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Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 493

How are people supposed to get independent of their parents if they can't get the income they need to be independent of them until they are independent of them?

What about people who are students and don't have parents that they can be dependent on, working their way through school? Do they get the money they need to survive, or the lower student income? Do the first group above (people struggling to get independent of their parents) have to go through a barely-surviving stage like this before you start paying them enough to survive?

What about working people who go back to school to try to get training to get better, higher-paying jobs? Do you cut their pay while they're doing that?

Comment Re:America! (Score 1) 493

You have a choice. You can pay a living wage or you can pay for the social safety net that subsidizes those jobs that pay less than a living wage.

Or, yet another choice those folks get other jobs that *DO* pay a living wage, or work two jobs to get by....

They can also try to be somewhat intelligent human beings and see that they need to spend time off work honing skills that get better jobs!!

It simply is NOT that hard to get a job out there. It might not be one you like right off to bat, but there are jobs to be had where you can support yourself. And yes, you might have to struggle and not have luxuries in life, but that's kind of your own fault, for not grabbing that education you were offered as a youngster.

You have to pay the piper at some point, and if you didn't do it early on, well you have to do it later in life, when things are even more difficult, but it can be done.

Society does not owe you a living, it is up to you to fight and do what is necessary to live and succeed in our civilization and economy.

Humans were born to adapt...so, fucking adapt!!

Comment Re:Basic income (Score 1, Insightful) 493

the fact that until you find a job that exceeds that you get no benefit

This is not true, or shouldn't be and doesn't need to be true.

Let's say we set the basic income to 50% the mean wage (which would be about $25k/year basic income, or a little over $2k/mo), and fund it by a 50% tax on all incomes (which is more than offset by the basic income for about 75% of the populace who currently fall below that mean income). A homeless with no income thus suddenly has a free income of about $2k/mo. But every nominal dollar they earn on top of that, they still get to keep 50 cents of it. If they get a full time minimum wage job, that amounts to over $600/mo extra. If they get a full time median-wage job (around $25k), that amounts to around $1000/mo extra. On top of the basic income. By the time they're working a full-time mean-wage job (around $50k), they're making twice as much as the basic income, after basic income and the taxes they pay to fund it are factored in (and the basic income and the taxes they pay to fund it exactly cancel out in that case). And even at that point, there is still motive to continue working; if they make twice that again, they're still going to end up with yet another extra $1000/mo or so (compared to the mean income) after taxes and basic income are accounted for.

If you were to make the basic income something more like $1000/mo, which is barely enough to survive off of in many places (that's slightly more than what my destitute mother's SSI pays), or about 25% the mean income (or half the median income), and fund that with a 25% additional income tax, then instead people would be able to keep 75 cents out of every dollar they earn, on top of their basic income.

In any case, you'd have to set the basic income up in some kind of pants-on-head retarded way (like the way current welfare payments like SSI are set up) in order for it to not pay off to work unless you can get a job paying more than the basic income pays. Any sane way of doing it would provide incentive to work more at any income level. Yes, even the people making a millions per year: if the choice is between doing something that beings in another million of which you get to keep half or three-quarters or whatever, or not doing that and getting nothing at all, which do you think people are going to choose?

Comment Re:Welcome to the future of capitalism (Score 1) 493

There being so few people rich enough to do anything with their ideas and so many poor people consequently beholden to those rich people is bad.

If the money actually flowed from the idle rich to the hardworking poor then the problem would solve itself, but it seems somehow (*coughrentandinterestcough*) the money always ends up flowing right back into the hands of the rich to spend over and over again ad infinitum, and never actually accrues in the hands of the poor who are nominally being paid it.

Comment Re:America! (Score 2, Insightful) 493

I mean, when did burger flipping become a "real job" instead of something teens did in high school?

When jobs on that pay scale became the only kinds of jobs that an enormous fraction of the populous can get (and having a job working for someone else became necessary for survival because everything everywhere is owned by someone else so you either work for whoever will hire you or die).

Comment Re:Energy (Score 1) 151

It's lost a lot of ground on Dragon Dictate (which I could use to play everquest for long periods).

The inability to put in paragraph marks, delete words, and the loss of my profile as I change to a new device (why???) plus a complete lack of documentation are all factors.

I had things working pretty well on my last phone and now on my new phone my voice typing has gone all to hell.

Voice typing saves a TON of wear on your thumbs, hands, wrists, and shoulders.

You may not realize it when you are younger but when your fingers turn numb or you are in so much pain that you are reduced to tears, you'll come to appreciate voice.

Comment Re:America! (Score 4, Insightful) 493

Well, to be fair...not every job out there is meant to be a full time, "real" job that you earn your full living from....

I mean, uber is just a side money job, that's it. I mean, should I pay a living wage to the kid down he block to mow my lawn or rake leaves...or baby site my kid, and throw in full blown benefits too?

I know I"m moving closer and closer to the "get off my lawn" crowd, but please tell me, I missed it..when did things change an EVERY job available became one where you were supposed to make a living from and have a career?

I mean, when did burger flipping become a "real job" instead of something teens did in high school?

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 4, Insightful) 493

I'm sorry, but there are certain jobs in society that really aren't meant for a person to fully support themselves. Even moreso when the person is trying to support themselves and their family. Delivering the local newspaper was great job when I was 12 and I wanted to buy some hockey cards and music CDs. It's not a job that really requires any skills, and even if you are doing it full time, I couldn't see it being a job that's likely to pay a living wage.

Same with the job I had flipping burgers at McDonald's. I was making minimum wage and even if I was working full time, there's no way that I really deserved to make a living wage in that job. Again, it required very little skill and they didn't really expect much from me other than to show up and make some hamburgers. But that's fine because I was in highschool and just wanted some money for CDs, computer games, and going out to the movies.

Theses were great jobs to get me used to working, and if they weren't allowed to pay me such low wages, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to work at all. Especially in the year 2016. They will just get a robot to do your job if it becomes too expensive for a person to do it.

If you want to make a living wage, be prepared to get some real skills. You don't deserve money for doing nothing, or for doing a job that requires almost no skills.

Comment So a 1st world programmer costs even more (Score 1) 269

So a 1st world programmer has to pay $1200 for theri development kit while it's sold to a 3rd world developers for $70 or even given a way free.

Then the 3rd world developer is allowed to directly compete for work with the 1st world developer as if the both lived in the 1st world country.

Products should be sold for the same price in both locations since labor is forced to compete for living expenses and it's more expensive to live in the higher GDP country.

Unless you just want a lot of unemployeed people in the high gdp country.

This is literally extracting wealth from wealthy countries leaving less to circulate in the economy.

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