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Comment Re: Oh boy (Score 1) 377

The fact that Congress would be hostile to a Trump Presidency is partly what worries me. If very little gets done then whatever damage is caused by Trump's election will potentially be blamed on an obstructionist Congress rather than his ridiculous policies and incompetent political leadership. It would almost be better for Congress to give him everything he wants so the blame would fall squarely on his shoulders

Comment Re:Until apple gets all peace warrior (Score 4, Informative) 252

I can totally see Apple making a big stink about using Apple products in wartime missions.

"This insurgent extraction brought to you by iTunes, the only way to jam out with your rifle out! And Apple Maps, accurate to the last drop!"

You don't remember all the free press Apple got early in the Iraq War when a bullet went through a soldier's vest and stopped in his 1st gen iPod?

Comment Re:Bullshit limitations... (Score 1) 61

My daughter cant get Section 8 housing because she works a part time job. She can barely afford the crap trailer she lives in, but she is somewhat self supporting.

So it's a big fuck you to those that are trying to be self sufficient but cant afford the normal Comcast $80 a month for 15mbps

Assuming she lives in a trailer park where trailers tend to be rather close together, couldn't she go in with 1-2 neighbors, have one of them sign up for internet and set up a wireless router, and then they can all chip in for the bill? Or, you know, you could throw your daughter $50 a month to help. Or really, if she is that bad off, why doesn't she live with you to help offset expenses?

Comment Re:Satisfaction? Heh. (Score 3, Insightful) 104

with record customer satisfaction and engagement.

Strange, all I hear are complaints and requests to put Windows 7 back on. The #1 complaint I've heard is that wifi stops working reliably in W10.

"Record customer satisfaction". Notice they don't say what direction. And I'm sure tweets of "Microsoft you suck" count as engagement as well.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 3, Interesting) 410

However, I suspect that Trump has left himself with few friends and fewer qualified choices, so this is what the Trumpsters get. Mike the Generic Guy

There's also the fact that about half the names released so far that are speaking at the RNC are either Trump's family or sports "stars" like Dana White and Tim Tebow. Not really what you would call credible endorsers that can drum up much support. Tebow is an obvious play for the evangelicals though, and I assume Dana White is there to support Trump's whole "good in business(debatable)=good in government" platform.

Comment Re:Amazon has a good thing going (Score 1) 129

You know, most of those games just sync against Steam mandatory anyway right? You're paying for plastic. Sometimes they're bold enough to ship with steam only... I'm pretty sure Fallout 4 is steam mandatory for play / mods, but I think primal might function through Uplay, which is yet another online download service from Ubisoft. Its hard to find any AAA games these days without phone-home/updates built intro the platform. Its not my concern, but it does mean you're getting very little from a retail boxed game besides the collectables which I personally find an utter waste.

The disc copies were actually about $5-10 cheaper than digital downloads, both for Fallout 4 and FC Primal. Makes no sense at all, but hey. I already use both Steam and Uplay, but if I can save a few bucks getting the disks then why not? Won't really get to play until the weekend anyway.

Comment Re:Amazon has a good thing going (Score 1) 129

Got me to guy several PC games that I was planning to wait another year or 2 to buy. Far Cry Primal is selling on Steam for $59.99, got it for $24.99 (disk, not download) with free 2 day shipping. Got Fallout 4 for the same price, same shipping, also on disk. Of course, that's only about a $10-15 savings and I'll have to buy the season pass at some point, but I'l wait and get that on a steam sale.

Comment Re:Different question - cops with grenades (Score 1) 983

Ignoring the Robot issue, Should police have lethal explosives in their arsenal?

Explosives are explosives. I'm sure most SWAT teams are equipped with breaching charges. That's all you would need. It's not like regular patrol officers are walking around with a grenade on their belt.

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