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Comment Re:Followed by: (Score 5, Insightful) 276

Well, to be honest with you, I don't have much time for either side. I think the Liberals, but more particularly the Left have done a lot of damage to AGW acceptance simply by trying to integrate into their own economic mumbo jumbo, and trying to beat conservative elements over the head with it. They've made one of the supreme challenges of humanity at this point of time and politicizing it for their own ends). The conservatives, on the other hand, are often just people easily manipulated by large commercial interests who want to delay significant responses to AGW long enough to maximize profits. That's why the fossil fuel companies fund crap "think tanks" like the Heartland Institute, because they serve to give conservative and libertarian types a pack of memes to trot out every time the topic of global warming comes up. A pox on both their houses, I say. Both groups are populated by idiots and demagogues.

To my mind, the time has come to simply look at the best way of dealing with the problem. For me, the simplest way and the way that it is the most market oriented is carbon pricing. Start upping the price of fossil fuels, thus allowing market forces to concentrate investment on alternatives. I don't even care if governments pocket the cash. The whole point isn't reinvestment of carbon taxes, but rather to create an artificial scarcity. This solution should be eminently favorable conservatives and libertarians, because it favors their economic approach, but of course, it will cost the likes of the Koch Brothers money, so the game goes on.

Comment Re:Followed by: (Score 5, Insightful) 276

As with any branch of science that uses statistics, no one can say that any specific event has a specific cause where multiple causes are possible. For instance, you can't tell whether a specific decay event in a lump of plutonium was caused by radioactive decay, or maybe a stray high energy cosmic ray. But what you can do is measure a large number of decay events and come up with the most probable explanation. This is true of all statistics, and it's why we have tools like statistics.

So if anyone points to a specific storm and says "That's AGW", they're not going to get much support even in the climatological community. But if someone states "The number of major floods and the intensity of those floods is increasing, and the most likely agent is AGW", well that's a statement of probability.

Comment Re:Followed by: (Score 2, Insightful) 276

Because scientific theories are just totally about what part of the political spectrum you're from.

You do understand the universe doesn't give a flying fuck whether you're a liberal, a conservative, a libertarian, an anarchist or a socialist, right? It really doesn't. CO2 absorbs and re-emits solar radiation on the liberal and the libertarian equally.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 319

Of course we use an accounting system. But I've seen very few accounting systems at the lower and medium range price level that really have much in the way of decent forecasting tools. I have seen (though never used) high end accounting systems, often specialized to specific industries, that do these things, but I doubt my organization would want to pay $10,000+ with high annual support agreements just to get that functionality. What even low end accounting systems do offer is the ability to dump balance sheets, cash flow statements, income statements and the like to an Excel spreadsheet, and from their we can build forecasts.

Bookkeeping is only one part of financial management; a damned important part, but only part.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 2) 319

I use them a lot for doing budgets and cash flow forecasts. That's the kind of job they were originally designed for, and within that milieu they can't really be beat. But going much beyond, where you have to use more and more query-like functionality is where they start to break.

Comment Re: Criminal (Score 2, Insightful) 292

Politics, even at the ballot box, is the art of compromise. The perfect candidate will never exist, and even when you think you've found them, all you've found is a time bomb that will go off eventually.

The American system effectively offers you two choices; Trump or Clinton. You can vote third party, but that's just another way of voting for one of them, or you can stay home, which is still just a way of voting for one of them. The universe does not owe you easy answers, so you'll have to just resign yourself to the fact that every choice is effectively a vote for one of them.

Comment Re:Criminal (Score 1, Insightful) 292

Even if the polls tighten up, Trump simply isn't competitive in enough battleground states to deliver victory. He's only "competitive" because you don't sell newspapers by saying "Three months to go, and GOP candidate is still doomed, and could never catch up." You sell advertising by proclaiming that national polls (which are incredibly poor indicators at the best of times) indicate "tightening". Besides, it's pretty clear that Trump still doesn't really want the job.

The bigger problem for the GOP is that the demographic that is driving Trump is in decline, and while it's likely to start dooming them in the Presidential races, the Senate isn't far behind, and gerrymandering will only buy them a few more House elections before it starts to falter in all but the reddest states. The Republicans have a serious demographic crisis on their hands, and at best a decade to solve it.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 319

That's my take on it. Spreadsheets are wonderful things... to a point, and then, when their developers and maintainers cross that line and start trying to use spreadsheets as querying engines, it can all get very ugly. Even if you get it to work, I have yet to see the spreadsheet software, and I was using them as far back as Multiplan, that didn't turn into a maintenance nightmare where one false step could lead to errors, or much worse, gibberish.

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