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Portables (Games)

Submission + - 5 Years, 20 games -- a DS Lessonography (

iocat writes: To most developers, 20 games may be more than they create in a whole career. For handheld creators like Griptonite Games , it's barely one hardware generation. J.C. Connors, studio head at Griptonite, has written an interesting article for Gamastura about the lessons the team has learned this generation, working on high profile DS titles such as Spore Creatures , Age of Empires: Mythologies , and Spider-Man: Web of Shadows .

Submission + - Next Gen:News Media Hurts Itself with Game-Bashing ( 1

iocat writes: "Colin Campbell (editor-in-chief of Next Gen Online ), has delivered a thought-provoling editorial related to the Mass Effect Affair — Fox New's denounciation of Mass Effect under the headline "SE-Xbox," which attempted to portray the game as depraved, interactive, hard-core porn. (A semi-retraction followed, in which the reporter had to admit she hadn't played the game).
Campbell makes the point that:

[The Media] seem to be stuck in a weird time warp; one where consumers find videogames strange and threatening; one where games are the province of young men, prone to anti-social behavior and potential violence. ... This is, in fact, a failure on their part because it's not normal NOT to play games. Playing games is the thing regular people do. So when the networks start blustering about how it's "interactivity" or "gore" or "porn" in games that does the damage, they look like idiots. And not just to some hardcore fraternity of die-hard gamers, but to millions of their viewers.
The rest of the editorial deals with the damage that the mainstream media is doing to itself by continuing to try and foist "antiqudated opinions" on an audience more tech- and media-savvy than its own reporters."


Submission + - Sand Holes Trump Sharks for Deadly Danger (

iocat writes: Just in time for summer comes a new threat at the beach... the beach itself. According to a story on CNN , which sites an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, sand holes have killed more Americans (16) than shark attacks (12) in the period from 1990 — 2006. They can quickly collapse and crush or suffocate victims.

According to the article, one victim was " Matthew Gauruder, who died from a collapse at an after-prom beach party in Westerly, Rhode Island, in May 2001. The 17-year-old was playing football with friends when he jumped for a pass and fell backward into an eight-foot-deep hole someone had dug earlier. Would-be rescuers made the problem worse by caving in more sand as they tried to approach him. People at the scene said he may have been buried 15 minutes, said his mother, Mavis. "

A crusading father and son duo of doctors has pursued the issue for years, after the son witnessed a dangerous collapse while working a summer job as a life-guard on Martha's Vineyard. Apparently life-guards on the Vineyard are now instructed to kick people out of holes deeper than a child's waist.


Submission + - PS3 Cluster == Supercomputer

iocat writes: According to this story at Physorg, an engineer at NC State has created a supercomputing cluster of PS3s, linking together 8 of systems. Although the 512MB RAM capacity is a limitation, Professor Frank Mueller is quoted in the article as saying "Scientific computing is just number crunching, which the PS3s are very good at given the Cell processor and deploying them in a cluster..." The cluster cost him about US$5,000 to create. He estimates 10K clustered PS3s could be the most powerful computer on earth.

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