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Comment Well then (Score 1) 164

It seems it's turtles all the way down. I could follow this gravity saga up to general relativity where it becomes slightly blurred.
Even though I'm excited about new developments in physics, I'm kind of sad it's getting more and more incomprehensible. I just can't grasp strings & holograms at any level. The same goes for modern developments in mathematics.

Comment Re:And all they wanted was a faster horse (Score 1) 732

My point is exactly what you wrote there. USAF hasn't been in a dogfight since Vietnam. Meanwhile CCCP (as the sponsor of Vietnamese) collapsed and all that's left is pulverizing [anti]airforceless enemy into dust.
So where does that scenario of F35 vs SU35 happen without a serious risk of all out nuclear war?

Comment Well yes (Score 1) 80

'Rock star' is a very useful term.

Jobseeking side, it's useful to filter out hipster, clueless, experimental and flatout scammer (as in all work and no pay) workplaces.

Recruiter side, it's useful to filter out narcissistic, deluded and gullible (again clueless) candidates.

Comment Re:And all they wanted was a faster horse (Score 1) 732

Well we disagree there. There are things F35 does old planes don't and then there are things old planes do F35 doesn't. The same goes for old and new cars.

My opinion is dogfighting is not a top metric to judge a modern multifunction plane in the same way the crank is not a top metric to judge a modern car (by being obsolete). So the comparison is appropriate as it conveys my take on the matter (be it right or wrong).

BTW, you are one of those that'd say Boeing 777 is worse than Concorde because speed, right?

Comment Re:And all they wanted was a faster horse (Score 1) 732

While I agree with most of your points I still think it's more than adequate (in terms of capability, pricewise I believe it's a disaster, but then, pork).

What you're saying is it's a bad tool for dick measuring games like Russia with its bombers or Greece and Turkey with their US provided fighters play? Well that I agree, it might hurt the exports if F16s beat it at it.

And tsotha already answered but I believe it's worth repeating: it's not a fighter. It's a design-by-committee everything plane.

Comment Re:And all they wanted was a faster horse (Score 1) 732


I disagree that dogfighting is relevant in modern warfare, at least with USA as one side.
Though F35 is predominantly a pork project, it's not such a blatant failure as described.
The scenarios where USAF doesn't have a massive support network and has to depend on individual planes' capability to dogfight simply don't happen, because the planet is already nuked.

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