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Comment Yawn (Score 1) 1437

I switched on the radio to hear the evening PM programme (I live in the UK). It was wall to wall Trump; a live broadcast of the choreographed event - public spectacle, not news. Have any more been found alive after that avalanche in Italy, what is happening in The Gambia, ... ?

I'm not anti Trump, nor particularly for him. The news was when he was elected, today was just some pomp and ceremony - but not news.

Comment Re:Take a note of who is doing the requesting (Score 1) 69

Real security people don't expose themselves to the public, much less talk to the press.

Are you kidding? Nobody listens to you if your name doesn't ring bells. Publish or perish IS pretty much what makes or breaks your career as a security expert these days. You think any of them have a problem getting a speaker slot at any security conference if they so please? Or get any contract they'd want?

It's sad, but yes, security has become a spectacle. Welcome to the show, watch our CSI-esque presentation of how we penetrate your defenses with style...

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