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Comment Re:Basic income (Score 4, Insightful) 589

This is why we need basic income. Nobody should have to live like that, especially people who are motivated and actively looking for more work.

He chose to quit the job he was currently in and drive for Uber instead. His biggest mistake is leasing a car from Uber. To be fair, Uber is in trouble currently for not meeting the advertised terms and conditions of the leases and it could be argued he was misled into believing he could easily pay off the lease at the rate they promised. However, you really shouldn't be driving for Uber unless you have your own car. And if he had his own car, he would have been better off keeping his original job and using Uber as a side job for extra cash. Of course, Uber nothing more than an illegal cab company exploiting poorer or disadvantaged people as a cheap labor force and skimming everything they can off the top.

Comment Re:Now I Can Ask (Score 1) 1545

If Trump had died before being sworn in, would the vice-president elect get prompted or would the Electoral College re-vote?

Obama is technically still the President until Trump is sworn in (and Pence, even though having taken the oath already, isn't VP until Trump is sworn in). SO if something were to happen Obama would most likely remain president until Pence is able to be sworn in as President, assuming whatever took out Trump didn't get Pence. If all of them were taken out the Jeh Johnson would have become president as he was the designated survivor.

Comment No time (Score 2) 70

In these days of 24 hour news cycles and online publication, journalists and editors don't have time to do basic things like fact check with experts or even spell/grammar check. With no print deadlines they can throw up anything online at any time and easily edit it later, and preferably give it a nice clickbait title. It's the race to be first that journalism has always had but taken to an extreme combined with the fact that many journalists don't have the background or interest in the field the topic they are writing on is in.

Comment Re:Just amazing (Score 1) 168

If you invested your hard earned money instead of buying an iPod, iPhone or iPad (when they came out) , into Apple stock, you'd be able to buy all three today, and have money left over.

Back in the early 80s my grandparents bought $100 worth of Apple stock. They promptly forgot about it as Apple didn't pay out dividends for years. All of a sudden a couple years ago they got a check in the mail from Apple once they started paying out again. Turns out their stock had been split a few times and ended up owning about $20k worth of shares that they sold off. Not bad for a $100 investment. If only they could have been able to afford $1000 worth of stock back then, but my grandfather was a college basketball coach and not making all that much money.

Comment Re:That's what we call a buying opportunity. (Score 1) 168

If you're invested in index funds, as you should be

Since I'm pretty young (only 30) so I have plenty of time, my plan is to wait until we have the next tech bubble crash which will likely damage the value of index funds. That way I can shift part of my 401k and personal savings into the index funds when they are low and ride the recovery wave. I'll just have to talk the wife into letting me do so.

Comment Re:As a second generation Cornell grad... (Score 1) 311

An aristocracy has formed in this country. And when I see so many companies that recruit exclusively from top schools (BS MIT? Come right in! BS CS State, uh, housekeeping is looking for people.), it gets real discouraging. And aggravating.

I heard complaints from recruiters about how hard it is and the bidding wars for new CS grads. I was incredulous at this "shortage" so I asked what was so hard?

They and many other firms in the area ONLY recruit from GA Tech. If you to state - even if you do really well - you're SOL.

Kind of sucks for that poor white male kid who doesn't want the debt and can't live on campus for the costs decides to commute to say, Kennesaw State U from his parents northern GA home, busts his ass, does really well, only to be discounted because he went to the "wrong" school.

What those top schools have going for them is that they only accept the top students and legacies; which then enhances the reputation of the school even more.

Well, to be fair State doesn't really have the rep Tech does, and it's facilities are horrible. I'm glad I only went there for my Master's degree and went out of state for my undergrad. As for north metro, well, up until recently if you wanted to do tech but stay local you went to Southern Poly, but I guess that's changed now when KSU bought them out. But KSU is starting to get a bit of a pretty good rep around here too from what I can tell. Since I live in Woodstock I am considering doing KSU's project management course. Not wasting money on an MBA when I'm still paying off loans for my MA in IR from Ga State. Of course, if I had decided to go do my undergrad at Tech I would be in a different field and probably making double what I am now....I really should have picked that biomed engineering internship at Tech over the one with the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History my senior year of high school, but once a history nerd always a history nerd.

