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Comment Re:Elderly? (Score 1) 153

What happened to 35-50?

We (mostly) use password managers ;-) I only know one password and it's to decrypt my local password datastore. When that gets corrupted I'll be resetting passwords for weeks. All of my passwords resemble 2r9aIx'DbFbKRU;v4u!LgRn so there's no way I'm remembering or typing any of them in.

Those of us older than 69 also use password managers.

Comment Re:VR makes 25 to 50% of people sick (Score 3, Interesting) 90

...The problem is that we perceive distance by two mechanisms - focus and convergence. Everybody has fixed convergence - nobody has fixed the focusing issue....

There is a fix for the focusing issue, but it is quite expensive: Holography. You feed each eye with the same light waves that they would have received if they had been looking at the objects being depicted--two virtual images. I suspect this technology is too expensive for today's market, but it is the only good solution to the problem.

Comment Re:Forbes blocks browsers... and... this is absurd (Score 2) 330

...Humans evolved to live here, on Planet Earth. Not on our own star, or on any other star, and humanity's future is right here where we have an entire planet we were built for... not on a foreign star.

I disagree. No matter how inhospitable, we will go there, and try to live there. My opinion is based on history. People migrated out of Africa, where they had evolved, into Eurpoe and Asia, which had relatively inhospitable climates. More recently, people have chosen to live at the South Pole, which is almost as desolate as the Moon.

Comment Bendix G-15 (Score 1) 620

The oldest computer I programmed was a Bendix G-15, a computer that used a drum for memory and vacuum tubes for logic. I stumbled on it at Cal Poly, a college in California. They said they had traded a jet engine for it.

The documentation for the computer ended with a letter from Bendix saying that Control Data had taken over responsibility for the computer line, and it was henceforth to be known as the CDC Bendix G-15. When I returned to the main part of the campus I told some students that the engineering lab up the hill had a Control Data computer..They were very impressed—they were making do with an IBM 360, whereas Control Data Coropration was well known for their fast comptuers.

Comment I too get someone else's e-mail (Score 1) 213

My name isn't very common, but there is a retired medical professional in California who shares it. I occasionally get e-mail on my gmail account directed at him: I have watched him retire, visit resorts and get his fancy car serviced. I once printed out some correspondence directed at him and sent it to his home address using the US Postal Service, but nothing changed. Sometimes I reply to the e-mail explaining that I am a computer programmer in New Hampshire, not a medical professional in California, and once I got a very polite response thanking me for pointing out the problem. Usually, though, I get no response.

Comment Re:There is another possibility too.. (Score 1) 188

International law firm ReedSmith weighs in on this point as well: '[O]nce the Department begins to audit and assess customers located within the city, many of those customers are likely to demand that providers collect the tax going forward. As a result, many providers will likely feel the need to register to collect the taxes, despite lacking nexus, and despite having strong arguments against the Department’s expansive interpretation of its taxing ordinances.'"

International law firm ReedSmith does not appear to have had experience with New Hampshire. When Massachusetts leans on providers who operate in both states to collect Massachusetts sales tax when a Massachusetts resident buys something in New Hampshire, the New Hampshire legislature leans back, making such reporting by the New Hampshire branches illegal.

Some years ago Massachusetts stationed an observer near the parking lot of a New Hampshire liquor store. He would write down the Massachusetts license plates of cars in the lot and relay them to a state trooper just across the state border. When the cars reported would cross the border they would be stopped on a pretext, and fined for having untaxed liquor in the car. New Hampshire stopped this practice by busting the parking lot observer for running a numbers racket.

I predict this case will be similar. The providers will resist collecting the Chicago tax, and if Chicago leans on them, other jurisdictions will lean back.

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