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Submission + - Today is Fair Use Day! (

jZnat writes: Several websites are reporting that today marks the third-annual global Fair Use Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of copyright issues. The idea was first put into action by Eric Clifford on 11 July 2005 to raise awareness of the ever-increasing shift of power in copyright issues around the world. Other reports on this include Ars Technica's, TorrentFreak's, Boing Boing's, and the Pirate Party's (US).
The Courts

Submission + - Cash a check, go directly to jail!

J writes: "The San Francisco Chronicle has an article about a man who was arrested while cashing a check from a scammer. Although the arrest was overturned and wiped from his records, Bank of America refuses to pay for the man's legal fees involved in clearing up the matter.

San Francisco resident Matthew Shinnick tried to sell a pair of mountain bikes on Craigslist late last year. He attracted a buyer, received a check in the mail—and ended up handcuffed by police in a downtown Bank of America branch and jailed for almost 12 hours.

BofA calls the bizarre episode "an unfortunate series of events" and says that "clearly and without equivocation, Bank of America regrets what occurred." But the bank says it was only doing its duty by notifying the cops when a bad check surfaced.

It also says Shinnick has no grounds to sue for thousands of dollars in legal costs because of a 2004 state Supreme Court decision that shields institutions and people from liability when reporting suspected crimes to the police."

Submission + - Was the 2004 election stolen?

jZnat writes: Rolling Stone has an article which delves into the statistical improbability that Bush won the 2004 election based on statistically accurate exit polls as well as massive amounts of evidence that support a Republican-sponsored election fraud across the country, particularly in Ohio. The GOP used several tactics in its fraudulent campaign including ballot-stuffing, denying Democrat voters their right to vote, denying newly registered voters (particularly of urban and minority precinct) their voting privileges via illegal mailings known as caging lists, inane voter registration requirements (including the requirement of using 80 pound, unwaxed, white paper, even if the registration was given in person to a registration office), preventing thousands of voters from receiving provisional ballots, under-providing Democrat-majority precincts with voting machines thus creating enormous queues of voters, many of which were denied their right to vote due to time constraints, faulty machines (particularly from Diebold) that skewed results in the GOP's favour, mostly unnoticed ballot-stuffing and fraud in rural areas, and a fixed recount that was paid for by the Green and Libertarian parties that essentially supported the fraudulent numbers that resulted in the first place.

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