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Comment Re:Yeah so (Score 1) 175

If you expected Sanders to be non-compromising, you clearly haven't done your research on him. The man has a solid track record of a pragmatic idealist - he has clear ideals that he strives to fulfill, but at the same time, he is perfectly able and willing to work with people whom he disagrees with, so long as it gets him one step closer to his goals. Look at what he did in Congress - constant scheming to add riders to bills. Go even further back, and look at what he did as a mayor.

And it's exactly what made Sanders such an awesome presidential candidate. Most "revolutionaries" dismiss incremental change outright. This guy realized that it's the only chance that he and his platform has, and mastered it. I actually put more faith in his ability to navigate through the gridlock in Congress as a president, than Hillary's. Alas...

Comment Re:Trump Trolling (Score 1) 1005

I don't think that it is actually a tactic, in a sense that he's not consciously trolling. If that were the case, he would not be doing it when the story-of-the-day is in his favor - but that's not what's happening. Remember that judge thing? Everyone was talking about Clinton's emails then, and it was a good thing for Trump - and if he were the master troll that some claim him to be, he'd be throwing gasoline onto that fire. But instead, he made a bunch of stupid remarks that shifted attention elsewhere.

No, I really think he's just a child emotionally, in a near-constant tantrum mode whenever there's any visibility afforded to him at all.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 1005

How can anyone be this obtuse? I'm referring to the clown, MightyMartian, not Trump (a high bar for clownhood, indeed). I saw the video of what Trump said. What he clearly is referring to is the complete and utter softball Clinton's carelessness tossed to the Russians/Chinese/skritptkiddies for an espionage target. He's not telling the Russians to hack us. He's basically saying, Clinton made it easy and I'm sure you've got the info. Spare us the theater and just give the folks that want to hold Hillary to account a copy of what she was dangling out there for anyone to take.

I find it even more remarkable that Team Clinton took this bait and now her shenanigans are all over the news again. A more clever approach would have been to ignore Trump. Now he's got the front page again while the Democrats whitewash their nomination process that was clearly rigged to disenfranchise the Sanders crowd from the beginning.

Trump might be an asshole and a windbag, but Clinton is clearly a corrupt politician and a criminal, regardless of how you dance around the facts.

Comment Re:Basically... (Score 1) 372

and then they have to go and add a full Ubuntu kernel as a subsystem.

There's no Ubuntu kernel there. It's the other way around - the kernel is still NT, with a Linux syscall emulation layer. The userland is full Ubuntu sans the kernel.

All in all, very similar to FreeBSD Linux emulation that has been around for a while in principle, if not in low-level architecture.

Comment Re:The Olympics are all about money (Score 1) 245

it should die. just end. it has its long run, it faded from what it was supposed to be about and now its a facade, at best.

just end it. boycott it, interfere with them, cause them annoyance. they need to learn they don't own concepts so wide as they claim.

but please, just end this. risking world health so more advertising can be sold? just nuke us all from orbit, if we can't seem to end this absurdity.

Comment Re:Try again. (Score 1) 94

too much BS. I hope you don't believe that. we don't (and I'm sure I speak for a lot more than myself).

what do you mean "IF he lied". he's a published known on-the-fucking-books liar. time and time again. he has more holes in his stories than swiss cheese. (this guy is quoting comey to me. wow. and he thinks that's a defense of some sort. double wow.)

I see no reason to trust apple on their word. and what they SAY - who cares. at the end of the say, they con us, many of us believe them, they have whatever agreements with full 'we will make your life a living hell' NDA they all signed (not literally, I hope) and no one is allowed to know. they make more money than god and their story is working for them. god bless them, I guess! but I don't believe one word of anything any of those guys say. I have no reason to believe that HONESTLY is in anyone's vocabulary - who is at that level, at least. simply not something they even care to practice. they say things to get things done and to get what they want. this is the personality that we put in charge, all the fucking time! don't you understand?

believe what you want, but too much is at stake to just trust talking heads who make billions of dollars on their story. life has many levels and black/white thinking is not helpful in most cases.

Comment Re:Then UNLOCK OUR BOOTLOADERS! (Score 4, Insightful) 162

if we had ralph nader types working for us, it would be a law that any series of skipped or delayed security patches (some threshold in a row) would mandate that you unlock bootloaders and let people do the patching themselves.

man, I wish we had people working FOR THE PEOPLE as our government. the fact that they sold all of us out and stopped caring, that's going to be part of our total demise as a nation. not the main part, but a huge part.

there were short periods in time (sorry to say, usually under D control) where our congress and senate worked to make things better for regular people. I can't remember the last time this happened, though.

too bad our lawmakers have no balls to stand up to the power of money and bribes and 'election campain money'.

we surely deserve better than this.

Comment cheap bastards, that's all (Score 2) 162

However, because of the amount of testing and approvals that are necessary to deploy them, it's difficult to do this on a monthly basis for all our devices.

no one disagrees that it takes manpower to do full regression tests after patches. but the thing is, for most of the time you are NOT writing the patches, just integrating it!

now, that aside, we all know that world labor is less than dirt-cheap. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE TO AVOID GETTING THINGS DONE in this cheap-as-chips world labor market.

fuck you. you claim you are poor? double fuck you for lying about it and we all can see that, too.

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