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Comment Not necessarily the same class of event (Score 1) 124

Digg previously wounded itself because it threw out all of its user's work, and then compounded the insult by preventing them from commenting. It's a ghost town.

Reddit appears to be adding something, not taking something away.

If that's the case, I doubt it'll hurt them in any way. What remains to be seen is if it will benefit them. That will depend on how they manage (and limit) the new capabilities, and how their user base views what they do.

Facebook is certainly ripe for competition.

Comment Re: Liability (Score 1, Troll) 445

Libertarians believe that companies that oppress users will fail in the marketplace.

Can you show me a libertarian who believes that corporations should be able to show up with guns to enforce "intellectual property" like governments do?

Hint: libertarians believe in none of: corporations, intellectual property, or initiation of force. Nice strawman though.

Comment Re:Why is this news? (Score 1) 154

Isn't this obvious?

You knew about the interaction between the front and rear hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex? Heck, why did the researchers bother doing the fMRI study rather than posting an Ask Slashdot?

I presume here you're not simply reacting to the clickbait headline - that would be unkind.

Comment Re:Maps technology is lost... (Score 2) 154

apparently looking pretty is far more important than having accurate data.

yeah, most people believe that. People figure if they put very little effort into ease-of-use (aka aesthetics) they probably put very little effort into accuracy. It's not true, but humans are the desired userbase and humans use such heuristics.

Everybody has been telling OSM that for a decade but they refuse to accept that reality, so the userbase remains small. It's a shame to cede the territory to Google.

Comment Re:Android? (Score 1) 63

So... based on the above comments, I bought Nova launcher pro.

When I started it, all my current folders and apps.... gone. It appears I'll have to set everything up again. Am I wrong? Changing back to the Touchwiz, everything came right back. Need to explore this a little more, and seeing as it didn't destroy my previous setup (for which I am grateful), I will indeed experiment. First I guess I have to make a series of notes about the current arrangement and then go into Nova and rebuild it from the ground up. Seems... tedious. But I have the time, so... onwards.

Thanks for the tip (you and others.)

Comment Re:Android? (Score 1) 63

The problem with 3rd party adding is that they can break, leaving you with various levels of leftover problems. This is really something that should be implemented in the GUI. There's a reason computers have hierarchical filesystems. There's a reason Android uses one too, underneath the GUI. It's because they are a profoundly useful way to organize information. I'm not railing at you here... I appreciate the pointer. I'm just frustrated by how annoyingly stupid the Android GUI remains after all this time. And iOS.

Comment Re:All these bans are useless security theatre (Score 2) 244

Dollars, yes, but not just dollars; but impediments to commerce and comfort. For very little effort (by which I explicitly mean, nearly none), they have thrown a huge wrench into anything that involves commercial air travel. They manipulated our control-addled congress into doing the work for them. 100% successfully.

All that was actually needed was:

o Revamp cockpits, armor thoroughly, install rest and feed facilities for long haul flights. One time cost.
o Reduce cabin-to-cockpit comms to "land near hospital ASAP" One time cost.
o Reduce cockpit-to-cabin comms to "belts on or off" One time cost.

What we got was the incredibly and endlessly expensive, absurdist productivity and pleasure reduction of the TSA.

On the other hand, they did finally convince me to do all my flying privately, so there's that. Unfortunately, most people can't exercise that option. But hey, vote your congress critter back in. Can't go wrong with that one, eh?

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