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Submission + - Astronauts lose bolt during spacewalk

inviolet writes: "Yahoo news is reporting:
Spacewalking astronauts worried they [may have] gummed up a successful job connecting an addition to the international space station Tuesday when a bolt, spring, and washer floated free. [...] While the washer went out into space safely, [Astronaut Joe] Tanner worried the bolt and spring could get into the truss's wiring and tubing and cause problems.


NASA managers were examining whether the lost bolt would be a problem. Space debris can be dangerous if it punctures space station walls or spacdesuits and can jam crucial mechanisms. However, spacewalkers have a long history of losing material in space. In July, Discovery spacewalkers lost a 14-inch-long spatula that floated away.

They lost a 14-inch-long spatula while on a spacewalk? A *spatula*? What the hell were they doing up there with a spatula?"

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