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Comment Re:How ages voted (Score 1) 1527

By age group, 18-24 year olds are the most homicidal and most hate-filled group:



That could just demonstrate the fact that those prone to violence or those living in violent places/situations tend to die young, so many simply don't make it out of the 18-24 age group.

Comment Re: You made it, Syrians! (Score 1) 1527

It's disgusting how a referendum of such significance- far more important than a general election- has been centered around and reported in terms of the internal, up-its-own-arse politicking of the Conservative (Tory) party. Disgusting, but not surprising. As you say, the whole thing started out as a political sop, designed purely to placate its own right-wing "Eurosceptic" members. I voted "Yes" in the Scottish independence referendum in 2014 for a number of reasons. A major one was that I knew the EU referendum was on the horizon and I wasn't prepared to risk Scotland being dragged out of the EU by Tories playing political football with the country's future simply to placate their own voter base in the south east of England. Back then, I still thought it was far more likely than not that the UK would remain within the EU; I just wasn't prepared to risk it.

Push for another referendum on independence. From what I understand (as an American) there are already some rumblings about holding another one and that, given the large numbers of Scots that voted Remain it might have a good chance at passing. Who knows, the EU might expedite Scotland's admission as a "screw you" to the UK, and Scotland would certainly be better off independent and in the EU than part of the UK and not in the EU. Just better hope the EU stays together, which I imagine it will because I don't think the right wing in France has enough clout currently to sustain their own push for withdrawal. BUt if the EU loses the UK and France, then it is done.

To use a Titanic metaphor(hey, we are talking abut England here so it's appropriate), as an American watching the changing tides both here and in the UK, I envy Scotland's opportunity to get a seat on a lifeboat while I'm standing on the deck freezing and listening to violin music, with nothing to look forward to except a long, cold swim in 30 degree water.

Comment Re: Rebellion against political consensus (Score 1) 1527

You are, of course, correct. We live in interesting times.

You might want to rethink your choice of words. With the rise of populist nationalism in the US and the UK, Russia lebensrauming into the Crimea/Donbass, and Brexit threatening the stability of the EU I feel like I'm back in the 1930s. Something tells me that there is a very good chance of the next decade or so becoming very interesting times, and painfully so.

Comment Re:What are cavs? (Score 1) 97

Cavaliers. NBA team for Cleveland, Ohio; a city which hasn't had a professional championship win for any professional sport in over 50 years and is basically known for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, being the setting for the Drew Carrey Show, and generally being boring. Oh, yes, and the main player (LeBron James)is egotistical, had a whole primetime special a few years ago announcing where was going to be playing at next and essentially shops around teams and tries to run them himself, getting coaches fired and controlling who gets traded. So, basically, it's an irrelevant story for Slashdot with the only tech angle being Steve Jobs. At least now with the NBA over and the US losing in the Copa America semi-finals sports networks will start focusing more on college football.

Comment Re:Orlando Shooter was a rent-a-cop (Score 1) 655

He was denied a sale at a gun shop who also reported him to the FBI as they had a really bad feeling about the guy, they felt really uncomfortable with some of the questions he was asking and his general behavior. It wasn't the first time he had been report either but look what good that ended up doing.

He was trying to purchase body armor that the store did not carry (and is stronger than what police are issued) and significant (read: hundreds) of rounds of ammunition. That kind of thing would get the FBI called on just about anyone.

I imagine a good dramatic reenaction of how it went down would look something like this.

Comment Re: Brilliant (Family planning would be brilliant) (Score 0) 221

Wait and see what happens when your army is 20% muslim

Which kind? The majority of Muslims that actually follow the Quran and believe in peace, charity, and tolerance, or the few who follow hadiths and fatwas written centuries and millennia after the original text and use them to kill, buy 12 year old virgins so they can get laid, and drink and take drugs because they are probably going to be dead within the year because of the atrocities they commit and the fact that they declare jsut about everyone in the world (including the first group of Muslims) to be their enemy?

Comment Overreaction? (Score 1) 567

Seeing as how the proposed images are primarily hunting rifles(1 is in fact a target shooting rifle and the other appears to be a Winchester-type lever action rifle which has historical significance and connotations), which are generally legal even in cities and countries with very strict firearm legislation, isn't this a bit of an overreaction? It is important to note that it appears to be in a set of Olympic-themed emojis, of which target shooting has been a participating sport for over a century. And of course hunting with firearms has been a hobby if not vital means of survival for centuries as well.

Comment Re:Opposite (Score 4, Interesting) 117

helps customers find items on their lists

So the robot actually does the opposite of what stores want. Stores themselves like to make the customer take the least efficient way, because that brings the customer in contact with the most products. For the customers themselves, however, this might be useful.

Well, if it helps people find things on their list, it can also be programmed to take the customers on specific routes past target/impulse buy products. So if someone has on their list diapers it might take them past the baby clothes isle, or past the DVD section if someone is buying a new TV. Then of course there's the potential to inject "suggested purchases"(ads) in an attempt to push the customer into making even more purchases.

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