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Comment Re:It's not aliens (Score 1) 143

What's to say they will not have actually learned anything or grown beyond their imperialist phase by the time they are so advanced?

That's not really the argument, is it? By the time they're that advanced, we have nothing they need. If we have anything they want, it's either food or culture. Maybe sentients are a delicacy, so that's a potential threat, but otherwise we'd be more valuable as we are — producing art, literature and so on. Then they can point at the monkeys and laugh.

Comment Playing on words (Score 1) 109

        : a device that steers a ship, aircraft, or spacecraft in place of a person

Note the "in place of a person".

Note also the "device that steers" (it more or less keeps a trajectory fro the plane/ship, or in the case of cars like BMW, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, etc. it keeps a lane).

Not "device that handle entirely automatically the complete travel from point A to point B" (that would be an *AUTONOMOUS* car, like Google's, some subs in big cities, busses by other startups. Or simply horses and donkeys).

Cars' driving assistance like Tesla's Autopilot actually behave exactly like the autopilot in a plane or on a ship. You just need to actually know what an autopilot actually does.

Comment What the hell is the big deal with "planet"? (Score 1) 61

Pluto is no planet!
Because it's not cleared its orbit.
Well, we have found almost a dozen others out there like Pluto!
We'd have to call all of them planets!

What the fuck is the big deal? I am still waiting for a really good reason that explains why "clearing its orbit" is so friggin' important. Technically, given its Trojans, Jupiter hasn't even done that. So let's call that biggest gasball outside the sun itself a planetoid.

I can see the "has to be large enough to have enough gravity to get round". Ok. Just for the sake of having a lower limit in mass. I can of course see the "has to orbit the sun itself and not another object" so we can tell it apart from a moon (which gets our very own planet into rather hot water, considering that outside Pluto we have the biggest moon compared to planet mass, at what point do you have a dual-planet system rather than a planet-moon system? Probably when the common center of mass is outside both bodies, I'd say).

But "clearing out the orbit"? C'mon, find a better reason if you want to keep the planet club exclusive and not include the likes of Pluto. I bet it's just 'cause you noticed that it's half-black, isn't it?

Comment Phone typing solutions (Score 1) 468

I am actually following the "silly wire drone interceptor" discussion (a.k.a: admit you always wanted to build yourself a "Spiderman Gun" !)

If you have problems typing your story on the phone, try using a keyboard (I have an original Think Outside keyboard left from my PalmOS days, that still works perfectly with my current Jolla Phone - Nowadays, the foldable you get from Geyes on Amazon are of slightly less good quality).

externally-powered microUSB OTG hub is another solution that works with any USB keyboard you have around.

Comment Re:It's not aliens (Score 3, Interesting) 143

Aliens that are advanced enough to signal us with that kind of power aren't going to find us advanced enough to be worth talking to if they can even understand our primitive methods of communication at all.

Sometimes we make noises that will attract animals so that we can study them.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 1) 468

The speed is less important than energy delivered at site of impact. [...] Fan rotors move slower, but are more massive, and have more total energy behind them. You dont need something to be sharp or fast moving to cut you in half; it just needs to exert enough energy over a small area to cause mechanical shear of your body.

Okay, let's try to stay on topic.

Getting a loop of wire from a wench wrapped around a leg and slowly slooped up will chop it off just as surely as if the wire was moving fast but at less torque.

Unless the wire catches on a bone, and the wire is thin enough to snap there. But let's fucking stay on topic. We don't need ridiculous examples designed to distract people because they contain an injury to discuss the topic at hand, you sensationalist nutter.

In fact, there are multiple factors involved in determining how much force it's going to require to break the silly string, and in how much force is being delivered. One of the factors is the force applied, one of the factors is the time in which the force is applied and how that affects the material in question, one of the factors is the quantity of material the force is being spread out across. And in spite of being a lot smaller and less massive, the tip of a quadcopter blade is going to impart a lot more energy to a much smaller section of silly string than a metal fan blade is, because the fan blade is squared off (being stamped from a piece of metal) while the tip of a rotor is very sharp, and the rotor is moving much much faster and F=MA. There's a lot more A in the quadcopter system. But wait, there's more; you only have to consider the effect of its mass until the string breaks. If the string breaks at a level of force which can be achieved with the current acceleration at lower than the actual mass, then the additional mass of the rotor is irrelevant here.

There are lots of other factors, but these are the ones that we've been talking about in this discussion already.

To be a proper experiment, it needs to be a high speed metal bladed fan, with big heavy blades. I can probably find one if I look hard enough.

Only the speed is likely to be relevant, and it will still have a dramatically lower tip velocity than a quadcopter doing anything but hovering.

Comment Re:"topic of discussion for many across the world" (Score 1) 107

Since when is CNN left?

So you mean the external renaming to 'Clinton News Network' was only because the letters matched?

So you mean the external renaming to 'Clinton News Network' was only because the letters matched?

Clinton is not a liberal. She is a neocon. Trump is not a conservative. He is just a sleazebag.

I never said she was a liberal, historically liberals believe in personal liberty... she does not. She's very much a illiberal progressive.

What? You just contradicted yourself there completely, smart guy. Care to rephrase your sentence until it makes sense? Here, this might help. Don't go alone, take one of these. Maybe then you'll have some idea what the words you're using mean.

Comment Re:Oh please (Score 1) 77

Potentially exactly his "chance" death caused it to be preserved? If it had been eaten by a predator, we would not get a complete skeleton (more likely we'd maybe find a bone or a tooth somewhere, with scavengers carrying off what's left of the carcass).

There are many examples of preservation by accident, simply because the specimen in question did something extraordinary. Think of this one for example. He traveled, presumably alone, across the alps. Something you didn't do back then, there was nothing to prove or no reason to go for some kind of misguided "self-realization", back then people had real problems and didn't feel the urge to make their life harder to "feel it". So most people weren't stupid enough to climb onto glaciers. This guy did. And that's what preserved him while everyone else from his tribe has turned to dust long ago.

So yes, the random, odd sample may well be all we can still find.

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