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Comment Re:Yay, more Deepwater Horizons! (Score 0, Troll) 90

Republican politicians often run campaigns claiming they are "new style" politicians who are not beholden to any political party. Once in power, they can be reliably counted on to advocate pissing in the well, to collect those big checks from the oil and gas ndustry, the coal industry and their various PACs.

As opposed to all the "Hope and Change" Obama brought?
Do we need to go back through the rest as well?

EVERYONE promises change. Almost no one delivers.

Comment Re:Bleep this (Score 2) 33

(Fucking salt lamps, really? I knew people were stupid, but come on)

One of my neighbors got a salt lamp for Christmas and put it on the curb for garbage pickup by New Year's Eve. I saw it when I was walking the dog and snatched it up. I was hoping to wrap it again and re-gift it to someone as a gag, but my wife saw it and plugged it in. Now it sits as a night light on the counter in the hallway going to the bathroom. True story.

I don't know about any health benefits, but it is strangely attractive. A light bulb inside a lump of salt. Who would've thunk it?

Comment Re:"Venmo" defined for the lazy (Score 1) 48

Venmo offers flexibility not offered by traditional banks (at least US ones, anyway).

With Venmo, I can ask someone their user name and pay them back for half a meal or six pack within 30 seconds. No bank platform allows for that convenience.

All of my friends and I use Venmo frequently. In addition to scenarios mentioned above, I also use it to pay my portion of utilities and rent to my roommate as well. I'm a late-twenty-something for reference.

WTF do you mean no bank platform offers that convenience?
I can literally send money to an email address in a few clicks and be done with it. The only thing the recipient needs to do is a one-time confirmation with their bank that they own that email address. Every major bank in the US is supported. Everything after that one-time confirmation is automatic. Venmo is much more of a hassle.

Comment Re:Absolutely not true (Score 1) 50

Scientists have been making liposomes since 1961, they're adding more and more functions to them every year. They're using them for drug delivery.

More importantly, your argument is stupid. Was anyone confused? If I say "I printed blue ink on the paper" do you assume the printer is making ink or using ink?

Comment Re:Just in time to start drinking again! (Score 1) 50

The "organ donation industry" is minuscule compared to big pharma who would be FOR this. As TFA says, "The company uses bioprinted tissue to test drug toxicity and effectiveness on behalf of Big Pharma companies including Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. and Merck & Co."

Drug safety testing in animals is woefully inaccurate and terribly expensive compared to using human cells in a dish. This improving would really decrease their costs.

... anyway, really? Conspiracy theories about the organ donation industry? Aren't they non-profit? If they're so powerful, why is organ donation still an opt-in rather than an opt-out process? "Hey, how about you make people sign their drivers licenses NOT to have their organs harvested if they die in a crash, so that way we can save more lives?" If the organ donation industry has lobbyists and they're not saying that and are instead saying "Hey, how about you not fund making organs outside of people," then the organ donation industry is so stupid that we really don't need to worry about them. Bioprinting is still decades away probably from replacing livers, whearas we should have done the opt out thing decades ago. JFC, you paranoid people...

Comment Re:Does this include genitalia? (Score 4, Informative) 50

No it's not yet because those things are more technically challenging. In genitals, you have dense arrays of nerves, pretty complex blood vessels, a bunch of "filler" tissue, the urethra, and skin. What is technically possible now is growing one type of cell or tissue, that's routine, with research starting to get into multiple types of cells grown together. Two different types of cells together gets much more complicated, and growing them together in a specific structure, rather than a random blend, at scales big enough to see without a microscope... that's beyond capabilities at the moment.

On top of that, the focus remains on the simpler tissues for economic reasons. If you can grow a liver in a dish (Organovo's main focus) you can make billions testing drugs for safety. One of the most common reasons expensive drug candidates fail is they kill your liver, another common reason is that drug candidates get processed in the liver to become something toxic to somewhere else. Doing this testing in animals is hideously expensive, slow, and often not very good at actually predicting how it will do in humans. Testing in human cells in a dish would be much easier. Drug testing is extremely expensive but also necessary. So it's a huge market. Genital replacement on the other hand is pretty low-demand compared to that. So there's huge economic advantages to focusing on the simpler goal, much less in creating much more complex genitals.

Genital repair should eventually be a goal though if we actually care at all about our soldiers or those other unfortunate individuals you mentioned. It's worth serious consideration, this is no joke, and feel free to smack down anyone in the future who brings it up lightly by pointing out it's an important goal even though "LOL WEINERS." And people are definitely working on it. Just it's not going to happen before we get livers in a dish.

Comment Re:"Venmo" defined for the lazy (Score 1) 48

From the report: "Venmo registered $17.6 billion in volume and is still doubling year over year..." Sure, they're not omnipresent, but they're certainly one of the most influential peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platforms, especially among millennials.

  And no, they did not pay us to post this story, nor did they sponsor this comment.

How are they one of the most influential person-to-person (that's what P2P stands for in this segment, not peer-to-peer) payment platform? XX billion per year? That's basically nothing compared to any major bank's P2P system, which nearly everyone already has access to, for free, including sending to other banks. All you need is the recipient's email address.

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