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Comment Re:it can't be for distributing copyrighted materi (Score 1, Insightful) 150

Guy is a whiner. Every one of his videos is bitching about Apple. Then this one is a vaguebook "I can't say too much, woe is me I had a hard life" garbage. He did fuck up by showing the schematics on video and talking about them endlessly.

But this guy has been gaming Reddit for "viral" content and look here how he now is on /., surprise!

Comment It has always been that way (Score 1, Informative) 181

If you want to sell SUBSCRIPTIONS via your App on Apple, you have to give them a cut. There are means to circumvent (having people go to your website to signup and pay) but taking payment and not giving apple their pound of flesh has always been operating procedure. I am unsure the problem here? I mean, you might not like the terms (30% is a lot) but it hasn't changed in years.

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