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Comment Re:Texas Catch 22 Injustuce System (Score 2) 154

Yeah, and linking to think progress is the best example of a self-reinforcing echo chamber with a side of propaganda.

There is a video of the guy saying that Obama was going to lead the United Nations and invade Lubbock, Texas. You can ignore the "propaganda" and just listen to the judge in his own words if you are afraid of being infected by the dangerous thoughts of Think Progress..

I mean, I don't know if you've ever been to Lubbock, Texas, but don't nobody go there by choice.

Comment Not unheard of (Score 4, Interesting) 142

We already know that the liver will regenerate itself, and no special dietary restriction is necessary (though you do have to be kind to your liver).

If you cut a chunk off of someone's liver, it will grow back. We've learned this from Hepatitis C patients who have Stage 3 fibrosis or even cirrhosis. Cure the Hepatitis C (which is possible now with the new, expensive, drugs) and the liver will come back from the functionally near-dead. It was once believed to be a one-way process, but it turns out it's not.

Comment Re: Why stop at $50? (Score 1) 235

I have a special-needs child. A sitter that is qualified enough can be costly. It definitely tips the cost of the night over the proposed $50 home-based setup.

That changes everything. But I imagine you have better things to spend $50 on. The need to see something the minute it comes out is something I never understood, but then I spent a good deal of my younger life watching movies that were made before I was born.

I wish you well, friend.

Comment Re:BeauHD (Score 4, Informative) 116

And yet you are here.

That was supposed to be the punchline. I hate to be the guy who has to explain his own jokes, but every BeauHD article comment section seems to have one knucklehead who's complaining about SJWs or some such and the comment is always, "What does Grace Hopper have to do with tech? Slashdot has really gone downhill. That's why I don't come here any more."

Irony is hard enough to pull off in plain text, and I've been drinking since 10:30am, so I apologize.

Comment Re:Why stop at $50? (Score 1) 235

HDCP 1.x is defeated. Publicly and trivially.
HDCP 2.2 isn't, as far as I know, publicly defeated. One vendor made and sold a working stripper at one point, but I don't know if it's still functional (I believe HDCP 2.2 has more updating capability to revoke blacklisted decoders). They also got sued.

Comment Re:Why stop at $50? (Score 1) 235

Non-comic-book movies I've seen recently that are absolutely fantastic, not utter crap:

Hacksaw Ridge
Manchester By The Sea
Arrival (actually this was just 'good,' not fantastic)
Rogue One (except maybe some of the weird CG human stuff at the end)
Finding Dory
Kubo and the Two Strings

Sadly I've been busy of late and haven't had time to watch that much, and there are a number I'd love to see but haven't, like Fences, Moonlight, La La Land, John Wick 2 (comic book movie? Video game movie??), Ip Man 3 (delicious chinese propaganda).

Zootopia was good.

Finding Dory was lame. Maybe the kids like it, I don't know. But there's nothing in it worthwhile if you've already seen Finding Nemo.

Manchester by the Sea is a depressing, boring, grey turd. It's extremely overrated even if you go in with the attitude of wanting to drown yourself in a miserable bog. I've discussed this movie in detail before.

Arrival is fucking dogshit. If the fucking heptapods can see the fucking future why couldn't they see us learning each others' languages (and thus learn ours in advance)? (As shown, the heptapods made zero effort to learn English, instead making us do all the work. However, there is a brief moment where it appears as if they understand English to some degree, so it's anyone's guess.) Or, why couldn't they see the bomb? Or, why couldn't they see that in 3000 years they will need help and fucking help themselves? This movie has all the failings and plot holes of a time travel movie without any of the excitement. I've seen this one most recently and yes, I'm mad about the time I wasted on it. It's not a fucking sci-fi movie it's a shitty movie about some mom whose kid dies or some shit and then gets magical powers from some aliens and through some paradoxical plot holes saves nothing because the aliens just evaporate anyone. Might as well have let the Chinese general blow them up.

