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Comment Re:Partner Integration (Score 1) 41

First off, firefox is not part of KDE. Firefox is Mozilla's product. Secondly, I don't want advertisements at all anywhere in my operating system. They can stay the hell out.

I like linux because it sticks largely to a set of design principles. It is good because it's design is good. Things that suck are phased out, things are improved.

I'm sorry, but advertisements are an ulterior motive at best, and a surrender to mediocrity more likely.

Plus I don't give a damn about what companies want. Companies provide services and products. If I am interested, I will go look into what they have to offer, but largely I am uninterested in most of them. And I'm sorry, I don't want companies trying to invade my operating system. If I don't want your product, don't try to force it down my throat.

I know KDE is not an operating system, but I think if the case is that KDE is being motivated by companies, then KDE has become dead to me.

Comment Re:Usability Glitch? (Score 1) 366

This isn't what he was referring to. This has nothing to do with your preference of who you like or don't. He was stating that if you are not able to name facts about a candidate (and simple and glaringly obvious ones -- like if Obama is a republican), then your vote should not be counted because it is determined that you don't know what you are doing.

Now I like the idea of doing that, but I also feel that it is a violation of a person's rights. You might vote for Obama just because you like the guy and know nothing about him. While an ill thought out move in the eyes of many, there is nothing illegal and nothing wrong about doing that. I don't feel that we should say I don't care that you like this person, you don't know anything about them and your voice doesn't matter. Therefore, I'm arguing in opposition to making people prove some sort of competency before voting, even though I wish people would be more competent.

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