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Comment Re:Gov't data (Score 1) 352

not after you subtract retirees, student, and stay at home parents. if you're not working and not seeking work, you aren't part of the labor market despite being "unemployed", and hence not counted.

And that's a fact that everyone is supposed to understand: that the unemployment rate only represents people who are actively looking for work and do not current have a job. There's nothing tricky about that unless the definition gets changed in a sneaky way.

Comment Re:Now lets see. (Score 1) 1548

President Obama had a super majority congress when he was elected too. Don't worry, they never last long.

I wouldn't bet on that. The vast majority of congressional districts are gerrymandered so that only a very significant change in political preferences will change which party wins the seat. Obama managed that in 2008 but Trump (and the rest of the Republicans) will have to colossally screw up to make things change significantly in 2018. The Senate is even worse, as I understand it, most of the seats that come up for re-election is 2018 are already held by Democrats.

Comment Re:Whither privacy? (Score 2) 305

Right - just like how secretaries don't have a sexual harassment claim unless the boss locked the exit door before pressuring them into sex. They can always quit!

Was sexual harassment in the job description? Chances are, the folks at MS had at least some clue what they were getting into, even if during the training.

If you are going to have a panty-clutching pearl-waste response to something, at least do it right. That shit above, was a pathetic effort.

Comment Re:It is Inevitable (Score 1) 436

How do we figure we make ANY difference, when one volcanic eruption spews more toxic fumes, ash, and other pollutants than humans ever could?

For starters, they don't. Volcanic eruptions are less than 1% of the annual human emissions.

I think there are a few people out there that give humans way too much credit for what we can do to change something as big as the weather on the planet.

Rather, you give humans way too little credit. We've been influencing the climate for a long time now.

Comment probably like the one I saw by the air base (Score 1) 124

foggy night, late night, driving into the city and past the SAC air base on a federal highway. a bluish smear pacing my car, a little ahead, overhead to the left. occasionally blinking regularly. just like a reflection of my headlights onto some new aluminum high-tension wires between the wooden poles.. in fact, exactly that.

sun reflecting off a helicopter would look just like described....

Comment Re:Where are the Nuclear power fans now? (Score 1) 173

The only people dumber than the ones who built this reactor are the ones who want to build thousands of untested reactors all around the world. Tell me, do you have a ready-made list of excuses when design and construction flaws are exposed, and will you have a fall-back position?

Dumb people can't build reactors.

There will never be "thousands" of reactors.

"untested" is a completely false supposition and makes your scare-mongering look even stupider.

You don't know the first thing about this stuff do you? Does your mommy know you are at the computer?

Comment Re:100 years? (Score 1) 173

I refuse to accept the we will be as ignorant in 100 years as we are today. We've already learnt that nuclear power plants are a stupid idea. Why would we build more?

That KIND of nuclear plants are not a good idea.

There are significantly safer and more efficient designs now. A trend that's likely to continue.

Also, if you don't drink a quart of vodka before your shift and then go play with the pretty dials and lights, all reactors new generation and old generation are much safer.

We could easily have fission and fusion reactors safe enough for every street corner in the future.

Comment Re:A clear preference (Score 1) 734

Not to mention that Hillary Clinton used the CIA to influence the 2011 Russian elections against Putin's party. This is just payback in kind.

Your statement appears to assume that Russian elections are fair and honest.

Two corrupt wannabe dictators fuck with one another.

The rest of us should go to war over it?

How about we put em both in the Thunderdome and let nature take it's course.

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