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Comment Re:Alternate Headline (Score 1) 60

You don't need to pull the chips, though that's not very hard.

You can send a national security letter to Samsung.
You can hack your own firmware together and flash it to the drive and have the drive dump out the contents of every flash chip.

For backups, everything should be stored encrypted (with a key you control).

For generic filesystem issues, use a better filesystem? Or at least one that provides a way to truly delete/overwrite space marked as free?

Comment Re: UBlock = inferior + inefficient vs. hosts (Score 1) 181

You shut your mouth! APK is a national treasure. Like the World's Largest Ball of Yarn, or Donald Trump's toupee. Anyone who can envision a Slashdot without his enlightened and charming meditations is a dirty, dirty heliocentrist.


More soberly, I honestly think he has schizophrenia. His writing and formatting is consistent with that exhibited in TimeCube and bears some resemblance to that of Francis E. Dec, Esq.

Comment Re:Pants on fire (Score 2) 57

Forcing countries like Japan and South Korea to build nuclear weapons because his resolve to continue US's longstanding defense of its allies is not going to make a better world. The last time the United States retreated behind its borders and let its Allies fend for themselves, we ended up with the most destructive conflict in history, and the costs dwarfed what it would have cost to keep a proper military presence in potential trouble spots.

Comment Re:So make it equally first amendment to block the (Score 1) 172

The actual issue is that unwanted robocalls are already handled by the national do-not-call registry, but the politicians have exempted themselves from the relevant laws meaning they do not have to respect the do-not-call registry.

Using this judge's backwards reasoning, that is a violation of the 1st amendment and said exemptions must be shat upon.

Comment Re:Windows 10, Windows 10, Windows 10! (Score 1) 469

That's not what you said at all.

"Cortana, what percentage of people who buy top of the line i7 workstation-class computers actually CARE about running Windows on ARM?"

  people who buy top of the line i7 workstation-class computers and actually CARE about running Windows on ARM
people who buy top of the line i7 workstation-class computers

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