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Comment aw, pshaw (Score 1, Informative) 160

it is commonplace for cities/regions to have audio and video recording on public transit, the Twin Cities has had audio for over a decade on its buses and added video at least as long ago.. it's used in accident and violence investigations. they have never sent goons on the bus to club a slob who drops orange peels and potato chips all over the bus.

Comment dumbest frickin' idea ever (Score 1) 153

first Bezo wants you to buy his phone, with all kinds of "buy pallet of Kleenex now" buttons. at a premium.

now he wants to pay you to put ads, probably from services taken over by malware, on the lock screen, so you can be pirated while it charges.

probably bomb you with special offers when his rocket company starts sending up payloads. first guy who gets hit with a payload that didn't untie the bundle is going to sue until he owns the place.

Bezo the bozo may have finally turned a real profit, but the evil force is strong in this one.

Comment civilized society is full of holes. (Score 1) 307

and terrorists only seek to use one in a public place as they can get their schytte together to glorify in their cause. they have taken malls, finish lines of marathons, and opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Atlanta to do... nothing concrete.

if they would just settle down, elect a government, get into the UN, derive treaties, and become suits pushing their agenda, they would get someplace. this bang-bang blow-em-up does not affect any countable number of people directly, just the hundred or so in the gunsights.

my chances of dying from a falling star are greater.

screw 'em.

Comment that's not what airports are designed for (Score 1) 307

airports are equipped to sort out hijackers and shoe bombers. they prevent you from taking out 300 people plus collateral casulties on the ground with box cutters or .22 handguns.

the security plan is to keep the rabble out of the service and departure areas, and from running across the runway with signs. this forces them out to the perimeter and outside.

that's all that billions and billions of dollars, plus allowing people to actually get in, get on planes, and go elsewhere, can do. a van full of nutbars could do the same thing in Tel Aviv, even though security on El Al is tighter than that to see the Prime Minister.

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