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Comment Re:This is my shocked face (Score 1) 272

If you track its orbit, it does not cross Beijing ( or Washington DC ). The only US states it crosses is the southern parts from Californian to Texas. Aside from crossing parts of North and South America, its orbit is mostly over water.

The orbit is a normal "procession" where it could pass over any point (especially uncontrolled) between about 45 degrees North and 45 degrees South of the equator.

True, Alaska is not at risk, but the whole of the CONUS is, Northern South America, most of Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia and Southern Europe.

It's more of a "belt" of possible overflight than geographic regions.

Comment Ahhh, but tubes are second-harmonic (Score 1) 270

solid-state is primarily odd-order harmonics. even-order are less dissonant. while audiophools have driven prices through the roof, you can take triode-connected tubes, or Williamson tetrodes, and if you don't work outside the curves, have a sweet amp. there are plenty of "dumpster tubes" at bargain prices that one can work with quite nicely.

Comment Re:So in other words it's used and is useful (Score 1) 248

This is really silly. All a barometer needs is either one or two tiny holes (depending on the design of the sensor). The sensor would need to be sealed to the sensor and water tight, of course, but that is required by any sensor they might use. This story is simply an excuse.

I'll guess two possible reasons for this: 1. Force more use of Apple patented and licensed tech for headphones 2. Allow DRM implementation at the headphone jack to further control what can be played on the iPhone

The iPhone6+ (and possibly others) already has a barometer in it.

Barometer on a chip has been a thing for decades already. No "sealed box" needed.

They may have added the vent and moved the sensor for the existing barometer, but it's not a new feature. Gortex venting will probably greatly slow down the sensitivity so make it less useful for stuff they claim it might do.

Comment Re:Fake GPS location spoofer (Score 1) 395

How about using Fake GPS location spoofer? Is it able to send fake coordinates to Google Play, too?

I'm sure a GPS location spoofer, if such a thing exists, is highly illegal and would get you in big trouble to use it. GPS signals are on a licensed part of the spectrum, and interfering with those frequencies can cause not just your GPS device to fail, but possibly others around you. GPS is used in in some life or death applications, such as air navigation, so I imagine the feds would take this kind of spoofing very, very seriously.

The reference to a spoofer in this case, is software that runs on the phone to tell the OS and the apps on the phone where the phone is. There isn't any radio frequency involved.

Recently it's been used to let people "walk around" playing Pokemon Go while sitting in their basement.

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