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Comment Re:No, SLS Is Going to Be Moth-Balled (Score 1) 170

I don't think that you're going to find a lot of argument about the cost problems associated with the Space Shuttle program, at least among those that actually think critically about the cost per pound, but bear in mind that if NASA had continued to pursue other launch platforms for the non-man-rated launch of materiel, and used the Shuttle more sparingly for when long-term crew accommodation was actually necessary we'd probably be having a different discussion.

If NASA had such an alternate heavy-launch method, they probably could have designed larger space station modules, could've launched more of them in groups, and sent up crews of astronauts, using the orbiter as crew quarters, to build the station in much shorter order. Instead of using the Shuttle to ferry parts smaller than the shuttle, they could have used it for what its name actually implied. They possibly could've even designed passenger accommodations for the cargo bay, if the space station itself had gotten large enough to be crewed by so many at a time, assuming that permanent emergency escape re-entry vehicles were left attached.

If the Shuttle hadn't been a bus misused as a tractor trailer needing all the weight-savings that could be achieved then they could've kept that latex coating over the main fuel tank and its insulation, such that the insulation wouldn't have been directly subjected to the forces that break it apart and that ultimately led to the destruction of Columbia.

Comment Re:Perfect is the enemy of good (Score 1) 58

I think the engineering improvement curve for stuff like this is really steep. What's practically impossible today, is practical but outrageously expensive in 9 months and commodity priced in 18 months.

IMHO, all of the VR stuff is so bleeding edge that it's going to make the smartphone cycle look slow and methodical in 5 years. Meanwhile, do you rush out products that are expensive, quickly obsolete and don't grab many buyers in the name of "getting to market first"? Or do you iterate it internally and among select developers until your actual concept is practical and at prices that will gain a high volume of sales?

I don't think they're out of line here, the technology in this stuff is advancing faster than they can integrate it into a coherent product and get it to manufacturing.

Comment Re:Cake or death (Score 1) 548

Uber is a rapidly growing company capable of making many employees extremely wealthy.

The rational choice for Uber may be to be forgiving of a high performing employee with a demonstrated track record when his accuser is a new and unproven hire who has made no contributions.

It may even be that management's cost-benefit analysis is that it's even worth paying off a few people if they get to retain highly productive employees whose short-run value exceeds their long-term liability.

This seems like a case where there's special math involved due to Uber's growth status. At an established, nominal growth company, you're less concerned with high performers and their shorter-term harassment costs exceed their long-term value and they can probably be more easily replaced.

Comment Re:ECC (Score 1) 241

No boot ROM means that a hardware device constructed from discrete logic and analog chips directly demodulates digital data from the radio, addresses the memory, and writes the data. Once this process is completed, it de-asserts the RESET line of the CPU and the CPU starts executing from an address in memory. Really no ROM!

Comment Re:Does this mean... (Score 1) 82

I have an optimus laptop (Dell L502x) and run Ubuntu 14.04 on it. No issues. Installed just fine with the intel driver (Duh!). I do have the proprietary drivers installed now, but it works fine. Switching from Intel to NVidia and inversely does require a login/logout. Not very practical, but good enough if you really really really need that NVidia card for a game.

Comment Re:@Intel: Why no ECC for consumer-grade processor (Score 1) 241

You hit a LSB and something is off by one. You hit a MSB and you're potentially off by trillions.

That's a good argument for Gray code.

I have to take issue with the assumption that nothing clears errors better than a hard reset. There are very many known strategies for dealing with errors on a running system, and a reset only clears persistent and cumulative error, rather than transient ones. Since we can assume that your computer doesn't keep the same data in memory all of the time, most will be transient.

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