works well, but only if it is the minority strategy. Given most drivers stick in a lane then swapping is probably a good choice — unless this news gets out.

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