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Comment Re:How much? (Score 2) 154

It seems like HP got a new social media PR department to go with this new logo. I saw this story several times on Facebook, Engadget, and Reddit as well.

Advertising HP Businesses News Hardware Technology HP's New Logo Is the Awesome One It Never Used

So I went to Wikipedia...
Hewlett-Packard, Founded January 1, 1939; 77 years ago

I'm not going to start screaming "OOOOH SLASHVERTISEMENT" because the story really has made the rounds everywhere, it's just a little disingenuous to suggest that the logo from a design contest in 2011 is the logo they "Never Used". Definitely some kind of PR spin.

Comment Re:That's not who we are at Mozilla (Score 4, Insightful) 195

We need a new Firefox, someone "pure" again.

Indeed! Australis (FF29 in general) has very nearly pinched my last nerve with Firefox. What the fuck is going on at Mozilla? The last two versions have run like complete and utter shit on my systems, from freezing windows to outright random crashes. What happened to my lightweight and reliable browser?

(Side tangent: Also, when will we get text reflow back in Android?)

Comment Specs? (Score 1) 40

I saw this pop up in my Google Reader on another site, but I immediately came here to look and see if someone had posted the specs for this machine yet. I'm not seeing them listed anywhere.

Someone care to help? I even went crazy and RTFA (I'm new here, ya see...).

Comment Re:It's about time (Score 1) 54

Perhaps I am missing the point. Just seems to me that at that point, Google would be actively distributing tools to circumvent their own DRM.

I hate DRM as much as any other Slashdotter, but the fact of the matter is Google wants it to be as difficult as possible to break their stuff free. Besides which, the Nexus 7 is already a deprecated media tablet (no microSD, no USB host, no CIFS afaik), so it seems silly to get pissed when the DRM system breaks. That's what you're getting when you buy the Nexus 7 - a device made only to get it's content from a locked down store.

I'm amazed there aren't more users angry at the fact that they can't just load up an SD card with media and go. To each their own though...

Comment Re:It's about time (Score 1) 54

My Nexus 7 arrived today. It comes preloaded with a copy of "Transformers: Far side of the moon" for my viewing pleasure. Five minutes into viewing it there was a popup advising the battery is low. So I go get the USB cable and plug it in. Now the movie won't play, it says "Couldn't load licence key (error 16)". Bah. So all the smart boys and all the smart girls over at Google can't make DRM work properly. Can anybody make DRM work properly? Does DRM have any right to life whatsoever?

Canada is heading towards making DRM illegal. Good for Canada, and a perfect example why.

How is this +5 Insightful? You don't think it might have something to do with the fact that Android does debugging over USB, therefore making it "possible" at least to get an unencrypted version of the movie (i.e. screengrabs while it's playing)?

Thanks for letting us know you have a Nexus 7, though.

Comment Re:Ottawa (Score 1) 560

You mean a land-line? I was shocked how many people called their family/friends to make sure they were okay. It was an earthquake yes, but it wasn't soo bad (also in Ottawa here)

Actually, it's my Nokia 5130 cellphone. I don't even care to make a call, but my phone just completely locks up when it's turned on.

Comment Agh! (Score 3, Insightful) 95

Does anyone else just grimace when they see "Duke Nukem"-anything related news anymore? I was 7 when Duke Nukem 3d came out, and although freaking awesome, what of note has the franchise done since?

Been a bucketload of fail, and a waste of terabytes of useless "news" stories posted on the internet.

Can we just call this one, guys? Time of death: 2005 (and that's being GENEROUS ).


Comment Re:I'd much rather... (Score 1) 636

I hate loud commercials too, but this is just too much government IMHO. I'd much rather just have intelligent TVs or receivers that turned the volume down upon detecting a commercial...based on the settings *I* want, not what the government thinks is best for me.

My old as hell tube TV has this (it's a 27" RCA TV, circa 1999). I just checked and it's called SoundLogic in the menu, and I've gotta tell you it's a pretty terrible feature. It basically turns the volume on everything down (making an amp or what have you work harder), and anytime there is a spike in volume it re-adjusts and turns it down.

What I've found it does is make every good kaboom in every good movie I've watched with it on go flat. It also takes a second or two for it to adjust, so you still get too much sound. With commercials that are only 30 seconds long, this leads to a very uneven "HAVE YOu ever heard of product x?", 30 seconds later "WATCH THis tv show on sunday", etc.

Like I said too, you always have to remember to toggle it off before you watch a movie. Kind of a pain.

Maybe the technology needs to be improved, but my experience with it has been pretty bad. I don't think it's been enabled in at least 8 years.

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