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Comment Re:It won't work for long (Score 2) 57

They'll stop reacting to what he says because it is just noise.

That is not how the stock market works. Traders will react because they think other traders will react, and they want a first-mover advantage. Other than tweeting, it doesn't matter what Trump does or doesn't do. He just needs to trigger the feedback loop.

Comment Re:He's off his rocker (Score 2) 57

1. As a senator, Hillary voted for the Iraq war.
2. As secretary of state, she supported the intervention in Libya.
3. She advocated for deeper American involvement in Syria.
All of these have been unmitigated disasters for America, so her judgement doesn't appear to be so good.

I expect Trump to be a terrible president, but his preference for non-interventionism in foreign affairs is one of his few good points. Another good point about his presidency is the entertainment value. Popcorn sales should go way up. Hillary would have been dull.

Comment Re: Positive feedback? (Score 1) 253

high schools with large numbers of low-income students tend to have under-staffed guidance offices

That was my situation last year when my daughter was applying to college. So I spent several thousand on an outside consultant who coached her on SAT techniques, helped her apply, and even co-authored her essays. She got into a very good university that was the best that we could have realistically hoped for. It was money well spent, but not many low income families could afford that.

Using my money to basically buy her way into a good school felt wrong, but when it is your own kid, you do what you gotta do.

Comment Re:Fuck off amazon (Score 1) 26

you don't get to try to patent it and lock others out.

It is unlikely that is their goal. Most likely they are collecting SDC related patents to help them negotiate a patent pool with other SDC developers (Google, Uber, etc.).

SDCs will almost certainly lower delivery costs, and will be a huge benefit to Amazon, so it would be silly for them to impede progress by hoarding patents.

Comment Re:Who isn't working on self-driving cars these da (Score 2) 26

won't pan out for at least a decade due to regulations and liabilities.

So far the regulations are keeping up with technology. Tesla Autopilot and other driver assistance and self-steering and self-braking is legal in all states. Many states have streamlined approval for SDC testing. By the time SDCs are available to the public, they will be legal in most places.

The liability situation doesn't change much.
Before SDCs: The insurance company pays.
After SDCs: The insurance company pays.
The big difference will be that, instead of the driver buying insurance, the cost of insurance will be built into the price of the car.

Comment Re: Positive feedback? (Score 1) 253

Paying the way for 'one of the good ones' doesn't mean there is not still a huge classism problem in these schools.

Of course. But the problem is NOT that they are qualified but can't afford it. The problem is that they are not qualified. So the solution is not "more aid" or "more loans" but maybe fixing inequality in K-12.

Comment Re:Didn't think this was in doubt. (Score 1) 138

Get a better antenna, friend. :-) If an 8-bay semi-directional on a tall mast, properly aimed (or on a rotator, if the towers are spread out) won't do the job, then you must either live way out in the boonies, or in a canyon, or in an urban canyon.

I can see the towers from my house and I have a flat roof. Easiest Yagi install ever. The Roku is still better though.

Comment Re:Positive feedback? (Score 1) 253

Smart parents --> high earnings
Smart parents --> smart kids (doesn't matter if you believe that's due to nature or nurture, both are at play)

This is a consequence of feminism. Two generations ago, lawyers were men and they married their secretaries. Doctors were men and they married nurses. Today, lawyers marry other lawyers, and doctors marry other doctors. Smart/rich people pair up, and dumb/poor people pair up. This is causing economic inequality, since it is not individual, but household income that is measured.

Comment Re: Positive feedback? (Score 3, Informative) 253

Overly complicated explanation. Poor people can't afford top colleges.

Not true. Top schools have huge endowments, and way more alumni donations, so they can offer more aid for poor students. Most do not consider ability to pay during the admissions process. If you are talented but poor, a top school is likely more affordable than a second tier school because of the more generous financial aid offered.

Comment Re:More Incentives for Bandwidth Caps, Net Neutral (Score 1) 138

I'm in the US, we have Charter for internet and AT&T for cable (good UI). Both offer cable.

We aren't there yet, but I could see, through terribly lengthy litigation, a class action that forces local monopolies to divest internet and cable offerings. You can offer one, an independent company has to offer the other.

That said, I do have two internet choices, and Charter isn't bad at all ($40 per month unbundled, uncapped, 100/10 service, we stream 3-4 hours a day, no problems). The cable is expensive but it keeps the Mrs. happy (Can't Buy Me Love is a bullshit song).

AT&T wasn't bad internet either, just much slower DSL service.

Comment Re:Work and cars (Score 1) 120

Have you seen the average farmer, who works heavily all day long?

I have. My parents are farmers. They sit on a comfy seat in the air conditioned cab of their tractor. Modern farming has very little "heavy work", and rural people have the highest obesity rates in America.

Comment Re:Work and cars (Score 1) 120

I spend almost as much money on my bicycle a month as I would spend in gas a month.

I bought my bike for $100 on Craigslist 5 years ago, ride it every day, and my only expenses during that time have been a set of kevlar tires and a bell. If you are regularly spending $600 for a new set of wheel hubs, then you are doing it wrong.

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