Comment Re:And ISPs are jacking up rates (Score 1) 147

Democrats are the media / communication company whores, not the republicans.

Or, you know, it's both. In this particular case you have a Democratic AG in a state with a majority Republican stage government (including governor) for legislation that hurts the public but helps communication companies. Cloris Leachman in Beerfest might as well have been speaking for both parties when she said "We are all whores".

Comment Re:HBO needs to get its head back in the game (Score 1) 147

With the exception of Game of Thrones and Westworld all their new content is terrible. Even the bad Netflix originals like "The OA" are better than the garbage on HBO. And that's actually the problem with the Netflix business model. It's become just another HBO. And the problem with that is once you become just a content studio you're entire business model is a slave to your talent. Once the people currently in charge of content production get too old, leave or lose their current edge in some other way the business will start to come undone a la HBO which certainly has seen much better days. I love Netflix but wouldn't own the stock.

The thing about HBO is people will pay the subscription fee every month for just one of those shows. One really good show with very high production value like Game of Thrones, Westworld, The Sopranos, and even short stuff like Band of Brothers or The Pacific, and you can milk that show and move on to the next. I'm sad to say I am one of those people. I hardly ever watch HBO currently outside of Game of Thrones, Westworld, and a movie or 2 on demand. BUt those shows are good enough for me to justify keeping my subscription up. GoT is winding down but Westworld should have some decent legs, especially if they can expand into the world (and other parks) outside of the Westworld park itself. They just have to keep finding that one show(hell, just make sure to cast Ed Harris in a major role and I'll probably watch it, he makes one hell of an ambiguous bad guy).

If there is any real threat from Amazon/Netflix/etc it's not necessarily the quality of the show that will do in HBO (of course they do have the quality with shows like OITNB, Stranger Things, and Narcos) but more the fact that, for so long, HBO was the only place where you could find shows like that, that they could have content that other networks couldn't. But now you can find that content on Netflix or Amazon. That's the real danger.

Comment Accidentally a word (Score 2) 31

It is myriad - as in myriad bad test results, not a myriad bad test results; didn't you pay attention in skool?

Really what happened was the time honored tradition of slashdot posts leaving out words in the article/title. In this particular case the phrase was probably supposed to be "a myriad of bad test results".

Comment Re:Temp work at fulltime hours (Score 1) 186

Amazon warehouses hire people on temporary contracts through a temp agency just before christmas and then lays them off in January.

So does UPS, Fed Ex, many major airlines, and other shipping/travel related companies. It's called seasonal positions. In fact, seasonal work was what eventually led to the job I have now which pays pretty well for someone my age/in my area.

Comment Re:what an evil scheme. (Score 1) 145

"Members of the secret metadata trust.. we have Sheramil's Acrobat usage information right here! Let's see.. documentation for mom's smart tv... a pirate copy of Frank Herbert's 'Dune Encyclopedia'... uh... D.Gingery's book on metal lathes.. very well! How do we monetize this information?" *crickets*

"Ah, screw it. We will just tell the government that he is planning to use his metalworking skills to turn a smart TV into a smuggling device for drugs(street name 'spice') and get a nice little reward from the government. Might as well make some money off of this."

Comment Re:Make the banks take the risk when an driver hit (Score 1) 139

They are important to the company (that's why they make that huge salary).

Janitors are important too, but look at what they make. A CEO not showing up for two months while he has a vacation in southern France and no one would notice. All the toilets in the company overflowing for two months and that would cause serious productivity damages.

So why are executives "important" if their absence is not missed?

A janitor is a cog. They can be easily replaced, and in most cases aren't even part of the company: most major companies outsource cleaning. Now, of course my comment was mostly sarcastic, as we all know that most cogs tend to do much more work than those higher ups.

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