Rogue One was simply unnecessary. It's Star Wars: Vietnam. You know what happens so the entire plot doesn't matter. The movie failed to make me (or anyone else) give a shit about the characters involved, which is about the only other option it had. The sound and visuals were typical Star Wars fare. A big fat MEH for this one.

I haven't seen Kubo.

I don't know about Fences or Moonlight.

I'll likely see John Wick 2 at some point.

La La Land was pretty much Hollywood licking its own genitals. It opens with an interesting musical number but they get progressively more boring from there. Plotwise, it's completely predictable. It follows the "meet, deny love, admit love, fight, reuinte" pattern just about every single love story does. The only difference is that in this story the "reunite" ends with "And they lived separately ever after. In separate lives. One was kinda happy or at least content, I guess. The other is alone and kinda sad, probably forever.".
But if you like your happy endings you can have that too - just turn the movie off 5 minutes before it ends. There's an entire extended daydream/what-if sequence showing the woman leaves her husband and child for the man to live a long, happy life together. Then it snaps back to reality - poor RyGoz pecking at the ivories and looking sad.
The movie has a handful of musical numbers (the first couple being the best by far), and then it has an overall theme that gets replayed and reused over and over and over. It's a nice theme for sure, but you'll be hearing it for about a full hour if you watch the movie. I don't care for singing (I'm not gay), so I won't judge that aspect either way. I've heard the Emma Stone did her own singing and people thought it was good.
I've also heard that RyGoz played the piano himself. Going into the movie I hadn't heard this, and there's one shot early on where you're wondering if he's really playing. The movie plays a cute trick on you - the camera pans behind his head, and then to his hands in one continuous motion. The idea of the continuous pan is to get you to believe he's truly playing, but because it went to the back of his head it would be easy for them to do some editing and fake it. At this point, you can't be sure. But immediately after, the camera pans directly to his face, removing all doubt.
I'm going to assume that just about every female ever has already seen this, because just about every female ever is in love with Ryan Gosling. For everyone else, you've either seen it with your female already or you're alone and the movie wouldn't appeal to you. As a musical it's sub par, as a love story it's sub par, and as a Hollywood circle jerk it takes the cake. As a complete package it's better than the sum of its parts. I feel it could have been a little shorter, but it was still a pretty good movie overall.

Ip Man 3 is Ip Man 3. You already know what you're getting into. Just watch it if you've seen the others. It keeps up.

I'll chime in with Civil War and Dr. Strange, too. Civil War sucked ass. It was boring and a stupid. I thought no one could fuck up a vs. movie worse than DC did with Superman vs. Batman. I was right, because not even Civil War is that bad. But it's still fucking bad. Dr. Strange is basically a generic magic/fantasy movie with some of the typical Marvel movie tropes/references. Nothing special. It went on a little long for my tastes, and I doubt it elevated the character into popular culture.

I'm going to preemptively and prejudicially rate Passengers as well. It's fucking trash and it's not the sci-fi you're looking for. I'm sick of movies like Interstellar and Arrival and Passengers masquerading as sci-fi but ending up as romance/drama + /fantasy horseshit instead. Can' I get some fucking hard sci-fi, please?

One last FUCK YOU goes out to a special turd-in-the-making. Logan. Wasn't the last Wolverine movie bad enough?

Comment Re:Not that expensive (Score 5, Insightful) 235

Fifth, again... how does this hurt you? If you don't want to pay to see new movies, don't watch them; nobody -- including ranton -- is forcing you to do that or even see any studio movies in general.

If this is successful:
They'll delay the release of the bluray/whatever a bit more to capitalize on the home rentals.
They'll delay releasing it onto Amazon/Google/etc. for pay and to Amazon/Netflix/etc. for free for the same reason.
They'll use their rental streaming infrastructure to set up shop on their own and avoid popular services users already have (Amazon/Google/Netflix/etc.)
They'll eventually jack up the price or try to introduce shitty DRM to detect the number of people watching.
They'll inject ads, ads, ads before and probably during your rental.

If this is unsuccessful:
They'll throw a hissy fit and blame piracy.
They'll jack up the costs of blurays and streaming/download licensing, ostensibly to pay for the failed experiment, but really the higher prices will just be the new normal.

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