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Comment It is just bought ad space (Score 1) 28

Usually places in these "Top ten", "Best in show" etc. are bought with ads (sometimes with real money), just like in score of 95% in Computer Games Magazines, and the page of "Cool expensive tech stuff you need right now" in the in flight magazine. Until there is a way to verify the legitimacy of these lists, I will treat them as ads (i.e ignore them)

Comment Re:Contrasting anecdote (Score 1) 209

Warranty is only used as an indicator on how the producer values their product. We have stopped doing RMA on failed disks, as the refurbished ones we get back are crap and usually fails within a year (often within a week), with the work that causes and considering the cost of labor, it is cheaper to buy new drives, and scrap the broken ones.

Comment Re:I'd love to see the SNAG... (Score 1) 566

Snagreducers are already dome well:
MPS588-C is very nice, I have used these a lot:
Primus ones looks like they can work too:
The standard boots you are talking about are horrible, in a cold server room they get so hard you need pliers.

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