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Comment Re:Who wants 26%? (Score 1) 160

Not only that , high O2 levels = hugh insects and arthropods.

So cleaning out the bugs in my back yard would be like a real life version of Fallout? Sign me up. I've got my hunting rifle and shotgun ready, bring on the giant ants and radroaches!

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 299

As somebody who runs 10 km 4 times a week, I'm gonna call BS on that one. You'll be fighting to work out 30 minutes, let alone get to "burning fat". If you get into it, working out isn't about burning calories, it's about building muscle and upping metabolism.

In high school on the football team if we didn't have weight lifting as a class you had to come in before school and work out. I did it fine without breakfast. Same with college: our football team would have 5 am morning workouts during the spring for a few weeks: all cardio and circuit type workouts, a good hour long not including stretching, no lifting. Again, did it perfectly fine without breakfast. In fact, it was advisable not to eat breakfast beforehand, but they did have trashcans strategically placed for those who had (don't stop running though, you better have good aim).

Comment Re:Screen? (Score 1) 39

So does this mean the screen isn't replaceable? Swapping a broken screen was the biggest sell of the whole modular phone idea for me...

If you look at the pictures in the article you would notice that there are different sized screens indicating an ability not only to change/replace screens but to have different sizes depending on what you are doing at the time.

Comment Re:Refugees (Score 2) 216

Where will these people go?

Wherever they go. Except my lawn. No trespassing. *cocks shotgun*

Who will support them?

They will take care of themselves. Or die trying. *cocks shotgun*

How will governments deal with the crisis?

Taxation and theft. Unless. *cocks shotgun*

Did you invent a 3-barrelled shotgun or do you normally carry around 3 shotguns?

Comment Re:It's amazing (Score 1) 410

From January 2015-Feb 2016, US carriers alone flew a combined 8,389,595 (passenger) miles with an airborne time of 19,506,911 hours.

Sorry, those numbers don't even come close to making any sense whatever. Not even if you really meant aircraft-miles rather than passenger-miles. Those figures would make the average speed 0.43 mph. Could you have meant 8.3 BILLION miles?

You're right, I missed the (000) in the database. So it is actually 8,389,595,000 passenger miles flown. My point still stands.

Comment Re:Let me be the first to say (Score 1) 566

Unfortunately that would never happen. I'm sure it would be the usual setup of a physician ensuring the location of the heart is marked as a target, multiple people firing, probably with a couple pointless blanks (shooters can tell the difference, hence pointless).

Better way would be a chair with an adjustable-height barrel that can be moved to line up with the base of the skull and loaded with a .22. The prisoner is strapped down and the dive has 2 modes of firing that are activated at the same time: a button for the condemned to trigger himself or a timer(randomized or not) if the prisoner cannot do it themselves. This way no guard has to flip a switch or pull a trigger, death should be instantaneous, and it should be fairly clean. The use of a .22 means the bullet is cheap but it also should have enough force to sever the spinal column but not penetrate through the front of the head (would of course need testing to confirm this). I am pro-death penalty but as a form of punishment, not deterrent, and I feel that the end result, not the method, should be the punishment. IE, loss of right to life as opposed to making the end of that life as painful as possible. In that sense, "old fashioned" methods of execution such as firing squad, hanging, and beheading are actually best in that they are, if done correctly, swift and relatively painless-at most a few seconds in the case of firing squads and beheading, instant in the case of hanging.

Comment Re:It's amazing (Score 1) 410

.. how we have sent a rocket out of solar system, are planning to transport (and keep track of) bunch of nanobots to Alpha Centauri, but somehow keep losing 40 ton metal leviathans on pansy little Earth.

From January 2015-Feb 2016, US carriers alone flew a combined 8,389,595 (passenger) miles with an airborne time of 19,506,911 hours. Please note that these numbers do not include cargo flights. The latest data from the DOT shows 6,676 aircraft in use by air carriers in 2014. General aviation for that same year is 204,408 aircraft in service. And these are just US numbers. With numbers like that I'm impressed their aren't more incidents than there are. Shows how good our engineering really is.

Comment Re: LOL (Score 2) 410

Not funny. Indications are that there was an explosion in flight, but that'd unconfirmed. It's also not clear the cause of the explosiom, if true. That doesn't necessarily indicate an attack; TWA flight 800 exploded because of a mechanical failure. It's way too early to say shit like that.

Where are you seeing reports that indicate an explosion? Everything I am reading simply states that contact was lost over water at cruising altitude. Now, there are reports of a distress signal in the area it went down, but given that it was over water and very early in the morning when it disappeared, it is very unlikely anyone would have seen anything. The fact that there was no distress call from the pilots and that the plane simply disappeared from radar as opposed to being seen descending does indicate a catastrophic event, but from what I understand most civilian radar looks for transponders as opposed to the actual aircraft itself, so a power failure could conceivably cause both the lack of contact and disappearance from radar.

Comment An app? (Score 2) 103

They have not said how it works except for that it uses "translation technology" embedded in an app.'s really just an earpiece that connects to a device running a translation app? What did they do, just take speech-to-text input, run it through Google Translate, then output through a text-to-speech app?

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