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Journal jawtheshark's Journal: One year... 14

It's been one year since I stopped drinking. (Okay, plus one day) No, it's not hard... I rarely even drink alcohol-free beer any more. In some sense I'm proud of myself, but in another, I do realize that it's just 365 days.

The only thing about it that is really annoying is that many people who find out that you're not drinking any more say something in the lines that they admire it (mostly likely a lie) and that they couldn't do it themselves. Duh! Do these people ever think that I don't do this for fun, but because I have to? You don't have to because you can stop when you feel it's too much. Guess who is in the better position? A hint: it's not me.

I obviously never tell them that... I just nod, and say nothing. It would be better if they did the same thing.

(Comments disabled for obvious reasons.-- Okay, obviously that failed. The old slashdot journal page refused to work and the new one is confusing, so I fucked up somewhere. You can now point and laugh at me, if you really want.)

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One year...

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  • If you were a jerk, maybe some people would do the "point and laugh" thing. But you're an okay guy, you're doing what you feel you need to do, you're succeeding at it, and you're not hurting anyone else in the process.

    That sounds like a win to me, so congratulations.

    • Maybe it wasn't clear, but the point and laugh thing was because I failed to disable comments. was really acting up with journals. I was unable to save by using the old interface and I was getting fed up. If I would have had the patience, I would have deleted the journal and done it all over...

      To me it's a net loss: I loved getting wasted.

      I also hate going to parties now. I'd rather be at home with my computer, than to see other people enjoy drinks and listen to their blabbling while sippin

      • Instead of San Pellegrino, how about a gin and tonic, without the gin? Tonic water by itself is a lot better than mineral water, and it will help prevent (or relieve) leg cramps [], and you won't get malaria :-)

        And it glows in the dark if you have a UV lamp. Splash a bit on yourself to do the "Avatar" thing ...

        • Funny, you mention it... It's one of my current favourite drinks. Bitter lemon... Oh, and I've gotten a hang for grapefruit juice too.

          For the record: quinine alleviates Malaria, but doesn't prevent it. Well, that's what I remember from what my told told me who contracted Malaria when he was in Congo as a kid.

    • by Tet ( 2721 ) *
      No, you're missing the point. He is a jerk. I doubt even he'd deny that. But I can't fault him for it. Looking at him is like looking in the mirror for me. We're alike in so very many ways. But that aside, congratulations, Jorg. I wasn't aware you'd stopped drinking. But I know that you needed to cut down, and if stopping altogether was the only way to do that, then well done for taking that step.
      • Hehehe, thanks for recognising for what I am. :-P

        Obligatory linky []. I did not announce this with great bravado on 1/03/2010, because I didn't know how long I'd last. Just imagine, I'd announce it and two weeks lated I'd be back in my old habits... That would be a pure "FAIL". So, I wisely shut up about it before I actually had a "success story".

  • I'll offer support and prayers that you'll continue in your sobriety.
    • I think I have to quote George Bernard Shaw: "The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one."

      On topic on so many levels...

      So thank you for the support. I am actually surprised that you read my journals at all.

  • For doing something hard - that you decided was necessary to improve your life. And for sticking to that decision. Best wishes for the future.

    • That's the misconception many people seem to have. It is not hard for me to drink anything all together. Perhaps the first two weeks, yes... Even that, I recall as relatively mild. To me it is much harder to have a glass or two and then stop. An ability that most of humankind seems to have, and I lack and for which I envy them.

      I love drinking, I love being wasted... I had to give up something that was an integral part of my being and I'll hate myself forever because I had to.

      I stand by my conviction t

  • takes some will power to give up something you enjoy, but you know was bad for you in the long run. I hope I will be strong enough if I have to make a similar decision.

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