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Comment Re:Nuke shutdown (Score 1) 70

Still, if I prevent human intervention for 48 hours, then I render a large portion of the country uninhabitable for hundreds (or thousands) of years.

What country are you talking about? Monaco?

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is only 2,600 km^2, or less than half a percent of the area of a not-that-big country, and even it is full of thriving wildlife and tourists. Modern reactor designs would be desirable, but no commercial reactor is going to make a mess big enough to render a large portion of the country uninhabitable. FUD.

Comment Re:And project Ara was doomed to failure? (Score 1) 97

Back in The Old Days, every last somewhat-seedy mall kiosk carried a wide variety of 'shells' that were snap on replacements for the plastics of whatever Nokia was relevant at the time. As the number of phones that either have removable parts or are designed to survive without a case has declined, cases appear to have moved into filling a similar niche.

Comment Re:Unsure If Legal?!? (Score 1) 97

I suspect that the potential issue would be with replacement parts that are either copyright infringing knockoffs of iphone 7 components or provided with probably-not-trademark-approved logos and text designed to match the appearance of the iphone 7.

Any attempt to assert that fiddling with the hardware, in itself, is a crime would be overreaching bullshit of the highest order; but if the aim is to look as much like a different product as possible; it is pretty likely that some of the parts kits are on shaky ground in terms of copyright and trademark. Even then, though, it would be unusual for Apple to go after the end users for that; though a vendor offering cosmetic upgrades might well come under fire.

Comment Re: Transparancy (Score 1) 55

Gary Johnson is an open borders zealot. We don't need any more of those.

So am I. Well not really a zealot, but open borders would be fine. Having governments not telling you where you can or cannot go would be nice. It's lovely to drive through Europe crossing borders without that hassle of border controls.

Just like driving from state to state in the USA... No border controls.

States aren't countries. Try driving to Canada.

Comment 6 minute Abs and Ludicrous Speed. (Score 1) 137

And so begins the pixel war of 2016. I'm just waiting for someone to invent non-pixelated screen which just uses continuous orthogonal functions to paint the screen. Ironically, Back in the electron gun days one could actually have done that. I suspect that it might be possible to do this with e-ink eventually.

And in the end the appearance will not be better. All that will happen is some fool will think that since every resolution enhancement should mean a thinner non-serif font, that in the limit of continuous resolution one should go to zero width fonts. Logical?

What should be happening is the resolution enhancement should strive for better legibility using serif fonts. These actually were a little tricky to use at 72 DPI. at 200DPI they make total sense and now were getting to Ludicrous-DPI

Comment Re:Please explain this? (Score 1) 97

For us non-Apple fanbois: How does one model iPhone differ from another, externally? I can't even recall ever seeing the number printed on the chassis.

I have an iphone, but when I look at other people's phones, I can pretty much distinguish between big ones and small ones. Brand, model, OS or any other detail pretty much require stealing the phone to find out.

Comment Re:DIY (Score 1) 97

Just more proof that Apple owners only upgrade for style/fashion reasons, not for new features.

More so in China, because of the gender imbalance. Among dating age Chinese the imbalance is about 10%, so Chinese girls can be very picky, and the guys are under pressure to show they can afford the latest gadgets. They need every edge they can get.

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