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Comment waah waah i oversold my product (Score 3, Interesting) 269

Autopilot was billed as this revolutionary technology that got idiots to think "hey we don't have to drive anymore the car will do it." Musk is basically beta testing with his customers as the beta group.

Autonomous driving will be great when it gets here, but he is trying to oversell the current tech as revolutionary autonomous driving tech.

Comment The government can fix this? (Score 0) 164

Really? The same one who let 30m clearance files on people get stolen by the Chinese because they didn't even leverage basic encryption? The congress which thinks the internet is just tubes? The FBI that thinks math is stupid and you can limit encryption?

Yes, brilliant, you fucking idiot.

Comment 1/100th the cost? (Score 2) 88

Depends on the industry. Yahoo? will pay $0 in fines for their breach. If you were a hospital you'd see $50k per patient, which adds up quite fast, and doesn't include stupid things like credit monitoring.

Good infosec doesn't cost a lot - the problem is no one gives a shit until after something happens. Then you shit can your CISO, who you ignored the entire time, because you need someone to take the blame.

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